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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Durarara!! - Episode 3

This series really has Baccano!'s magic . . . because even when you think the previous episode you've seen of it is so epic, the next one you see turns out to be even better! I've been avoiding to mention Baccano in DRRR!! posts to show that I still find it genius even if I don't liken it to Baccano! (in other words, it's good on its own. It doesn't need blessings from its predecessor). Ah well, I still think Baccano! is better (DRRR!! unfortunately has to limit itself to the shounen category . . . and to what may appeal the majority. The majority couldn't handle Baccano's epic storytelling. It was TOO BRILLIANT for their brains. *stabbed by those who underestimated Baccano*. Gah, there I go with my Baccano's-lack-of-popularity rants . . . anywayz, now onto the episode!


One of the ways to start over a new life is when you go to a new city, where no one will know your past, and you introduce the new you. However, it's not that easy to change. And it's still the same you no matter where you go. Mikado's seeing that. He tries to do things differently little by little. Don't worry, Mikado dear, Kida had seen that and he'll be helping you out.


Oh best friends~ Mikado was feeling down about the changing himself thing . . . later, Kida continues to warn Mikado of the troubles he may face but he assures him that there's nothing to worry since he'll be around. Kida's way of cheering Mikadoup . . . it made Mikado touched. Oh Kida, you made me touched too. Hehe~ He's just soooo sweet~


Ah well, aside from the main character's best friend, Kida's other role is being one of the main clowns in the series. LOLz~ I know I've said it before, but Miyano Mamoru is just so perfect in expressing his lines. Hahaha!


But unlike Tamaki of Ouran, Kida's not very good in seducing women. Lame guy is lame in everything. LOLz~ What's even funnier is that he doesn't see failure in his flirtings . . . but when he does he blames it on Mikado's gloomy expression. Haha!


Despite him being a "playboy", he seems to be the type who will support his best friend if Mikado has found a loved one. Heck, his pink chalk illustration already shows that he ships Mikado x Anri, LOLz Funny that he has like completely forgotten that he had though Anri was in love with him in the previous episode. Haha! Shows that he's not serious in so many things~


Mikado's thoughts presented like a puppet show were so cute~ Haha! I like it that he's no idiot to just stop the fight even though he's not physically strong. His alternative on saving Anri (which is, running away with her), is what he had thought of as the cooler one . .. LOLz~
Later he sees Anri being so frightened in watching the fights . . . so he takes her hand and runs away (But Mikado, it was bad for you to leave your best friend. Your best friend had you first on his mind while you had been concerned about Anri. Ah well, Kida wasn't around in the manga . . . ). It's cute that he got tired easily after a little running though. Haha! But I'm glad that he's not a homebody that suddenly got enough energy to run as much as he want. The show is being realistic on Mikado's physical abilities.


About Anri . . . she appears to be the shy type . . . easily gets frightened . . . the victim of bullying and sexual harassers. Yeah, with those traits I could've seen her as someone uninteresting, if not irritating.
However, this is a Ryohgo Narita female character. I had thought of Baccano's Eve as someone boring at first impression, but she turned out to be one amazing girl. So I'm not underestimating Anri for now.
Besides, I'm already spoiled on what she's capable of. Moreover, it had somehow been hinted that she may not be as ordinary as she seems to be. Like when she ran with Mikado. He's the one who got tired at once while she had more energy to go on. But for being a girl that seems weak and shy, isn't that odd? I really think there's something more about her . . . she's just not showing it yet~


Anri's so pretty that guys in her class had been thinking of working with her as a class representative just to be able to work with a beauty. This unkown girl is yet another beauty. Anri has mistaken her for someone else though. (Anri, who's Hajima?) She seems to be the same girl with the scar on her neck in episode 1. Her appearance here makes me so confused because I don't think she has that scar in the manga. Perhaps the anime will be changing some of the storyline . . .hmmmm . . .


Now to Seiji, what he's saying that he finds hell more important than going to school is searching for his love. It didn't take him long though. Oh my god . . . that look when he saw her. And he keeps on referring to her as his love . . . . he's so romantic. For a guy that didn't give much of damn to the world, he's such a lover boy. How romantic . . . kyaaaa~


Ah well, this show isn't just for comedy and love stories . . . but for action too~ I love fights that are badass yet they don't take so freakin' loooooooooooong to finish. So when I see a shounen show that has fights that don't last for episodes, I'm so grateful.
Shizuo may just be beating up a bunch of weak punks in this episode (shounen shows just love to brag the talented main characters' abilities by beating up a bunch of weak ones) but he had still been so badass and entertaining!
And I think though there had been a Shizuo vs Simon part . . . Simon was just in defense mode and wasn't fighting back. We see Simon having injuries in the end while Shizuo's clean. Either that or Shizuo can heal fast. Then hhhmm . . .if that's the case, Shizuo may not be human.


Aside from the black rider, the three most dangerous guys in the series don't seem to be ordinary humans either.
We have Simon, who can do acrobat and has incredible strength.
Then we have Shizuo, who is a demon (I was laughing when his eyes were flashing like a monster though, haha!) and also has a habit of throwing vending machines and the like when angry.
Lastly we have Izaya, who is not only an evil manipulator, but also a fast dude with knife fighting skills.
I don't think they're supernatural beings though . . . just extraordinary humans. Hehe.
Oh boy there's a lot to tell about this incredible trio that I needed to make a separate post dedicated to them. Haha!


The dangerous trio are involved in the chaos but they're interesting individuals. The series also showed other people that bring trouble to society, and these are the types that you get to see in real life, in all parts of the world. There are punks who pretend to be part of a popular dangerous gang (and certainly, when they face the real deal, they're too helpless), just because they think they're cool. Girls who brag that they're boyfriends of dangerous people think that makes them cool. Ugh . . .they're just attention whores. And seriously, what's so cool about keeping on saying "Yo man" and making poses while touching his own dick? It's disgusting, I wanna spit at him.


Aside from the suicide thing, bullying is also very common in Japan. Heck, I believe it's common in all parts of the world. I'm a victim of bullying myself, but not physical bullying though . . .
Anyway, bullies are very pathetic. As Izaya says, they're weak. I love it that the show is ridiculing the bully cliche by makign the bullies have this ugly makeup. They think they're doing something cool, when in fact it was something stupid. They think they're wearing something pretty, but it actually makes them fugly. Even though Izaya's been an evil character, he's being used in the series to somewhat satirize the ugly sides of human society in real life. How brilliant~


Okay, that it for the ugly types of people in the real world. But for some of the fun types of people in the real world, (particularly the otakus, haha!) we get to see our otaku characters again. Haha! It's funny when Erika and Walker are describing Kyohei as some anime character. Haha!


We have been told since episode 1 that Simon's working for his Russian friend that owns a sushi restaurant. And by "sushi restaurant", for me it still means the Japanese style sushi. As in, a foreginer's just cooking the local cuisine of the country he's staying at. But when I've heard that Simon called it Russian sushi, it made me think: There's such a thing as Russian style sushi???? Well, I googled it, and apparently there is. Ahhh . . . it reminds me of how ignorant I am on Japanese cuisine and its foreign varieties. Ah well, I don't eat sushi in the first place anyway (oh don't lecture me on how delicious it is as many of my friends and relatives already have. I really really PICKY on food).


We have three posters of Baccano (they're actually the actual DVD covers). . . then a poster of Cencoroll and two posters of Jigoku Shoujo . . . also a tankoubon of Yozakura Quartet and even a mention of "book signing" by Yozakura Quartet's mangaka: Yasuda Suzuhito. Haha! I don't know if there's more, but I'll feel sad if I missed other Baccano references. Hehe. And ohohohoho, as if I'd miss my number one bishie:

HELLO BELOVED!!!! I've been loving you for almost three years already, Firo~


Alrighty, on other stuff . . . chatmates are different now??? . . .and hhmm . . looks like Shizuo and the Rider actually know each other! Well, we know she lives with Shinra and had worked for Izaya . . . but I don't see how she could be connected with Shizuo. And we get a glimpse of other characters as well: the teacher and Shizuo's friend (Tom?). Hopefully we get to know them more in future episodes. Lastly, THE TRACKS PLAYED IN THIS EPISODE ARE SO AWESOME!!!! I WANT OST NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW!!!! Hehe . . .

Anywayz, It looks like we'll be meeting Shinra next time. Plenty of him in the preview and I hear FukuJun voice. Splendid~


Sabaku no Renge said...

I'm freaking loving DRRR!! so much! I haven't watched Baccano (shame on me), but I got to, this is not the first time I hear it's awesome (greater than Durarara!!? Shame on me, indeed D:).

Mikado and Kida are such adorable friends~ And Kida makes epic fail so cute, darn it XD Plus Mamo-chan's voice, I can't help but fangirl him.

Oh, yes, Mikado being tired after running that little makes him special. Because it makes him normal and that's so odd. Leaving your BFF behind is not nice though, Mikado...

Anri, the mysterious girl and Seiji are intriguing. This show will make me go look for manga and I don't wanna yet...

The otakus! They're fantastic. And it looks like Simon will become one of my fav charas in this show.

I want that OST too! The BGM is just amazing, I fell for it in the first episode and I'm wanting it more with every episode. Hope it doesn't take that long...

Shinra is another character I'll fangirl for sure. FukuJun's characters are always great. And glasses! *has a sick thing for glasses*

Sapphire Pyro said...

@ Sabaku no Renge

Go watch Baccano when you find the time~ I find it greater than DRRR!! but people have different tastes so it still depends on you~

Oh I agree to the things you said on Kida and Mikado~

The manga's a little different, but both are awesome~

Ah yes, FukuJun characters are usually great~ And Shinra's amazing even if he's not voiced by FukuJun. Hehe

shiako said...

haha Firo yes xD!

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