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Sunday, January 30, 2011

101 Oneshots Challenge: Batch 1

There was a special from the recent issue of G-Fantasy.... I find it so cute that it's not Ciel isn't solo or with Sebastian for once:
(scan by Ayu)
They look sooooooooooooooooo cute =3

Alrighty, now on topic. I'm currently on a manga challenge this year, and here's the beginning of my oneshot marathon!!! xD It'll be 5 or more oneshots per batch... they're short so I'm more confident on reaching my goal for this ;D Wheeee~

I understand the hype on this because its creator is extremely popular. However, the story's the usual ordinary-boy-gets-involved-in-some-supernatural-battle-of-awesome-people-then-later-we-find-out-that-he's-actually-pretty-special kind of thing. Despite the beautiful artwork, it's so uninteresting that it got me bored before I even reached halfway. Not to mention the comedy's really lame too... and I'm no fan of "kitty-like moe".
On the bright side, the leading girl's personality's nothing like Sakura or Kobato. I prefer boredom over headaches.
Guardian Joker
by Takayanagi Sankusu
It was a nice story and the art's really pretty *_* It's like a story of a human and her guardian angel, only that the angel is a "joker", as in from the cards. Cool~
But seriously, the romance wasn't necessary (Why do they keep on adding romance on stories that will do better without it??? T_T). Good that it also featured family love though, it was really touching~
My other complains on this story had something to do with unexplained parts (What's the reason why the Joker's only visible lately?) but overall it was pretty good ^^
Karasu to Zakuro
by Yoshizawa Tomoya
FAVORITISM: 4 Hearts --->
Oh my god.... it's simple yet it's so creative and beautiful. I love its personification of a crow and a garnet! Fits them so much! The crow doesn't talk much yet he's so expressive~ And the garnet... oh that poor darling. Stories about objects beign thrown away yet remain loyal to their owners make me cry ;_;
Oh they're so adorable xD It's short yet wonderful and charming~
Sakura Omoi
by Otonaka Sawaki
It's strange that though it was about taking care of a tree, I don't see the girl do anything for it aside from reading books on how to do such o_O Oh don't tell me her little confession was enough to save the tree despite the terrible weather. The girl was also annoyingly emo (yeah, I don't like her) but thanks to character development she became okay in the end.
It was a really touching story. Very nice and beautiful~ I like the moral of it. It's fun too.... a sprite addicted to blogging! w00t!
We Can Fly!
by Megane Mirin
FAVORITISM: 3.5 Hearts
I'm a sucker for stories with people with wings... instantly fell in love with this even before I've read the english version of it~ I'm pleased that it's good as I've expected.
It mostly focused on appreciation (towards yourself, on what you have, and about others), followed by confidence and being considerate to others.
I find it very creative... I love how it presented discrimination... it's the same no matter what world. We at times ridicule others not realizing that we're no different from them.
So many beautiful messages delivered through such a wonderful story. It's so great~
(Damn that older brother tragedy... I'm a huge sucker for sibling love... it always makes me cry.... waaaaaahhhh ;_;)


Kencana said...

Gate 7 will be series. Hope it get better. It just... the main protagoinst looks like Watanuki (XXX Holic).

Sapphire Pyro said...

@ Kencana
Heard about that news. Hopefully the series version would be better.
Protagonist of Gate 7 also reminded me of Watanuki but... Watanuki's funnier xD Hehe

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