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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Is This a Zombie - Episode 3

I don't find this as enjoyable as the previous episode... perhaps it's because perverted fanservice jokes don't make me laugh like crazy ^^; Yeah, lotsa ecchi scenes on the girls in this episode, both in a character's fantasies and in what's actually happening.
Nevertheless, I had fun watching it =) Despite the obvious wasted screentime for the sake of fanservice, there was plot development and we get to meet some new characters~

  • Orito - I was wishing for more screentime of him in the previous episode and I got my wish so soon xD Well, not as much as I expected, but it would do for now. Now I understand why he and Ayumu are so close... because they both have perverted fantasies... but with Orito more advanced! (Not to mention that both of them SPARKLE!) Wahahaha!
    Well, Orito may be a pervert and a complete idiot, he actually has someone whom he seriously cares about. He may have been obviously jealous of Ayumu for so many things, but he doesn't hate the guy for that.
    Alright, now he knows that his best friend has babes at his home... first the masou shoujo thing (too bad his memory was erased), then now living with chicks,... I wonder if more secrets would be exposed to him eventually. I really want wish he gets involved ^^
  • Ayumu - So his parents leave him a bunch of weird junk then go travelling? It got me very curious on what his parents are like. I hope they show up soon~
    I find Ayumu cute but I honestly didn't expect him to have a fangurl (since well, he doesn't seem to be the popular or the typical heartrob type). O_O I won't be surprised if the other girls in his class find him attractive too.
  • Sera - She's just fanservice. Really annoys me. I don't even see any attempt of explanation on what makes her a vampire (aside from the red eyes thing). Guh.
  • Haruna - Even super heroes get hungry ;D
  • Eu - She's becoming more and more mysterious~
  • Kyouko - This girl looks similar to the girl (who is together with the main female trio) in some promo pic... that makes her another supernatural girl? Or maybe I saw it wrong... can't really connect hospitalized normal girl to a magical one... unless she's hiding something. Oooo....

First time we see a victim of the serial killer who survived... and even managed to see the killer.
The description of the killer seemed to be referring to Eu. An interesting plot twist though it seems to be very obvious that there's no way Eu could've done that since she hates the idea of Ayumu dying. So my guesses are 1) Kyouko is framing her 2) Eu has some evil twin 3) Eu just happened to be in the crime scene and was mistaken for a killer.
Ooo... I would've liked Guess#2.... I think it'll be interesting if Kyouko turned out to be a bitch deep inside, hahahaha! (And I still ship Ayumu x Eu)

[ LOL ]
Oh that part with the masked thing made me laugh xD It was really really lame. Haha!
I also liked the part when you thought Ayumu was being serious on the serial killer talk, he suddenly goes off-topic by admiting that the twin tails turn him on and he's looking somewhere. Haha!

The title of the upcoming episode intrigued me ("Am I radiant?")... does that mean there'll be more sparkles next episode??? Hehehehehehe xD
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