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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Is This a Zombie? - Episode 2

I thought it can't think of more jokes after its epic magical girl thing in the previous episode, but it looks like this show isn't running out of hilarious stuff yet xD I love this so much that I got tempted to blog it:
(LOLz, he even has the eye covering pose.... and he's doing that while saying perverted stuff. I'm amused xD)
I'm "quite" addicted to Ayumu so most of the focus would be on him.... but of course I love the show as a whole. Despite the ridiculous stuff, it actually has an intriguing plot *_*

(w00t! bitchslap!)
  • Seraphim - a new character introduced in the episode who is a sexy vampire/ninja chick. Yeah, she's fanservice, but at least there's no odd occurence wherein her sexual parts get groped by the leading guy like a lot of ecchi shows do. Anywayz, there's this joke about her liking only one thing: when it comes to fighting stuff, she likes only her precious technique. For food, she only orders miso soup. For insult, "insect" for noun then "disgusting" for adjective. She's boring to me so far.... hopefully there's more to her in the future episodes.
  • Haruna - this magical girl turns out to be a freakin' tsundere... but fortunately she knows when to stop once she realizes that she has gone too far. I can't imagine her being too abusive to Ayumu in the future as she is right now; she even gives him bento! Oh if she were like other tsundere, she would be too shy to do that =_= Fortunately, she isn't! And I like her =D
  • Ayumu's Friend - (Gah! I forgot his name! x_x) I wish he'll be more than just "the best friend". I think it'll be fun if an ordinary human would get involved in Ayumu's crazy world, hehe.
  • Eu - it's currently a mystery why she doesn't speak at all. She seems to have some issues with death too... and mostly it had some connection on how she became a Necromancer. Looking forward to her backstory~
  • Ayumu - He's awesome, 'nuff said..... haha, fine. I find it interesting that even though Ayumu just has super strength (and is "immortal"), it's cool that he could defeat a monster (well, almost.) and this time a sword wielder. Funny that he dropped down after a single shuriken though he was able to continue fighting even after those more powerful attacks, haha!
  • Ayumu was crying and running away when his classmates saw him in magical girl costume.... what made me laugh so hard is that he also runs like such... together with the hand gestures.... hahahaha xD
  • Ayumu still hasn't stopped on his "little sister" fantasies. Hehe. To his disappointment, she only sees him as a manservant. But it looks like he didn't mind much, since he's very obedient to her orders, hehe.
  • Ayumu also has the "maid" fantasies..... unfortunately for him, even though Sera just said that she's willing to become his servant, she quickly changed her mind because of his demands, haha.
  • Ayumu and his epic fail pick-up line!!!! w00t!!!!
  • Ayumu and his super lame break dance!!! (I caught him getting dizzy while dancing xD Haha!) AWESOME!!!
  • Yeah, it's Ayumu who makes me laugh so hard. I'm sold to his comedy acts xD
  • Eu seems to be a known Necromancer that a ninja from far away would do anything to get her help.
  • We got a backstory on how Ayumu became a zombie. A month ago, after he met Eu, he was near a crime scene. He tried to save the person who screamed but he got killed instead. The murderer doesn't seem to be an ordinary person, because it seemed that the killer made Ayumu froze (in other words, Ayumu froze because of some supernatural force, not because he froze out of fear or anything). The after he died, Eu turned him to a zombie... seems to be the very same night.
  • Three mysteries: 1) Who and what the murderer was 2) Who was killed and why 3) How the hell Eu knew Ayumu was killed and found him.
[ NEW OTP! ]
(Daaaaaw~ For some reason the sweetest couples are in shounen/seinen.... those in shoujo are usually too mushy =_=)
  • Ayumu's a pervert xD But I would like to see it as "love at first sight" when he saw Eu =3 He himself said that he was captivated (I don't think it's only because she's wearing weird clothes... he was blushing... gotta be because he fell for her beauty xD Ohohohoho!)
  • She thought he was an idiot.... but a mysterioous idiot... and it made her find him interesting. She wanted to know more about him. Oh come on, in a way that's attraction! Teehee~
  • She was by herself.... but he gave her company. She had made him laugh.... and he had made her smile. That was really sweet~
  • Just talking to her was already so much fun to him. Something simple was that fun to him. No doubt it was the same for her
  • She "resurrected" someone she doesn't know. They just met but he's already valuable to her xD
  • She finally showed some reaction (aside from indifference) when someone told Ayumu to die. She must've hated the idea of death in general, but I think for what she has done for him, it's safe to assume that his death was one of those most painful for her =3
  • Even though she doesn't talk much, looks like Ayumu understands her very well. I won't be surprised if she opens up to him in the future, and they become even closer~
  • I freakin' love Ayumu x Eu =3 So romantic~

Oh I thought I won't be seeing a sparkling guy (like Agemaki from Otome Youkai Zakuro) for a long time but I'm happy that Ayumu has been one of those who sparkles a lot xD Haha, it's so amusing~
Looking forward to episode 3 *_*
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