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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Life Season 1: Cop Becomes Convict Becomes Cop

of Universal Media Studios
Created By Rand Ravich
Police: Officer Charlie Crews, you're arrested for murdering your friend and his family.
Charlie: I didn't do it.
Police: Don't believe ya. *imprisons him for years*
Constance: Poor Charlie. Fortunately, I'm such an excellent lawyer and Charlie's so cute. The court finally declares him innocent and sets him free!
Charlie: Hooray!
Constance: You get a lot of money for compensation, Charlie. What do you wanna do?
Charlie: Cool! Oh, I want to go back to my old job.
Police: Srsly?
Charlie: Yeah. *all smiles*

RATING: B- (PRETTY GOOD! It was so nice to watch~)
FAVORITISM: 3.5 Hearts ---> LOVE

It's not usual to see a cop who was treated so unfairly yet he still wants to help people and wouldn't get mad at jerks who misjudge him~

What really striked me the most in this series is the main character's great control of temper.... well, he hasn't perfectly controlled it when the bastards who skrewed up his life had been involved, but most of the time, he really does manage his emotions well. It was all because he has fully embraced zen teachings. I wish the series gave more information or lecture on zen philosophy.... I believe majority of the audience aren't that familiar with it anyway. It would be easier to understand his behavior if they've done that. It would also help if we were shown on how he learned about those teachings in the first place. There hadn't been much background on the main character's prison life in this season unfortunately. Hopefully the next season had made up for that; knowing what Charlie's life had been in prison would certainly be interesting.

Charlie's such a fun guy... he's literally the life of the show. He's often the one who provides the entertainment (he is sooooo attached to his car xD Haha!), whether through jokes, impressive analyses, and cool lines. Another character who's enjoyable to watch is the one who handles his finances: Ted. The fellow's also an ex-convict (he's guilty though, unlike Charlie) and the episode with him panicking about coyotes amused me. Hehe. The only other interesting character for me is the Russian villain... Roman is a pretty intriguing guy~

The rest were okay. Everything else in the show were honestly pretty average, in my opinion (from cases to twists to action scenes, and so on). The last episode of this season was a freakin' cliffhanger... hopefully the next season will explain more things.
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