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Thursday, January 6, 2011

NCIS Season 1: If the Navy Protects the Citizens, then Who Protects the Navy?

Naval Criminal Investigative Service
of Belisarius Productions, Paramount Television
Created By Donald P. Bellisario, Don McGill
Navy: It is our honor to protect the country.
NCIS: It is our honor to protect the navy.
RATING: B+ (IMPRESSIVE!! It was so nice to watch~)
FAVORITISM: 4 Hearts ---> ADORATION (Tony is 4.5 Hearts =3)

There's been a lot of crime drama focusing on police organizations that protect the country. In this series though, this time we've got a group of law enforcers who are protecting those that are protecting the country. Even our beloved soldiers can become victims to numerous types of crimes... they're no different from us.

It has been refreshing to see a crime drama like this for a change~ It's nice to see that not only the normal citizens need to be protected, but also the ones protecting them. Our soldiers aren't perfect... they also need help once in a while. I really love seeing this kind of imperfection, even our real life super heroes have limitations, weaknesses, and flaws.

Each episode have been fun to watch but some turned out a little boring or confusing... I'm not sure if it was just me or they're really lacking and confusing. But overall, the cases have been really interesting. The case about a drowned marine with a sword got me intrigued the most (probably because it had some psychological stuff, hehe.)

It has a great cast! Each of them has a fun and cool personality... they all rock in their own way! Especially on the main cast! (the supporting characters didn't get to shine much, except for McGhee. Some of them weren't even that likable because they seem unbelievably unfair, selfish, and stubborn. Makes me think the series is being a little biased on them.) Too bad we didn't get enough back story from these lovely characters, but at least there had been character development and their relationships progress~

Speaking of relationships, the rivalry between NCIS and FBI (or the Secret Service) is pretty amusing~ They're like kids quarelling with each other because they want to win in the "game" when they have the same goal anyway, and things would've been easier if only they work together. Ahaha! Oh well, it's not often you get to see FBI agents acting like jerks~ (they're often the decent ones in crime drama, hehe)

Now for favorites, I loooooooooooooooove Tony a lot! (Gibbs scolded me for that, but I can't help it! =P) Everything about and everything he does him is just adorable, cool, and funny.

The last episode of this series was an evil cliffhanger =_= Can't wait to see the second season soon *_*
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