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Monday, January 24, 2011

Knight & Day, Tangled, & The Tourist (feat. Sucker Punch)

I've been watching films from the past and also recent ones. I found it difficult to make a post for each, so I decided to do them in batches~ Each movie batch would have 3 quick movie reviews then 1 featured upcoming movie. Starting with this:
Sucker Punch
For anime watchers, the sailor outfit thing would definitely remind them of Japanese school uniforms and also Magical Girl shows like Sailormoon. I'm already tired of those and would have ignored this film if it's just the same thing; but fortunately, it isn't. The main cast of this film are amazons in a crazy action fantasy setting. What instantly grabbed my attention to this is that the leading character was confined in a mental hospital! Psycho warriors? I'm so in~ Hahaha!

Knight and Day
An ordinary woman gets involved with the dangerous adventures of a crazy secret agent.... or is he?
RATING: C+ (A fun parody of a knight and princess relationship in modern times!)
FAVORITISM: 3 Hearts ---> They were fun... most fun when they switched places
I hope it was intentional, because I really like the idea of exagerrating the qualities of a perfect knight who will always be there on time to rescue the girl and of a princess who is a damsel-in-distress that's often useless and gets into trouble a lot.
But the film hadn't really been as funny nor as exciting as what it appeared in the trailer. Many of the scenes were quite boring... I didn't enjoy it as much as I expected.
An animated adaptation of Rapunzel's story wherein she's a princess and her prince charming is a thief.
RATING: A- (One of the best Disney Princess movies~)
FAVORITISM: 5 Hearts ---> Maximus rocks and Flynn is mine~
It was a fun and exciting version of Rapunzel's story! It's not only romance, but there's also magic and adventure! The ending might be a little cliche and some twists are so expected, but at least victory isn't just from miracles and luck all the time. The main characters aren't the only ones who get to do the cool stuff~
I love it that this film's Rapunzel is the type of princess that could really be admired: she has beauty, wisdom, and GUTS. Hooray for the power of frying pan! And Maximus is the best animated horse ever! Haha!
The Tourist
An American tourists travels to Europe and falls in love with a woman... who is a lover of a wanted mobster. Unfortunately for the main character, the bad guys think that her criminal lover is him.
FAVORITISM: 3.5 Hearts ---> LOVE
The setting in this film is the best. True to its title, watching it felt like having a quick tour in Europe. Makes you appreciate the beauty of the countries featured in the film~
And oh boy I love the tourist stereotypes in it. The film's so amusing~ (Poor Americans, haha!)
The romance seems to be too fast but even if it was quite expected, I really like the twist in the end. I find their love story more romantic when the secrets were revealed.


Anonymous said...


Awesome. At first, I didn't expect that such a pretty girl like Rapunzel can be kick ass.

Eri said...

I have to go and see Tangled sometime. Judging from all those critiques plus the trailers I can say it'll be pretty entertaining. So many movies I want to see...

Sapphire Pyro said...

@ Anonymous
Hooray to kickass princesses xD

@ Eri

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