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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Jonah Hex: Everything Was Boring... Except For That Psycho

by DC Comics, Legendary Pictures, Mad Chance, Weed Road Pictures
(distributed by Warner Bros.)
Jonah Hex: Turnbull killed my family. Turnbull made my face ugly. Grrr....
Quentin Turnbull: Try to kill me.... if you can~
Lt. Grass: I so don't wanna do this, Jonah Hex, but the President told me to ask for your help.
Jonah Hex: Don't wanna.
Lt. Grass: Turnbull plans to destroy the world!
Jonah Hex: Ah, I get freedom and I can have my revenge on Turnbull? Such a sweet deal~ I'm on it.
RATING: D+ (DISAPPOINTING!! Waste of potential...)
FAVORITISM: 2 Hearts --> DISLIKE (But to Burke: 3.5 Hearts --> LOVE)

Violence. Dark Mystic Stuff. Corpses.

The trailer can make you want to hurry to watch it but starting it can make you hurry to finish it as soon as possible.

Well, it's not really that bad.... but it had been really really boring.

As expected of an action series with dark themes: we've got an antihero with a tragic past doing not-so-nice things but in the end he's actually quite a softie and would be the one to save the country. I can't remember anything in its story that makes it stand out from other movies under the same category. Not adding much backstory totally doesn't help (I also don't see the point of making it an animation. It felt out-of-place. Acting out those scenes would've been better.... and it seems to be even more interesting that the present storyline). More Hex's background would've helped in his character development. And they should've at least explain the supernatural themes in this movie... who are those people who helped Hex? what exactly were they doing? what are the all the consequences for Hex's revival? why was he given powers as well? And so on...

Moreover, "revenge" is so overused. Well, it wouldn't have been a problem if it had gotten into the hands of the right writers... but unfortunately it didn't. Perhaps it would've been more interesting if it focused on Hex's powers and his interaction with hell; instead of just killing and revenge. It would really have been nice if there had been more mystery and plot twists. If it can't amaze the audience, at least make them do some thinking. Sadly, it doesn't seem that the writers bothered to think and just wrote down overused storylines. *sigh*

What annoyed me the most is that the main character is just too lucky in a sense that he ain't gonna die until he gets to kill the main villain. He was saved when he was so close to death twice by the same group of people. Once is okay, but twice and at such a nice timing is just too much of a coincidence. And during the final battle, he was already so close to defeat but the tables turned all of a sudden afterwards until he got his victory. It's so predictable.

The storytelling and the directing were poorly done.... it was a chore to watch and finish it. No action scene made my jaw drop. It tried to add some humor once in a while... but they're mostly so lame that I couldn't even giggle.

On the bright side, the actors played their characters well. Special effects were okay and the music was really cool. Thank goodness the leading lady's no damsel-in-distress (or else it'll be nothing but headache!).

Nevertheless, there's nothing particularly striking in this movie... except for this guy:

(This guy's so creepy... and fun!)

Burke had been the only interesting character in the movie... because he stands out! If his character design isn't enough to make him different from the usual righthand man of the main villains... his personality does. He's the type who sings a jolly song while torturing someone to death. That psychopathic mind of his makes him surprising, disturbing, and amusing at the same time. Not to mention that he's pretty cool, because he has combat skills and actually has the ability to beat the main character if only Hex wasn't so lucky.

The only impressive thing that the movie had done was including a character like him (and letting him play around as much as possible). He was could make the audience awake, whether in a positive or negative way. His tattoo is honestly more noticeable and memorable than the overemphasized scar on the main character's face.

Burke was the only entertainment that this movie could provide. Everything else was freakin' dull.It had good parts but the horrible parts overshadowed them too much. It was a very unimpressive movie.
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