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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Fandom Diaries: I Am Number Four (in watch list; not in read list) and other reading stuff

I really liked the trailer of the I Am Number Four film, so it was automatically in my Movies-I-Wanna-See-Soon list. I like alien stories, and seeing a blonde Number Four reminded me of Numbuh 4, who is a favorite character of mine from the cartoon series, Kids Next Door.

When I found out that it was actually based on a novel series, I looked for the book. But only the movie tie-in version was available:

When it comes to novels, I prefer the original editions... not the movie one =_= So no matter how curious I was, I decided not to buy it.

Later, as I thought about it, I felt that it was a right decision not to buy that novel. Why?
  1. The employee of that certan bookstore said that the book was good. The two previous books I've bought from that bookstore... which are also recommended by an employee of it... turned out to be CRAP. It was deja vu.... I don't want to waste money on crap again.
  2. Majority of the reviews say that the book wasn't really that impressive.... most of its fans are because of the movie... particularly on the ACTOR. The fangurls just want to see Alex Pettyfer shirtless ^^; Ah well, I'm not his fangurl... and even if I was, I'm more of a story person... I'm more into good stories than sexy actors when watching something ^^;
So what I ended up buying yesterday instead was 07-Ghost volume 4 (I really love this manga xD) and Percy Jackson & The Last Olympian (finally the paperback version is out!).

I really really miss the Percy Jackson series... and with the last book finally on my hands, I could start ready the sequel series soon xD The first few pages of it really excited me~

For now, I shall focus on marathoning the Septimus Heap series (which I also love~ Sep is such a darling~) then I shall finish Percy's series xD But before that... catch-up on my anime watches (also those reviews, wah), wheee~
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