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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Beelzebub: Baby Care Has Never Been This Entertainingly Badass

I planned to compile my impressions on the first episodes of the new shows this season in one post but... Beelzebub is just so EPIC that I got tempted to do one ahead xD:
It looks so wrong.... I love it xD Bwahahahaha!

I'm already familiar with the manga.... and I love it lots! I was sooooo excited when I found out that it finally has an anime adaptation... and it didn't disappoint! It's more hilarious than the manga even!

The voice acting and the animation made the series more hilarious than how they appeared in the manga version xD (Fine, some jokes seem so overdone [they weren't done as much in the manga] but they looks so stupid I got amused instead of annoyed xD)

The plot may be odd and cliche.... but it's stupid to expect only serious stuff from a gag series xD Haha! Its silliness is what made the show so AWESOME xD

(Oga Kick!!!)

Not only was this freakin' hilarious, but it had badass action scenes too. They're mostly crazy though.... but that's the fun in it~ Hahaha!

And oh, even if the series seems very ridiculous, believe it or not,  its story isn't just about a delinquent taking care of a baby. It feels more focused on the delinquent stuff than on the supernatural stuff ^^;

About the characters... everyone in this series is fun. EVERYONE. Yes, even Oga's punching bags are so entertaining (I really loved the part when one of them had the guts to frankly tell Oga that he wishes the guy to be dead after being beaten up badly xD). Delinquents don't need to look bishie to be likable! Personality's enough to make them awesome~

Of course the main cast, all of them, are fantastic in their own way~
1. Oga - (favorite story teller) badass main character who makes very... funny faces xD
2. Beel - (huggable) adooooooooooooooooorable~ and has good tastes.
3. Hilda - (my goddess) yay to killer woman with a pink umbrella~
4. Furuichi - (my favorite) totally tsundere to Oga
5. Demon Lord - (rules) I so love the way he talks and... on how busy he is... haha!
6. The Man - (muscles) manliest character in the series~
Awesome main cast, isn't it? =3 Fufufufufufu....

Oh yeah, the role of women here aren't displays, nor maids, nor damsels-in-distress. Instead, they help in contributing to the chaos (like the woman in the school canteen xD), can be more frightening than the men (like Oga's sister), and kick ass (there's another one aside from Hilda).

And no they're not immune to humiliation and other comedy acts, hehe. So like the guys in this series, the females are both badass and funny too. The difference though is that majority of the women are pretty... while it's the other way around among the males, haha. Well, it's shounen~

Alrighty, now for MY FAVORITE PARTS:

My favorite part in the OP:

(Got Milk?)
Bwahahahahahahahah!!!! ROFLz

My favorite part in the ED:

(Baby's lonely while daddy's... sweating)
Bwahahahahahahahah!!!! ROFLz

( The music rocks by the way *_* )

My favorite couple aside from Oga x Female-to-be-featured-soon (Furuichi x Hilda):

(Yes, that's love xD)
Bwahahahahahahahah!!!! ROFLz

My favorite duo (Best friends Oga + Furuichi):

(They're very close~)
Bwahahahahahahahah!!!! ROFLz

My favorite Beel + Oga Moments:
1. Beel imitating Oga's facial expressions and actions xD
2. Beel being sad for being separated from Oga
3. SOOOOOOOOOO CUUUUUUUUUUUUTEEE!!!!!! I feel like watching shoujo because of the sugar overload, bwahahahaha!

*ehem* Back to general impressions on the episode and the series, this show is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Especially if you like the following series:
  • Gintama - the level of silliness is so similar xD Main cast is similar as well: badass lazy main character who fully believes he's awesome + sidekick always under high blood pressure + kickass evil leading lady and her dangerous giant pet.
  • Fullmetal Alchemist - both have overused jokes that never get lame.... and both also believe that muscular men SPARKLE!
  • Daa Daa Daa! - both have babies that... are not of this world! And of course the babies have super powers.
So if you like the first two, high chances of you enjoying Beelzebub~ (The third series is fluffy shoujo... but Beelzebub is fluffy in a different sense.... bwahahaha!)

Now it's time for me to catch up on the manga (I don't think I can watch and blog this weekly... since it will certainly have so many episodes)~ Both adaptations are recommended, though if you want to laugh more, the anime seems to be a better choice ;D Haha!


Typo said...

o_o Huh...well, I wasn't planning on watching this series, but if it's as hilarious as they say...I may have to give it a shot.

*LOVES a good laugh*

And if it's anything like Gintama...XD I'll love it forever.

Sapphire Pyro said...

I really think it's hilarious and firmly believe that it's as absurd as Gintama but in a different way xD

However, some didn't like its humor even if they're also fans of Gintama o_O Ah well, opinions differ. ^^;

Anonymous said...

It's very funny series. But I wonder, who's Beel's mom?

Sapphire Pyro said...

@ Anonymous
Yeah~ =D

I wonder as well. I'm not updated with the manga... but I don't think it has been revealed already. So right now she's still a mystery~

arawr said...

I love Beelzebub!! Had been ollowing the manga before the anime came out and they are both HILARIOUS XD I like how the anime amplified the comedy rather than toned it down... the jokes are too priceless! XD
I dunno if its having the kid with electricity suddenly dumped onto him, but it also reminds me of Konjiki no Gash =P
nice post!

Sapphire Pyro said...

@ arawr
Oh! Same here xD This series really rocks~
I don't remember much of Konjikin no Gash... don't think I liked it at all though =/

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