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Monday, January 31, 2011

101 Oneshots Challenge: Batch 2

I read the most recent Ao no Exorcist release recently so I suddenly thought of its upcoming anime adaptation:
It looks really cute. Totally love the bullet and blue flame effect on the official site. April's taking freakin' long...

Alrighty, now on topic. I'm currently on a manga challenge this year. It'll be 5 or more oneshots per batch... here goes xD

Itou-san: Chocolate Cake
by Aki Eda
This is a wonderful reminder to all mangaka out there that it is possible to write simple yet sweet stories of married couples without making them mushy or putting so much drama in their interactions.
This has been really cute. It's more than just about the chocolate cake... but I still firmly believe that chocolate could bring so many wonders xD Yay!
Honey Rabbit
by Kuwahara Souta
FAVORITISM: 2.5 Hearts
I see this as a story of a pet taking his owner's wishes seriously, to the point wherein she told him that they'll be on a "date", they would be going out. On the pet's side, I think it's just being innocent. On the girl and the mother though, I don't know why they want to see the relationship in a romantic sense just because the pet turned into a cute shota =_=
Ah well, putting that aside, it's a really cute story ^^ I'm a little tired of manga with character with kitty or kitty-like ears. MOAR BUNNIES PUHLEAZE xD Hehehe... but hhhmm.... rabbit-like characters in animanga sure look similar though o_O *had Hani from Ouran in mind*
Majo to Boku
by Yamakawa Aiji
FAVORITISM: 2.5 Hearts
I honestly don't get it much.... both the guy and girl are pretty mysterious *_*
Anyway, the art's really really beautiful. Yay to full color~
My Blue Bicycle
by Zekkyou
FAVORITISM: 3.5 Hearts
Okay, I usually complain when I see a romantic connection on two beings that would've been fine if their relationship remained platonic (like with Honey Rabbit in this batch)... but for this oneshot.... WAAAAHH!!! THEY'RE JUST SO CUTE!!!! I VOTE FOR WISHING FOR THE BICYCLE TO BE HUMAN (HE WISHES SO HIMSELF). Daaaaaaaaaaw~ Their relationship's just so cute xD
Romance here are all one-sided, haha! It's not my type of story (one-sided love for 6 years... oh please move on) but this has been really charming and the art's really pretty *_* I love it~
Negaigoto 300000 kms
by Megumi Kouji
Childhood sweethearts promising to each other to make their own dreams come true... daaaaaw~
One of them wasn't really able to fulfill it... but he didn't give up. That was nice.
And they have been really cute and romantic (what's more romantic for me was him wishing for her to cheer on him and of her being sad to see him depressed had been more romantic than their kiss... the kiss just made them canon, haha).
It's simple... yet very lovely ^^ Pfft! It's by the mangaka of my beloved Bloody Monday. Can't expect any poor quality stories from such a mangaka, ohohohohohoho xD


Kencana said...

Ao no Exorcist, huh? It's sound cliche with hot-headed male protagonist. But I will try to watch it.

About Itou-san:
It's very to see manga with married couple as protagonist. (Usually the manga end when the protagonist get married.) I will read it. The cake looks delicious too.

Sapphire Pyro said...

@ Kencana
Most shounen sound cliche xD But AnE is really good~

Yeah, manga with married couple really isn't what you see often ;D

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