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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

07-Ghost - Episode 5

Guess who's back for more screentime!

I admit that this episode gave me some disappointments, especially the emotions department. But some scenes had totally made up for that. Animation quality had been wonderful throughout the episode too.
I thought it was a filler, but it seems that the anime didn't deviate that much from the manga. I'm not happy with all the changes, but I have to admit they were still good. Fits the story and many are still in-character. Overall a really fantastic episode!
The Bishops were beginning to wonder what the hell Teito would badly wish for that he'd even give his soul to the enemy. Well, they got their answer sooner than they've expected.
Hehe. I am so touched on how important Mikage is to Teito.

I honestly didn't get much of what they were talking about here, but I think the bottomline is that though there were problems with the security, the Teito case is already being taken care of. I am amused with the reactions of Aya-tan's . . . harem! Wahahaha! I love calling his subordinates his harem!

I appreciate it that Teito doesn't just go emo most of the day. He tries to help out the sisters but they declined the offer, saying they're doing their precious job from God. I'll never understand such people *doesn't see the enjoyment in doing chores. Haha*
Later, Razette pointed Teito to the sanctuary/mass. Even if she imitated Frau's face, Teito still didn't get her. Haha. Well, in that place, Teito got his memory recall again.
Perhaps this is a story flaw, but I don't see much sense of having those memories recalled only in recent events. There should've been something the triggered the beginning of those at least. But I don't think there was such.

In the flashback it was revealed that Teito's actually an heir of the Raggs Kingdom and he got the Eye of Mikhail on his hand.
Mikhail . . . *impatience on Mikhail's appearance rising!*

Teito, being treated as a sklave and an outcast, even with Mikage is still not used to people being naturally nice to him. At least not that many. I'm happy that the Church here isn't the usual corrupted type. Everyone is kindhearted as they're supposed to be.
Teito thinks of the possibility that those people might've only been nice to him because he was royalty (but we know that it's not true. Hehe). But even so, he doesn't want to burden or endanger them. He's such a good kid. *very touched*

Finally, the awaited reunion of best friends!
I admit it's in-character of Mikage to act like that, but I prefer the manga version (wherein it was Teito who hugged and cried from so much happiness). Anime version wasn't that emotional. Mikage appears, then hugs, then Teito is suprised (which I hope could have been a "SHOCKED" expression, not just a "surprised" one), then that's it. Reunions usually have impacts or drama or something . . . but I didn't feel it on this one's. *sigh*

Teito had been planning to leave the church in this episode, but since Mikage came, he thought of staying for him.
Oh this boy only has Mikage as his priority. Haha!

Teito is still not used to being called a brat, apparently. Mikage's amused upon seeing this. Haha! Finally someone in this series who is humored with those two's petty bickering. Wahahaha!

Mikage's supposed to be really weak and sick and tired from the journey, but it doesn't show in the anime. It was mentioned though, in a way, since Frau said that he could make Mikage feel better.
How? PORN! Haha!
I knew that Mikage is Frau's disciple when it comes to crack pervertedness! I am always amused with the "OH YEAH" background music/sound when the porn magazine was shown. Haha!
Not all guys are perverted, so Teito totally does not approve of this. Castor's becoming suspiscious. Frau's reaction's so funny.

Didn't realize or remember this from the manga, but Labrador can actually make premonitions, and they all come true. He predicts that someone is going to destroy Teito's world, but he affirms that it's not Mikage (of course it's not him! Haha! Mikage is the world to the boy. Haha!)
It was amusing to see Frau being scolded by the archbishop. What a naughty and troublesome religious leader this guy is! Haha!
It seems that the archbishop and bishops are aware that there's something going on with the two lost lambs that they have to protect and watch over them. Castor already made his move.

Mikage and Teito had a private talk at the flower garden. I wish they made the part of Teito being used to Church life comedic. Like how the manga did. It was cute.
Teito says that he's very happy that Mikage's there . . . but his face doesn't show! Yes, he's happy, but not happy enough. What the . . . is it that difficult to make Teito look jubilant? And Teito is supposed to be VERY emotional to anything that has something to do with Mikage. *sigh*

Haha! Teito told Mikage to stay away from Frau. He can't believe that such a guy became a bishop in the first place (don't worry, you're not alone on that. Haha!). But he admits that Frau makes sense sometimes. Then later he thinks that he still couldn't stand the guy! Haha! He was so adorable.
I love how Saiga Mitsuki voiced him here. The annoyance was so real yet really cute at the same time. Very tsundere as well. Haha!
But to Mikage, Frau is like a big brother. That's also how I really see the Frau and Teito relationship. They're so cute, and Mikage sees it. Teito continues to reject the idea . . . oh it's making him more adorable. Haha!

So . . . there's another victim that is possessed by the Kor. This hasn't been happening until Teito arrived. And it appears that Ayanami had something to do with it.
This wasn't in the manga though. But making Ayanami the person responsible for it brings sense to why Kor can enter the Church in the first place. It will suck if there will be too many of these though, so I hope things will change soon.
Teito realizes that the guy's posessed and tells Mikage to run away. As if Mikage could abandon him! Haha! They're both very stubborn.
But you know, even if Mikage is weaker compare to Teito, at least he's not the type who needs rescuing all the time. He could handle himself, and at times he even shields Teito! I am so proud of Mikage!

Teito: I'll never leave you behind and escape again, Mikage!
Mikage: Teito!
Teito: That's right! We'll never leave each other's sides again! Never again!
Mikage: Teito . . .
*becomes teary* I'm so sorry. It was so touching. I can't help it. I love it so much. Oh my god . . .

The fight scene wasn't that fantastic but it was okay. I'll always be amazed on fights wherein there's someone running on walls, haha! And I really wonder how Teito manages to move without entangling himself with those chains on his hands and feet. That's seriously difficult.
But Frau saved the day. I guess only Bishop power can actually defeat the thing. The way he slowly floats down to the ground amuses me for some reason.

Mikage and Teito had a little heart to heart talk since they can't sleep anyway.

Both of them tell something about their background. I think they have been friends for a year already but it seems that they only talked about their past at this time. I guess they don't really know much of each other even if they were that close.
But it's nice that the anime had provided more Mikage background (aside from showing his sister). I didn't expect Mikage's father to be like that. I thought his dad was just an ordinary peace-loving citizen.
Speaking of Mikage's past, the voice of young Mikage is very much the same as Hetalia's Feliciano (Italy)! Haha! Now the more I see Feliciano in Mikage! Whoaa!
So, given those backgrounds, it appears that Teito and Mikage are actually from different sides. They're supposed to be enemies but they became friends. I love this kind of friendship! It's the friend version of star crossed lovers. Hehe.

Okay, I agree that these particular screenshots give out shounen-ai vibes, but if they weren't drawn that way, I honestly wouldn't think of such. Oh man . . . anime fanservice.
But I love these lines:
Mikage: Teito Klein wasn't abandoned the moment he was born.
Teito: I'm so glad I met you.
*so moved again* Mikage was happy that Teito had been loved before he became a sklave. Then Teito . . . that was freakin' sweet!

Mikage becomes serious this time, and tells Teito two things that Teito shouldn't forget. Those were very good advices.
But damn, once again, I prefer how the manga did it. This particular moment was more intense and emotional there. Not to mention the part with Teito wondering why Mikage's suddenly saying such stuff was hilarious!
But hhhmm . . . in the anime, they used it for foreshadowing instead. It had also been pretty dramatic in a way. But still . . . . !

For general comments, I'm not that satisfied with the changes on the Teito and Mikage moments. But there had been some nice additions so they've made up for it.
And it also seems that Mikage's going to be with us longer. Being a Mikage fan, I'm happy for that. 07-Ghost anime seems to be the same with Toward the Terra anime (series), in terms of keeping a significant character to the leading one stay in one piece a little longer (Yes, I'm referring to Soldier Blue). I wonder if Mikage's final moment will be as dramatic (at least to fangirls) as Soldier Blue's. The manga did so I'm getting a bucket ready. Too many tears on that part. Haha!
I wish the good parts of the story changes will continue. I definitely don't want a pathetic ending (many anime original endings have been like that).
I am really impressed with the animation of this episode. Most, if not all, scenes looked wonderful. Pretty people looked pretty all the time. Haha!
And I really want to know the background music of when Teito entered the sanctuary. I love those type of music. It seemed glorious and mystical! Cool! Hehe! By the way, I just found out that the one who did the music on this is also the music composer of Code Geass!!! No wonder I'm fascinated with the music in this the same way I had been with Code Geass! Haha! I wish there had been Hitomi tracks too though.
Next Episode:
*still delighted upon seeing the Eye of Mikhail*
*ehem* With such changes in the story, I expect a lot of anime original events on the next episode. But this episode had surprised me by being not-a-filler like what I had expected, so I hope the next episode would be able to surprise me in a good way as well. *smiles* Already five episodes and 07-ghost hasn't disappointed me (at least, not greatly) so far! I'm very happy!

Some Bonus Stuff before I end the post:
Aya-tan didn't appear much in the episode, but damn, he looks hott on all his scenes in this episode!!!!

Teito's got many adorable and goodlooking scenes in this episode too. He had the throne of being the leading character, so he got more screentime; thus, many wonderful bishie scenes! *very delighted*
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Mimiko ♥ said...

First of all... really nice review, I like it =3

MIKAGE ♥ ♥ *got shot by some zaiphon *
*ahem* You're not the only one who complain about this episodes change of the reunion. Many of that part was so special on the manga and yet, on the anime, they make it look less important and look boring you (point to the part on Mikage's warning, I seriously almost felt asleep but it was a sweet moment, though watching it the second time felt like to skip it <.<')

Overall this episode wasn't bad, but it wasn't the best. The only thing that saved this episode is: Mikage + Frau's moment and the sparkling fighting scene (minus when Frau showed up.. I mean, he look awkward the way he came down like that in my view <-<')

P.S lol.. everyone else that have to do with this anime (seiyuu, music composer, animator, etc..) is awesome expect for the director whom we just can't trust !

Sapphire Pyro said...

@ Mimiko
Thank you very much! It's good to hear that the entry had been nice even though I still spotted so many typos and grammatical errors after you've posted that comment! Haha!

It's sad that some special parts in the manga were changed in the anime =( Hopefully, they won't do more of such stuff in later episodes T_T

I agree. It wasn't bad and not the best either. I'm glad anime is able to make up even with someof its disappointments. Hehe.

LOLz! Yeah, the director makes me worried. But since the rest is awesome, a single staff can't pull everyone down. Hehe.

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