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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Eden of the East - Episode 6

Shocking, Entertaining . . . Overall Terrific!

Eden of the East is one of the series I don't understand fully but still doesn't cease to amaze and humor me! It was a very fun and interesting episode. Next episode may have some action stuff, but I'm sure this series will continue getting better and better!
  • Blue haired woman really is a murdering slut! She's so bitchy and has a pretty disturbing way of killing/torturing (slicing off "Johnnies"). That's so freaky . . . Totally badass!!! Haha! Whether she turns out to be a villain or not, she's so evil that makes her pretty bloody awesome! (No! Bias to blue haired women is not applied! Honest!)
  • It seems that she kills NEETs, since if Ohsugi really is her victim, then she must've mistaken him as a NEET when she spotted him just walking around drunk.
  • I wouldn't be surprised if Akira and the others will come to the rescue next episode! That would be an interesting encounter between two members of this messiah game.
  • I'm actually happy that Saki didn't accept Akira's offer to go to his place. It would turn out like some cheesy soap opera or crappy love story. But she did ask about it at the end of the episode. I wonder why she still didn't get it after that kiss! Isn't it too obvious already? Why bring them back to "not yet 100% canon" status again? Ugh . . . then what's the point of the stupid kiss? Want to make up for that odd scenario from the previous episode with that? Great.
  • So, Saki belongs to a computer/programming club. And their project/program is called "Eden of the East", which well . . . now we know where the title is based on. Her friends did the programming . . . I'm not sure if she helped on the technical stuff, but the idea seems to be hers, and Hirasawa is very grateful of her for that.
  • Hirasawa has been saying that Saki has helped the club in many ways and would really want her to stay. He mentioned something about the club's poster girls . . . is Saki one of them? Haha!
  • The part with the guy hiding behind the desk cover amuses me! Haha!
  • Akira teasing Mittan was really cute! Haha!
  • I find Hirasawa entertaining and awesome. I am not sure if I like him more than Akira or if they're at the same level. Oh I really like it that they're working together now! Hirasawa didn't want to involve non-NEET people but thanks to Saki's persuading power and Akira's brilliant offer (by funding for helping him out), he agreed.
  • Speaking of NEETs, I don't actually get what they got to do with the saving-the-world thing. I mean, they're just a small portion of the big picture! There are many ways to help others, like what the Number who just died did. Why focus on NEETs? Oh well, perhaps I didn't get the reason or it jsut isn't explained yet.


Anonymous said...

Ok, let's see if I can clear things up a bit for your.

"Eden of the East" is a recycle club, and one of the members (Micchon) created the "Eden" image-recognition program. But they didn’t try to market it. They used the program as a tool for the club activities.

It was Saki who found a way to make it useful to the club. She used it to show people that there’s more than meets the eyes about the recycled objects they were selling, by adding characteristics about such products into the program database. So, although when you see a recycled object your first impression is that it is a piece of junk, by checking the object with the "Eden" program you'll find out there's more to it than that (thanks to Saki, who entered that info there before). That way, Saki added "value" to those things.

That’s why Saki’s involvement in Hirasawa’s project seems to be the most important to him right now (even though she wasn't directly involved in the creation of the program). He believes she has the creativity and leadership he lacks (or so he claims).

What Akira is funding is Hirasawa’s project, which doesn’t necessarily revolves around the "Eden" image-recognition program (we'll have to wait and see).

@NEET (by MeoTwister5 from Animesuki):

"As for the NEET issue, it seems to me more of an attempt to reinvent the meaning of the word than anything else. Hirasawa and the rest of the Eden group seem to suggest that rather than NEET being the typical socially secluded and unproductive citizen, they want to reintroduce the term as a sort of rebellion against established and conformist norms of an ideal "productive Japanese citizen."

The Eden program itself is symbolic of this: Finding value in the "valueless" by introducing a new way to look at these things, something Saki herself introduced. Similarly, it is as if an attempt to teach people that in the similar way of seeing objects, their is another way to see the "unseen" value in people, perhaps specifically those labelled by society as NEETs. That there is a way to see, find, cultivate and ultimately bring forth the value in things and people society at large consider to be worthless.

That is precisely because the society where they belong in seems to only find value in conformity and establishmentalism. Conversely, Hirasawa and perhaps their own members believe they can find the value in theirs lives without devolving into the ever too typical and expected rat race. Like I said, Eden of the East is itself the aim and symbol of this redefinition of what society refers to as NEETs: that these non-conformists to social and economic norms do indeed have value, perhaps greater, if society would look at them in a different light."

Well, that should help!!^^

xtine06 said...

wow. thanks for the explanation. even i myself is kinda confused with eden of the east.. :)

thanks again :D

Sapphire Pyro said...

Thank you so much Anonymous! That cleared up a lot of things for me. Really helped me out.

And I think I should hang out more at AnimeSuki again. Haha!

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