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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Shangri-La - Episode 7

Things are so intense! Kuniko's somewhat like a Mary Sue here, but so what?! She's so amazing and she deserves the love! A really fantastic episode!
  • Kuniko got arrested again. How those officers arrested her made it seem that the military can ambush the Metal Age anytime. So I actually wonder why Atlas didn't do an all-out attack on Metal Age if they had been pretty troublesom. Hhmmm . . .
  • Back in prison, it wasn't the same again. No more cheers on Kuniko. Things had changed when a certain girl had arrived . . . making the prison more prison-like.
  • Ryoko is soooo fascinated with Kuniko that she even kisses her. But though she likes the girl, she also gets excited when Kuniko's having a hard time (even ordered a girl to do the job). For the "greatest reward", she had sentenced Kuniko to death. This woman is freakin' twisted. She is cruel both to people she likes and dislikes. I'm becoming more curious on how she will treat Kusanagi. She had been generous to him that she made him stay in the military, so she could actually have a real soft spot for someone? I would actually want that, but if she's a 100% bitch, that's fine with me as well. Villains that are detestable are real villains. That's so awesome.
  • Kusanagi wanted to question Kuniko when he found out she's in prison. He wanted to make up for his failure, however he can't have access. (Bias mode: That's his only screentime?! Pfft!)
  • Back to Kuniko, she's already been in prison for two years so she's used to prison life. She guides Tomoka on the things that she should do and watch out for. So their work involves cutting down trees and digging up soil from the bomb shower? I guess there's plenty more, but just not that shown.
  • Kuniko's being bullied now in prison, but she doesn't fight back (until the last part anyway). Despite those, she just reacts on being confused to what's going on, instead of holding a grudge against her offenders.
  • Kuniko's amazing! She had managed to defend herself from that bomb shower with those awesome moves! Advantage of having combat skills! It's kind of Mary Sue if she's the only fighter among the prison girls, but still, she's amazing!
  • I admire character who are very kindhearted that they easily forgive others and also sacrifice for others' sake. Selfless people deserve so much respect. No wonder she has been loved by so many people! It's hard not to! For all the things she'll do to you even if you've been bad to her!
  • So, the new girl, Rena, was promised to have an Atlas rank if she bullies Kuniko. Bullying among girls is so overused in an anime series, especially if they're in a school setting. But at least the excuse/reason for the bullying is quite different compare to the others (wherein they're simply jealous).
  • I just noticed that when a bad girl pretends to be nice, she's believed by the others at once; but when a good girl becomes nice to a bad girl, bad girl doesn't believe her actions and think that good girl is just faking. I also see that often in soap operas (Korean, Spanish, etc.). The hell . . . it's starting to annoy me.
  • We finally find out why Kuniko was in prison at the beginning of the episode! So, it was actually Tomoka's fault. She stabbed her lover for messing around but Kuniko took her place. An innocent person to be imprisoned for two years is no joke. So that's why Tomoka wanted to make up for it this time.
  • Speaking of Tomoka, she wasn't allowed to just join in with Kuniko, so she made a way for them to arrest her: Obstruction to Justice aka Officer Spanking. She got arrested just for that?! Well, in real life and in history there had been instances like that . . . much simpler even.
  • I'm glad thatTomoka wasn't that helpless/weak. She ran to Kuniko when the bomb shower stopped, she tried to give Kuniko some water, and she got mad and spanked Rena for insulting Kuniko. I like Tomoka.
  • Oh yeah, I also noticed that Kuniko's friends had boyfriends. Is there a possibility for there to have actual romance in the series? On Kuniko? With . . . Kusanagi? KUNIHITO x KUNIKO PLEASE! Hahahaha!
  • Back to the Metal Age, I like Momoko's new get-up! Hahaha! Keep on changing! It's so entertaining! Haha! It's not often to see a character who changes clothes and hair in almost every episode, hehe. And it looks like Takehiko and his group are working on the "Rescue Kuniko" plan! Hope they make it!
  • I like the new ED song more than the previous one. I wish they had changed the scenes too.


I highly doubt that Kuniko will be killed for real (well, she's the main character and it's only episode 8), but what's exciting to see next episode is how she escapes. Oh things are becoming even more intesifying and exciting!