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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Pandora Hearts - Episode 7

Sequence is now the same with the manga, but there had been some changes. I wasn't that pleased with the changes, because they're simply so much better in the manga version. However, some parts that are actually similar of that of the manga's are actually presented better in the anime. I especially love the scene with the rabbit and Oz talking, because the tears of blood and camera effect was really spooky! That rocks! Emphasize more that this is more of a dark fantasy despite the crack! Haha!
The anime's doing really good, despite those art distortions on the first two episodes. I wonder why such a series isn't getting much good quality copies. *sigh*


"I've changed my own way!"
"How did you change? Your back became larger than mine? You let go of your freedom? So ten years have passed. Of course a lot of things have happened.. . but, I can't see what you lost that was so important that you lost yourself too. You were right by my side as soon as I opened my eyes. No matter how much I worried. And, earlier . . . 'Forever" didn't become a lie, right? Tell me. Just what isn't you anymore? [ From here on, no matter how much time passes, no matter how our situations change . . ] I . . .believe in those words, even now. So what if you're a member of the four noble houses? Say what you want but, all it means is that you've become like nobility. Do you think that means I've given you up to them?"
"Hehe . . . Honestly, he's as tyrannical as always. But I betrayed the Bezarius Family, didn't I? (I've already become so soiled.) That's . . . "
"That's fine, right? If I can give you what you want."
"(Just like that . . . if he says it's all forgiven?) I still want to be your servant."

"Hey, you don't know anything about her so why do you want to be by her side?"
"My reason for being with Alice?"
"That's right. That brat who doesn't even know what she is or why she was born. She isn't good for you. And yet, she's stealing you. That doll . . . that's why, throw her away . . ."
"Puh . . .HAHAHAHAHAHA! It certainly is jsut like you said. I don't know a thing about Alice. But . . . (I thought I couldn't leave her be. Because I felt we were alike. That's why) . . . I have to be with Alice."


I love this scene. It's a very wonderful scene of Oz and the two people he cares about the most.
But I also like Oz and Alice as a couple so . . . why wasn't there a focus on Oz holding Alice's hand like with the manga?! Huhu . . .

Okay, that was a biased disappointment. Haha! For my second one, it's about the part how the Will fo the Abyss was killed. In the anime, Oz was so relaxed and he just ordered Gilbert to get rid of it. In the manga, he did it himself:

It should've been Oz. This shows how terrifying Oz could actually be. And no matter how kindhearted he is, he could kill like a merciless soul.


Pandora Hearts is incomplete without crack . . . and its main character is even its lord of crack . . .Haha!

I just noticed that in this one episode, Alice had tried to comfort Oz but he had indirectly shoved her hand away. Oz had done the same, but well, Alice got angry. Haha!

Really random: I just realized that three series I'm watching have all-of-a-sudden memory recollections: 07-Ghost, Phantom Requiem, and of course, Pandora Hearts. In 07-Ghost, Teito just gets sudden headaches and gets glimpses of his past; while in Phantom, Zwei sees them in dreams or perhaps delusions/hallucinations; but in Pandora Hearts, they are actually brought to "the memory" and not only the person who owns the memories can see it. 07-Ghost's way is pretty cliched, but I like how these memory recaps are differently presented.


Looking good! I expect it to be as nice as this one. Nice to see Break around again next time!


Sexy + Beautiful + Adorable = Alice

Bishounen in Black = Raven aka Gilbert

Gorgeous in almost any expression and angle = Oz

~ only last three have bigger versions. Ehehe.