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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

New Flavors: Q and A

Q and A
by Adachi Mitsuru
From the mangaka of Cross Game and Touch, comes a new shounen sports series!
After six years, the Ando family moves back to their old neighborhood. Atsushi walks around and sees familiar places and faces. Most people remember his popular older brother though, named Hisashi, who died in an accident. Though his brother's already dead, Hisashi still hangs out with his younger brother, but as a ghost.

It seems to be another slice-of-life sports series. It's as nice and fun as Cross Game, but I'm not sure what kind of sport this one will center on (perhaps baseball too?). I think this is a bit perverted (but NOT in the extremely disgusting sense, in other words, ecchi or hentai level) because we already have a little fanservice in the first chapter! Haha!
It appears that unlike other Adachi sports manga, this one has supernatural elements because we have a ghost among the main cast! Cool! I like the unusual combination of sports + supernatural! Hehe!
The first chapter didn't exactly amaze me to a high extent, but it was a fun read. Fans of Cross Game and other Adachi series will most likely love this one too. Slice of life + Sports series lovers may give this a try too! No need to worry about the fanservice, I don't think this series will center on pervertedness. Those stuff will most likely only be used for some comedy. Hehe.