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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Sengoku Basara - Episode 5

Just when was an action-packed Sengoku Basara episode not awesome?!

This episode wasn't only filled with badass action, but we also get to have some laughs and do some thinking. There's drama and intense scenes too. I find episodes that are full of emotions really good!

  • I just noticed that Masamune and Shingen ride their horses in a different way. They both look arrogant yet cool and amusing at the same time. Haha!
  • Yukimura's different poses when he was like starting his attacks were awesome and cute at the same time. Haha! And he's flaming red. He even said that he BURNS! Wahahahaha!
  • Even though Yukimura is very experienced in battles, he doesn't seem to be used to deaths. The opponent avenging his friend's death really bothered him. He was hesitant to make a move that Sasuke needed to assist him. I find Yukimura adorable.
  • I just realized that Sasukes of Sengoku Basara and Naruto both have a giant Shuriken as a weapon.
  • I'm usually annoyed when Kasuga easily goes squee or overjoyed on any compliment Kenshin gives her. But I like it when it happened in this episode. She should be praised by him while fighting, because even if she's still in happy-girl-in-love mode, she can fight opponents as if they were nothing. I find it really cool!
  • Keiji is so optimistic. He's trying to make Oda change his ways. It's a cute trait, but with all the obviousness in this series, he's too naive. I'm happy that Kenshin had been there to try to bring some sense to him.
  • So Ieyasu's undefeated secret weapon is Honda Tadakatsu, a big man in a mecha armor. I am so amused that the big guy is carrying little Ieyasu in one hand. I feel that I've seen something like that somewhere. The launching of that mecha-man reminded me of the way Gundams and Knightmares are launched. Haha! And his drill weapon reminded me so much of Gurren-Lagann! Haha! What a parody! Really hilarious! Most hilarious thing on its battle is when it hit the "undefeated" First Squadron guy as if it were a little insect! Haha!
  • In this episode, Shingen tried to convince Ieyasu to join the anti-Oda side. Ieyasu refused because he doesn't like breaking promises, though I think deep inside he wants to join the group. It seems that that will happen next episode, thanks to the previews. Main villain is seriously pure bad. This series is so black and white.
  • I can't stop laughing to the idea that the weather changes in places where the main villain is. Wahahahaha!
  • Azai Nagamasa always makes those justice speeches and yet the side he's on isn't really the righteous one. The irony! Bias to his wife is so obvious. Speaking of his wife Oichi, I can't make myself like her. Her voicing made it worse, because she sounds so fake and dead. I admire it that she tried to warn her husband even with that VERY LITTLE time, but still, she's just too dull for me. Hearing her talk about the preview of the next episode makes me lose excitement in watching it.
  • By the way, I like the name of one of Azai's moves: SIGN OF THE CROSS! Wahahaha! I see religious references.
  • I'm pretty sure Azai and Oichi were shot in the last aprt of the episode. But I guess this series also had the shounen miracles: main and supporting characters don't die. Preview shows that the two of them are fine, or at least barely alive.
  • Is Masamune aware of the "main characters can't die" rule as well? He was just standing still when the shooting started, and none of the bullets have hit him (only his armor). That's just too much of a coincidence. Or perhaps the possibily fatal shots didn't occur because his assistant (Damn, why did I forget his name all of a sudden) had shielded/protected him?