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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Bakuman - Chapter 39

Three major events in the chapter: 1) Takayama finally talks 2) Chapter One Ranking 3) Azuki's Struggle
Overall Impressions on the chapter: I freakin' love it! I WANT NEXT CHAPTER LIKE A.S.A.-NOW!


So, it appears that Takayama isn't absolutely anti-social. He just can't relate with assistants that don't want to aim high, but he highly respects Saiko and Shuujin, so he acts like a normal person when the other assistants aren't around. Haha!

He says his dream is to work for Disney . . . DUDE! I DREAM THAT TOO!!! I FREAKIN' LOVE DISNEY! Even if my work is just to bring water bottles to people, I'll be happy for it as long as I can set foot on those glorious studios of that company!

Haha! Just kidding.

Okay, the dream is real, but of course not that kind of job. I wish I have the talent to do animation, acting (voice acting too), scriptwriting, doing critiques, composing/playing music, special effects specialist, director, and other interesting and artistic jobs that I could do there. But it seems that I might fail even in janitorial services. Ehehehe . . .


Detective Trap first chapter ranked 3rd while Otter's ranked first. The two were kinda disappointed that it didn't rank number one, but at least the result hadn't been that bad, especially since they're just newcomers after all!

Looking forward to what their second chapter's rank will be. Damn, I actually want to read the mangas they're talking about. I'm wishing the mangakas of this series will make a side story or something of Otter number 11 and Detective Trap. The plot that was mentioned already got me really interested! Hehe!


Azuki's deadline on whether she will do the photo collection or not is the day after the Jump release. She was so problematic about it that she forgot the release of her boyfriend's chapter for the first time. Saiko asked her if she was doing well, but of course she lied about her being okay.

But I'm happy that she had tried to ask his help somehow. Those tex messages don't really fit her attitude. Well, with her shy attitude, she can't even face Saiko, what more in showing herself naked?! I'm glad that she's a decent woman that doesn't want to be popular for her looks and body. She may really not mind if only Saiko sees her that way, but I'm sure, she'll still be very very very embarassed.

Anyway, it clearly hinted that she's not okay and I'm happy that Saiko had felt that. It appears that Miyoshi isn't aware of it either, so he tries to contact her again (by phone call this time) but she doesn't answer it. This is obviously making Saiko really worried. And chapter ends there.

CURSE THAT CLIFFHANGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, anyway, whatever happens next chapter, I just want Saiko to do something. His girlfriend is in trouble! Don't just sit there and act emo-worried or something. I'm wishing him to barge into her room or something. Hehe.

But well, maybe the authors of this manga have thought of something better than that. I can't wait for next chapter! Oh damn . . . the wait.