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Thursday, May 28, 2009

DOGS: stray dogs howling in the dark - Episode 2

Most entertaining character in this series was fantastic on his episode of course!
Wahahahaha! The anime adaptation made me guffaw as much as the manga had! I really love how it was animated. Yes, they changed some parts a little bit, added new ones too. But they're okay, and I'm totally not complaining on the additional parts.
Story actually starts with Badou doing a little self-introduction and doing his job.

Gah, his job sure is pretty tough. I can't find delight in risking your life to capture on film . . . that kind of stuff.

Unfortunately, his cigarettes fell. Even crushed by a bicycle wheel.


He slipped and he himself fell too. Such an embarassing situation, but he looks really funny. Haha.

When he looked up, he accidentally witnessed something really really disturbing.

And our idiot took a picture of it. Habit because of his job perhaps. Haha!

Apparently, the guy he took a picture of is a boss of some group. Now his underlings are after Badou. Badou runs for his life . . . really pathetically.

He's also very clumsy and trips on some oil. He slides fast. He thinks he got an easy escape.
Badou: So long, suckers!
Mafia Dudes: Errr . . . look out?
Badou: Aaaaaaahhhhh!!! *falls*
Classic comedy! Haha!

Our Badou is alive of course, thanks to Mr. Trash Bin

Mimi happened to be there, and she tells him that he stinks. Oh his expression!

Badou leaves and Mihai had dropped by. From the manga she calls him "honey" or "hubby" but . . . I'm not very sure what their relationship exactly is. Perhaps she's just casually flirting with Mihai? She's more entertaining with Badou though. Haha.

Badou calls his personal 911-hotline.
"That's what I'm saying!
I'm in big trouble here!
You specialize in physical work!
Haine? Hello?"

*drools* . . . . *nosebleed*

Sorry, Badou. Haine prioritizes his beauty sleep over you. Haha! Haine hanged up.

Unfortunately for Badou again, he comes across the thugs who were after him before. They corner him and ask for his last words.
"Got any smoke?"
Hahahahahha! Oh Badou! Tabacco is the only thing in your brain! Haha!

Oh he's pretty lucky again. Mihai rescued him. Fortunately for him, Mihai got lost and came across them. Haha! Mihai's so awesome. It seemed that he kicked the gun, but it was amusing to see his shoeprint stuck on the guy's face! Haha!

Badou: Who's my knight in shining armour?
Mihai: I'm just a lost guy.

Badou got stuck on garbage again so we're provided with a little sexy Badou + bath tub fanservice! Wahahaha!

Oh yay! Anime gives us a preview of the character who'll be focused on next episode! Her manga counterpart seemed prettier to me, but she still looked nice. But damn, animated Nao really reminds me of Baccano's Chane.

Badou explains what happened . . . and he gives everyone headaches! Haha!

Mimi suggests him to sell the goods already or post the pictures in public. But Badou thinks that his situation would be much worse if he does that. Haha!

Big boss is worried about the picture being revealed in public or used for blackmailing.
Guy 1: So you shouldn't have been doing all that crap where someone could see you.
Guy 2: Yeah, that would have been nice.
They soooooooooooo have a point. Haha!

Mimi's headaches continue. Since Badou can't "hire" Haine, he asks Mihai to be his bodyguard instead. Well, as if Mihai would do stupid thing for free. Haha!

Badou shows all he has . . . which isn't much . . . of course Mihai refuses. Mimi teases him and Badou goes nuts. Haha!

"Shit! If I die, my ghost is going to haunt you all!"
*kiddie roar and manly tears*

Then right on cue, Mafia boys after Badou's neck show up!

Mihai makes his epic awesome movies. I adore characters who can make weapons out of ordinary dining and kitchen materials

The two were taken care of, but they're still surrounded by the group. Mihai and Badou looked cute! Haha!

Thanks to those gunshots, not only was Badou's jacket got holes now, but even his camera was shot! Poor dear, even the thing he can give in exchange is gone now. Haha!

But he finds something that finally brightened up his day . . . .


However, his new tabacco also went bye bye before he was even able to light it. He went serious mode . . . .but his mind is actually like this:


Badou goes outside by himself and meets up with his pursuers . . .

"Hi Mr. Ass-lover! You shithead!"
He looks more maniacal in the manga though. But this was okay. His voice actor made him sound insane enough. Haha!


What the other characters are doing while Badou went hyper-killer mode had been amusing. Mimi is aware that Badou goes like that if he lacks nicotine. The woman in blue (forgot her name ) is already computing the expenses on the damages. Haha!

On the boss, even when on serious mode, his head is still on one thing:
"Got some smoke?"
Hahahahhaha! It's badass LOLz!

Episode ended with Badou very very very happy!

OH I LOVE THIS EPISODE! I'm very satisfied with the anime adaptation (some things were drawn cooler in the manga, but the anime added juicy parts that weren't in the manga, so that totally makes up for it! Haha! )
I only noticed it now . . . DOGS is set in Italy? Well, the restaurant's name seems to be Italian, and there's also the mafia stuff. . . . COOL!
Oh god this reminds me so much of Baccano! Aside from the twisted yet freakin' amazing characters, it also had the jazz background music! Splendid!
Oh I absolutely cannot wait for the second part. Nao . . . one of the most badass leading ladies in animanga history. While Haine and Nill are my top favorites. I was already so delighted on the drama CD version, what more if I see that with animation?! KYAAAA!!!