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Friday, May 8, 2009

Pandora Hearts - Episode 6

Raven's real identity revealed!
Though it's honestly pretty obvious if it weren't for that time gap on dimensions thing. Haha!

It's an episode that clarifies, confirms, and explains some of the things that have happened so far. It also provides us more background on what Oz and Gil's relationship had been like. However, it was a little pathetic that the villain revealed what had happened before like she was assigned to report about it. It could have been presented in another way, not just all-talk. But putting that aside, this episode had been so good in drama (also crack! Haha!). It also makes Oz and Gil likable, because it showed that Oz is not just an abusive master and neither was Gil just a crybaby servant. They had strong points as well. Also, I really like how the anime had arranged and compressed these events (two chapters of the manga in one episode). I'm most impressed on the cliffhanger in the end. It was good.

Oz still can't forget about the flower girl. Then they decided to head for the mansion where everything started.

On their way, Oz had a dream. It was a flashback of when he thought his dad hates him. Gil was there to cheer him up.
Oz, even with that cheerful attitude of his, also had some emo moments. Haha!

Flashback ended with Jack extending his hand to him. I am not very sure what's its connection to the previous flashback.
They have arrived. Oz sees the mansion again and is surprised that in just a few days, it had changed so much. Raven thought he was still worried about the girl. The gesture he made to make Oz forget about those thoughts reminded Oz of Gilbert.
I didn't actually expect it to be something Gil would do. He acted so meek, he's most likely the type to call his master's name nonstop if Oz was deep in thought. Oh well.

Alice woke up, and Oz told her about Gil. She remembered him from the ceremony. Oz also told her that Gil is his best friend, but Alice doesn't see friends necessary.
Seems that the girl doesn't remember gaining friends. Poor Alice.
Oh, I've noticed that she had saved a chicken piece even if she's such a glutton. I believe she saved it for Oz. Hehe. It was cute.

Five years ago, Gil was a boy of no memory except for his name (I wonder how exactly he lost his memories. From what I know, in amnesia personal stuff are usually forgotten. How come he remembered only his name? Only first name too. I don't think he mentions his name in all his dialogues) Oz gave his conditions and even made a contract. Oh he's such a kid, and Gil was already very afraid of him at first sight. Haha!

A vase had almost hit Gil but Oz saved him. Gil can't forgive himself for this.

"Protecting master should be my job!"

Oz's reaction. Haha! Usually masters are proud when servants are that serious on protecting their master. Haha! But Oz is no ordinary master:

"What's with this "master" stuff? I told you before, you're my servant! In other words, from now on, no matter what happens, I'll protect you. That's what the master of the household should do."
I greatly admire masters like these. They also act and care for the people around them, not seeing them as mere tools.

Back to the present time, Raven confronts the one who had brainwashed him. However, because of the interferance, he got brainwashed again. Ehehe. Though it's slightly different because from what I remember from the manga, he just couldn't control his body but he's himself. Hmmm . . . I think the anime did it better. At least the controlling style is consistent.
I'm really happy that Oz isn't the type of rich kid that is only spoiled and has his servants protect him. He's like a prince. Princes are usually also trained for combat. So when the time comes, he could protect himself. Well, yes, Raven defeated him, but Raven got more advantages (height, gun, experience, training, etc.) so it was natural. And I'm actually happy that Oz got beaten, because the "main-character-always-wins-in-fights" rule suck.

Even if it's already freakin' obvious that Raven = Gilbert, of course Oz still can't 100% believe that ten years have already passed if it only felt like a few days when he was at the abyss. But the scar was the absolute proof to him now.

Young master . . .
May I stay by your side, no matter what happens?
I know the darkness you carry,
and you know the weakness I carry.
Even if there is no light, we will still be connected by our shadows.
And that's why,no matter how much time passes,
no matter how our situations change . . .
I always want to be your servant.
I will never betray you.
And I won't let you get hurt.
Because . . .
You are my master.

One of the most touching servant speech I've ever heard/read, and he had been true to his word. This is very touching. *teary*

Oz thinks that Gil has the right to kill him for hurting him during that time. He had failed him as a master. That act had been effective in bringing Gil to his consciousness. It seems that Oz is just doing an act since he was grinning. Haha!
But still, there had been a gunshot. Well, to those who've read this far from the manga is already aware of what happened after that, but it had been a good way to end the episode to make non-manga readers more curious on what the heck happened next. Hehe.

I am familiar with the scenes, I reviewed the manga, and oh I am very sure I'm going to love next episode! *smiles* I absolutely cannot wait! More Alice focus and Oz twsitedness! Hell yeah!

And before I end this post . . .

Gun versus utensil FTW! Haha! And foodloving Alice had been really cute.

On the left is Oz's recollection of happy moments while on the right is Gilbert's. Oz's version is certainly more crack! Haha! Oh that naughty boy! Gil's version is more . . . normally happy. Haha!

He is drawn so gorgeously throughout the episode, especially in those scenes! I think these particular scenes were drawn more gorgeously in the anime compare to the manga. More of these kinds og shots please! Haha! *very delighted*
~ impressions mostly based on memory on manga scanlations; post may be edited once I've seen the subs


kirapika said...

I thought so! Gahh, it was so obvious!

I haven't exactly watched this episode but it looks promising, I can't wait to dl it. :3

Sapphire Pyro said...

@ kirapika
Yeah, it was so obvious! Hehe. But even if it was really obvious, for some reason it had still been so surprising xD

Hope you get to watch it soon! ^_^ Enjoy!

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