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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

07-Ghost - Episode 6

It's a filler! Pretty disappointing in some parts, but still had been so much fun!

I can't consider this as one of 07-Ghost's best episodes because some parts don't make sense or are too pathetic, and there are issues of a certain character being a little out-of-character. *facepalm* But despite those flaws, it had been a pretty good episode. The first half had been so light and fun; while the second half is pretty dark. We get to learn more of the characters and we even had a little more foreshadowing.
I'm relieved that 07-Ghost anime is still very enjoyable, even with the headaches it had given me in this episode *sweatdrop*. Some additional parts had made up for those a little. *dazzled*

Episode begins with Hyuuga asking Aya-tan why he let Mikage go (He still wants to play! Haha!).
That honestly doesn't make any sense. Hyuuga was there when Ayanami did something to Mikage, right? Of all people other than Aya-tan, Hyuuga should have known already!

Alright, after that, the nun tours Mikage and Teito in the Church's bazaar.
It's cool that we get to explore more of the Church's culture. Perhaps this is a way on how the Church earns money or increase funds? Well, there has to be some cash for them to maintain that beautiful cathedral.

Teito's such a worry freak, but it's good that he's not that naive. He could sense that there's something wrong with Mikage, and he knows Mikage's not telling him.
However, Mikage's not saying anything and gives his cheerful look. He assures him that he's totally fine.
As if Teito will really be convinced with that.

Frau called them up and they were introduced to the different stalls of the bishops. It's good that even higher-ups help out in this fair. At times, in church fund-raisers, the ones in high positions don't directly help out. *sigh* All should be equally working on this. *smiles*

Labrador's shop is the most popular one with his candy flowers!
Is it just me or those flowers look like icing decorations on cakes? Hehe. They looked really sweet!
I am pretty surprised that Teito wasn't so sure on tasting it. Well, in the last episode, he actually picked up a flower and ate it, right? He was the one who even showed Mikage that flowers in that place are edible! Ugghh . . . inconsistency.

Castor's shop is filled with manequins. I don't get what's with that stall. Is it a doll fashion show or a dress shop?
Castor and his doll fetish! Haha! He does not like having his dolls insulted. Hehe.

Now it's Frau's turn. I am so amused with the sparkles! Haha!
When I saw that Frau just handed him food (that seemed ordinary), I don't believe there's nothing peculiar in it. But when the ingredient was finally revealed . . . . I knew it! Haha! No way his stall can be normal! Haha!
It had been delicious though. But Teito and Mikage felt disgusted when they figured out what it's made of! Haha!
Meat isn't allowed, right? But aren't those weird things animals as well? Or maybe seafood is okay. They looked like . . . frogs. Sort of. Ehehehe.

Those two think they had food poisoning! Haha! I wonder if they threw up in the fountain. Poor fountain, no longer clean. Haha!
Teito . . . there he goes again. He's still concerned if Mikage will be okay. And as usual, Mikage tells him things that actually made him even more worried. Mikage's excuses obviously won't work.

Aya-tan seems to be looked down upon because he had let a sklave escape. I find it amusing that in the meeting, only Ayanami had so many people behind him. Hehe.
Miroku asks for the progress. Ayanami says he's already working on it. I think this already happened in one of the previous episodes. If this is asked again on the next episode . . . .I dunno. Please find a better way to waste screentime.
Ayanami had failed last time, and if that keeps on happening over and over, that will seriously suck.

Frau's late on the baptismal ceremony, but Teito caught up with him and asked for a little talk.
He requested Frau to take care of Mikage when he goes away.
Those two are obviously pretty close already. Of all the bishops, it the one he "dislikes" the most whom he asks a favor from. Haha!
Frau is of course fine with that but he knows Mikage's not the type to just stay back there. The boy's also got his own choices.
Sorry Teito, that plan wouldn't work. *sad*

Ayanami's subordinates seem to be really really strong. A big battle was not even enough for a workout to one of them.
They are that awesome. But they think Aya-tan still had something more awesome in mind.
Ayanami is like sitting in a throne . . . it's making me wish he's from a royal bloodline.

Now let's go to Mikage. When he's alone, his true face shows! He's obviously sad or worried about something. He is not okay, despite that cheerful face he shows to others.
Then later some accident occurred, and he goes to find who's in the chariot. He sees a pretty girl which I believe reminds him of his sister. I think it would have been better if she really was his sister (to show how cruel Ayanami is), but if she is, at least the hair color should be the same, right? And he could have at least mentioned her name, right? And when it comes to close loved ones, things are more emotional. So even if he's that determined to save her, I think he would also be like that to other people (except to his real sister and Teito of course).

Mikage is already aware of the Kor thing, and he thought of bringing her to the baptismal ceremony.
Speaking of that ceremony, I find Razette really awesome. I like musicians. I wish she sang too.
Back to Mikage, before he could get near the place, Aya-tan already activated her to go dark mode! Haha!

Aside from those skeletal wings, I can't see that girl as something evil. I mean, she only just had little red highlights in her eyes and her voice got a little deeper, but overall she still looked like a harmless being. She doesn't look threatening enough, unlike the Kor victims in the previous episodes! *sigh*
I also noticed that the latest two victims aren't that consistent with the first one. The first one is fully possessed by the Kor, that's why it's thinking of bringing Teito to its master. However on the last two, their actions are related on the possessed persons' dark desires. What the . . .

Back to the scene. Anyway, the girl doesn't want to be alone and he told her what she wanted. He tried to lead her to some place (which I find odd. Why not the venue of the baptismal ceremony? They're already close to the place, right? Or perhaps Mikage just wanted to bring her to a secluded place so that she can't harm other people).
Mikage tried to defend himself, but too bad he's not strong enough.

Of course, who else would come to the rescue? Hehe. He suspected that Mikage's in danger because he overheard that a young lad got involved with the Kor.
Teito: I swore that I would never abandon you, no matter what!

The girl still has her mind set to be with Mikage, however. She even wants to kill him so that he'll never leave her again.
She somewhat contradicts herself. She had obviously killed people, with those bloody hands of hers, but she still claims to be alone. Now she wants to kill for the same reason.

But guuuuhhh . . . Mikage was easily taken hostage. I hate Mikage's look/expression. It seemed like he was begging for help. He also just stood still! He could've struggled to get free at least. Also, I believe Mikage's the type who'll tell Teito to run away and save himself! Not just scream Teito's name like a damsel-in-distress!!!! *multiple facepalms*
I know a fan can't exactly know what the true personalities of the characters are, and the anime has the right to change personalities . . . but still! Seeing such inconsistencies is very frustrating!

When the blade was about to reach Mikage's throat, something awakens inside Teito.
I've read the manga so I know what's going on in that part (even if that scene isn't exactly in the manga) and I really love how the anime presented a preview of the power of the Eye of Mikhail! The effect on Teito in flames was awesome! The red spiral light surrounding Teito looked really marvelous! And that eye with wings was simply beautiful! And the music . . . totally glorious! It sounded powerful but the fast piano melody made it sound playful too. It absolutely fits Mikhail.

The people who had witnessed it were amazed on such power.
But the girl continued on what she planned in the beginning anyway.
The one who stopped it was obvious.
But you know, if Frau didn't interfere, Teito would have been too late on saving Mikage. So much for the power-up. It was awesome, but it's taking kinda long. Ehehe.

Frau and Aya-tan finally get to meet indirectly! But I find it weird that Aya-tan didn't notice him last time. Ayanami was also controlling the victims from the previous episode, right? Strange.

Darn, Mikhail almost showed up! It's usually Frau who interrupts his debuts! Roar . . .
Though I appreciate it that the anime had given us a preview of Mikhail and also presented his awakening very awesomely, I think that shouldn't have happened. I mean, Mikhail only shows up if Teito is the one in danger, right? Or maybe there really are some exceptions . . .

Anyway, things ended okay. The girl is back to normal.
Mikage was so amazed on what happened! I really think him and Mikhail will get along. Mikhail doesn't harm Hakuren but he bullies the boy and Hakuren's very scared of him. Haha! While I think Mikage will just laugh on what Mikhail's behavior. Hehe.

I think Teito's slightly aware of what had happened. And it doesn't seem that his hand had hurt.
Labrador states once again that it won't be Mikage who would ruin Teito's world, but things have started upon his arrival. He is so right.
I'm a little worried. The anime had not really been doing a good job in presenting emotional and intense scenes. Hopefully the future episodes will improve on that part.

Next Episode:
It looks like Aya-tan's subordinates will be making a move this time. That will certainly be awesome!
Those wings on the new victim(?) seemed different. There's a variation on Kor wings? (Nah, I'm just attracted to wings. Haha!)
I just noticed that another way how the anime tries to balance the number of males and females in the show is by making most of the extra/filler characters as females!
But I really prefer a female major character. The manga seems to be working on it. This seriously needs a sequel. It's just wrong not to feature the Eye of Raphael too. Or maybe the anime already had something different in mind to show that on it's original ending? Okay . . . that makes me a little worried.
Anyway, back to the episode 7 previews, that new girl seemed like a tsundere version of Kyou Kara Maou's Greta. Ehehe. (oh god this is making me imagine Teito and Mikage as Wolfram and Yuuri. Teito and Wolfram having the same seiyuu made it worse! Haha!)
It looks like another filler but I really wish it'd be the last for now and go back to the main story.
Of course, I still look forward to it! Even if the series had given me disappointments, it keeps on adding stuff that will make up for those! Haha! That may drive me insane, but just keep the good stuff coming! Hehe!

These are my favorite goodlooking scenes (that aren't in other screencaps) of the bishounens of this series! Hehe! How could they all be so pretty?!

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Mimiko ♥ said...

This episode... was so.... bad... T^T
There are a few part I really like of the episode, (the shops) but it doesn't make up for the rest. I was definitely disappoint on many part. Especially the change of Mikage's personality along with Mikhail's appearance. Mikage's personality change was: they made him look weaker, more like a girl who just need to be save all the time after he met Teito at the church. Mikhail's appearance was boring as the animation look lame, it wasn't elegant enough. The power should have make the place shake a little at least. And funny, Ayanami couldn't sense or see that was his scythe... but that was just a side note. I didn't mind if Ayanami show up to be the good guy in anime version and Miroku was the guy behind all this xD

*sigh* I don't know, but this episode was much of my disappointment. I am happy with Mikage getting more screentime, but if they are going to make him this weak and imagine things that doesn't make sense. They could just kill him off even though that would hurt me to see him leaving so soon. Not only that the pace where going no where.. Everything seems pointless, even though if I hadn't read the manga, I would had drop it and pick it up again once it finish <.<'

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