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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Pandora Hearts - Episode 9

Pandora Hearts . . . great as usual.
I love how the anime has adapted this part of the story in the manga. The arrangement and the few additions were better this way. Some scenes looked prettier in the manga though, but the pretty scenes in the anime are just so gorgeous that it made me forget my manga counterpart preferences. Hehe.

So in this episode we meet Echo, Vincent, Oz's father, and the guy with glasses who I know is awesome but his name had slipped my memory. OTL Gilbert tells Alice about Oz's issues with his father. Even if Oz is a cheerful retard (Haha!), he also had moments when he felt really depressed and weak. Gil of course is the one who knows that side of Oz the most, but we know it's much worse than Raven thinks.

Since the victim this time involves a father, this affects Oz more than the last time. He wants to do something about it more than ever. Jack is giving him a hint.

Also, Echo gets more screentime in this episode. She was tasked by Vincent Nightray to get the kid as hostage for the actual target. She was awesome but Vincent stopped her from finishing her job to see Gilbert and the others finish the work.

Alright, now for some crack (What is a Pandora Hearts episode without crack?! Haha!)


Oz never fails to provide entertainment in every episode! Haha! His little flirtng with Echo was so cute. And I can't stop laughing on the part when he tried to look tyranically evil about being Gilbert's master. Haha! And poor young Gilbert! Haha!

Oh, and Echo's expression was really really cute!!! Haha!

Greatest comedian in this episode though is Break. Hehe. His weird places to appear from and disappear to never fail to amuse me! Haha! And oh it's so cute when he's teasing the other guy! He's very playfuly childish too. Lying on the table and putting his legs up like a kid. Haha!

My favorite comedy scene though is the one with Alice and Gilbert! Haha! It was so funny when they've realized they couldn't exactly make Alice unleash her power without Oz around. They completely forgot about his absence. Haha!

~ click image for larger versions ~

I'll begin with the star of the show!

I love her more in the anime! She seemed more awesome and beautiful! Hehe.

Alice is still my goddess in this series though. Hehe.

Raven . . . goodlooking badass as usual.

But the main character still rules with the most awesome shots:

His most twisted yet sexy screenshots

His most adorable look!

His most crack and amusing scene!



I've read the manga so I get what's going on. I look forward to Oz's extraordinariness, Vincent's appearance, and the sweet Oz x Alice scene. Hehe! YAY!