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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

07-Ghost - Episode 7

Yes! It's another filler! But compare to the previous filler, this is surprisingly much better!
Of course it still had some minor disappointing factors here and there, but it made up for the mistakes from previous ones and it did some nice additions that weren't in the manga. Moreover, story in this filler wasn't pathetic at all! The writers of this series should be assigned on other series that also require fillers. Hehe!

So it's the last day of the Church Bazaar. Since there weren't much dialogues on the beginning, we get to hear the background music better . . . and oh wow it's s majestic, glorious, and beautiful! I can't stop praising the BGM's of this show, they are so pleasant to the ears *dazzled*

The people who are also responsible of the series' lovely music! I love Razette and I wish she plays more. Too bad she didn't exactly sing in this episode.
When Castor transformed her into a nun, that covering with a cape then changed into a flash reminds me of Detective Conan's Kaitou KID when he changes the costume of other people. Haha, my fascination to magicians.

Anyway, we finally get to know Mikage's real thoughts. As it had already been hinted, he's not gonna last long, and he knows about it. He was so worried that he got so surprised when Teito suddenly appeared.

Hearing those kids talking about family reminded him of his own. See! He really really loves his family. He loves them enough that he won't easily decide when given the choice between his family and best friend. Oh what the heck was that anime-only answer in that previous episode. See the inconsistencies!

Anyway, when Teito left all of a sudden, Mikage spots a child that has a similar expression as Teito's.
By the way, before I continue, let me react on this: THE KID WAS A BOY?! *shocked* He seemed like a girl to me in the previous! Whoa! Gender detector fail!

Alright, in a flashback, poor Teito being insulted by others only because he was . . . different. I love Mikage's nonjudgmental character for sticking with a guy like him. Even if they've been friends for a year, Teito still acted cold. But well, Mikage slowly changed that side of him.

Speaking of the devil, well Teito shows up with a snack. Mikage remembers Frau's cooking but Teito assures him that Frau won't be cooking weird stuff for a while. Mikage points the kid to Teito, and when the kid left, Mikage chased after him.

The two had spotted the child stealing the food. I find it so . . . DUH . . . that usually in anime, when a kid thief steals some food and the owner chases after him, the people around were like jsut giving way to the child and just watches over the scene. Come on, in real life, someone else also reacts, right? Especially with that many people? *sigh*

The Bishops take the boy's side. Frau did the trip attack; Castor did the distraction; while Labrador did the brainwashing. Wahaha!
I like the Delphinium . . . it's blue. Haha! And then place it on my chest to pretend I'm such a kindhearted person. Haha!

The kid thought he had escaped bu the duo had found him. Mommy Teito taught the boy that stealing is bad.

Daddy Mikage has the bread but he's not giving it back until the boy shows his gratitude for the bread. (But Teito had given Mikage some food, right? I wonder where that went.)

Oh damnit they look like a family. The duo suggests to the kid that he should let the Church take care of him. But the boy didn't want to, not that he was just being high on himself, but he didn't want to leave his father alone. He's such a good kid. And I thought at first impression he was just some annoying brat.

Nearby the nuns had some performance . . . and they're doing such a terrible job . . . which made them so amusing and cute!

But even with their bad acting, someone actually believed them and took it too seriously.
"Was that on the script?"

Mikage takes the kid away . . . also acting on it . . . very lame line seriously . . . but he seems to be enjoying it . . . Haha!

They took away the kid successfully, and the boy got mad. Apparently, he doesn't know what a play is. Poor kid, ehehe.

Then someone suddenly shows up: the kid's father. They had a little heartwarming reunion.

The father thanks to boys, especially Teito for thinking that he was a priest. The father had some money now and told his son they have nothing to worry.
Oh seeing that money makes it so obvious that he's the next Kor victim. But with that money, it implies that Ayanami might be paying those people to be possessed by Kor.
Teito gets to have a hunch on the guy being a Kor too, for he had noticed that the temperature of the man's abnormally cold.

It's revealed in this scene that Mikage's also connected to Ayanami. He's still being asked on which he chooses: Teito or Family.
I thought Mikage already answered that?! What's with this inconsistencies . . .
Or perhaps Ayanami gave him another chance and gave him some deadline, which explains why Mikage knows when his last day is.
If Mikage hands over Teito to the military, his family will be safe.

Speaking of Ayanami, aside form Teito, he had other issues to take care of. Kuroyuri volunteered for the job.

You know, the way Kuroyuri and Haruse treat and talk to each other . . . they remind me so much of Honey and Mori of Ouran Host Club (small strong master + tall protective servant). Whoa!
Anyway, as expected from Aya-tan's subordinate, beating up a bunch of thugs is a piece of cake. It's the usual "only-the-main-characters-get-to-act-cool-in-fights" formula, but still, a kid versus that many people is amazing!

Back to the Church, Teito was right and the boy found out about it too.
Taijou: Big bro! He's not my dad! He's like, posessed!
Teito: Then DUH! What are you doing? Get the hell out of there already!
Taijou: Okay. ROAR *BITE!*
No-Longer-Taijou's-Dad: OUCH! You little . . . alright, so you've come to the rescue, eh? Well, check out my mega awesome wings of doom!
Taijou: Aaaaahhh! So scary~

By the way, finally some consistency on the first Kor! It just wanted to take souls, not to satisfy the desires of the body posessed nor to just attack Teito for kicks. So the Kor of the previous two episode were just a joke? Oh whatever.
Anyway, Teito protected the kid but the Kor had another attack coming, guess how he was protected this time:

His very own secret weapon! The Eye of Mikhail! And it's awesome as usual! And finally it had (very) temporarily taken over Teito's body to construct the shield (which is also damn awesome by the way. I love uniquely shaped barriers). The other Teito just glared at the beam like it's just some annoying insect. Oh that was really awesome!

Teito: Whoa! I saw light! Red! But wasn't blood! What?!
Aya-tan: I cannot unsee awesomeness!
Teito's semi-aware of what had happened; he's still confused on what the eye just did. While Ayanami understood perfectly.

As for Mikage, I'm so disappointed on him since last episode. First, he was too late. Second, he was just standing there. Third, he screams Teito's name like a panicking damsel-in-distress.
MIKAGE! DO SOMETHING! or do you not have enough screentime to actually shield Teito or make a counterattack on the thing. You fight boy, not watch! That's what you would have done! But . . .

On the next attack, it was Frau again who had saved the day.

Ayanami understands what's going on now. And Fra is aware that someone is watching.
I'm glad that there's actually progress between hero versus villain interactions in this series. Well, in many episodic series, it's always good guys win while bad guys still can't think of a better tactic to beat up the good guys. This series isn't episodic though, but still! I love the progress!

Day ended happily. Mikage finally decides that he can't choose between Teito and his family, because Teito is already like family to him.

I am very very pleased with this episode. This I can say had been a good one, though still not one of the best, but still, really GOOD! And next episode seems to be even better . . .

One of the most intense events in the manga is finally going to be in the anime! Yes, goodbye fillers for a while and welcome main storyline! I know there will be some slight changes, but the anime hasn't ever disappointed me so badly so I am certain that this one will be very promising.
I actually already posted spoilers on future episodes (specifically 8 to 11). All of them seem fantastic! Hooray!

Favorite scenes of my stars from this episode: Ayanami, Teito, and Mikage.
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Anonymous said...

nice pictures! especially the mikage one!!!!n__n
for some reason since i finished the show i miss mikhail and his beautiful red glowing eyes!!!!he's so hot!! i will love him forever!!!! i wish i could marry him!!!but you can't forget teito!!!he's hot too!anyway i love the pictures!!

Anonymous said...

ou have nice pics! were do you watch anime? i watch anime on nw anime

Sapphire Pyro said...

@ Anonymous 1

@ Anonymous 2
Thanks~ Ah, I don't watch online. So can't exactly answer that quesiton, ehehe.

Anonymous said...

then do you watch anime on dvd? like bleach, tsubasa etc.?

Sapphire Pyro said...

@ Latest Anonymous
I don't get what you mean by giving bleach and tsubasa as examples o_O
But anywayz, no. I downloaded it. Will be getting the DVD though once I see it out in english... and when I have the money ^^; Heheheh~

Anonymous said...

thats funny. i mean do you watch bleach or tsubasa?

Sapphire Pyro said...

@ Latest Anonymous
Yes, I did. So, connection to 07-ghost/dvd/post/watching?

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