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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

New Flavors: Otoyomegatari

Otoyomegatari (Young Bride's Story)
by Mori Kaoru
Set along the Silk Road that connected Asia with the Mediterranean world, including North Africa and Europe in the 19th century. The story of Amira, a woman skilled in archery and horsemanship, sent to marry Karluk, a boy from another village who is 8 years younger than her. But all is not well, as her village decides to take her back...

When I found out that the author of this manga is the same as the one who did Victorian Romance Emma, I got interested on this at once. The plot was really unique and interesting too! The idea of an older woman being married to such a young boy at the beginning of the series is a strange thing to me though, but at least it was different! And the story turned out to be really nice and the characters had been very likable! The foreigner dude cracks me up, haha!
Only three chapters are scanlated so far, just when the real juice of the story is about to begin! Torturing cliffhanger, but a fantastic series!
I highly recommend it to those who want a non-typical romance. You also need to be alright with some mature stuff though (because of some nudity . . . and some mature talks)

Plot Source: Manga Updates


wingstodust said...

wow, this actually sounds real interesting! Will definitely check it out as soon as I can~

Sapphire Pyro said...

Do check it out! It's really good! viola_canina was actually the one who recommended it to me, haha!

wingstodust said...

!! really!? lol, I must have missed her post on this completely. my bad. =/

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