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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Bakuman - Chapter 38

Nakai is so dedicated to Aoki and seriously wants to work on manga with her that he would do anything, even suffer from the cold, just to convince her. Nakai's friends thought Aoki was being so heartless for making Nakai go on such extent. Well, Nakai only did that because he thought she thinks he hadn't been worthy of her work, but she actually thinks the other way around. She didn't feel her story was worthy of Nakai's beautiful artworks, which are still beautiful even when done in the cold.

I thought Aoki would be the first female character in this series who is the villain type, but though she appeared to be a fickle-minded and coldhearted (not to mention, very frank) woman at first, in the end of this chapter we get to find out that she's not really a bad person at all.
Thanks to Nakai's great determination, him and Aoki are working together again.

Something not exactly related to the two: I love it when rivals are also friends who care a lot about each other. I find it sweet that Fukuda and the main duo (even Miyoshi) had been very worried about Nakai. I'm kind of disappointed that Eiji hadn't joined them though. I can imagine him do hilarious stuff while in the snow! Haha!