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Monday, May 4, 2009

Axis Powers Hetalia - Episode 15

Episode 15 is mainly an Axis Powers episode but with more focus on Kiku (Japan). We also see more of the stereotypes on the differences between the Western and the Eastern culture.

Kiku: The western culture is bizarre and complicated.

An example of a difference in food culture! Like many other Asians, Kiku is not familiar with the peculiar food that Ludwig (Germany) and Feliciano (North Italy) were eating: Escargot. Didn't imagine that it's something edible in the first place! While to the two Europeans, that French cuisine is something normal.

I'm with Kiku on declining to eat such a strange . . . dish. (I'm Asian after all. Haha!) And I just noticed Kiku's adorable way to show how much he refuses (He shakes his head like a little girl. Seriously, he's so moe)
Half-naked men in public isn't exactly a normal sight in Asia. No wonder Kiku scolded Feliciano for exposing himself like that. But of course, Feliciano doesn't see anything weird with it since it's common in his country.
Kiku thought that Ludwig may be able to bring some sense to Feliciano; however, Ludwig was doing the same, and even has a water hose! Haha! Ludwig's even wondering why Kiku is fully dressed even with such heat.
Haha! Kiku changed his mind about his opposition to the "shameless" act.

Exposing a lot of your skin in public is certainly a big deal in Asia. Though I believe there are people who do that, but absolutely not in high-class urban areas at least (like the great malls, fancy restaurant, etc.) unless there's a performance. I guess we're that conservative? Haha!

Feliciano been hanging out with Ludwig a lot, but he also had some adventures with Kiku.

I can't recall this strip but it seems that Feliciano was touring Kiku at his place. And Kiku is so amazed like a happy tourist. There's some trivia on the White Tiger Corps. I can't find the historical reference of it from the net, but it seems that Japan received presents from Italy and Germany.
It's Feliciano's turn to check out Kiku's place! He really loved the picture book he was reading. Kiku was honored of the compliment and offered Feliciano to check out the others. Feliciano picked up a book then saw something shocking, to the point of dropping the book. Kiku asked what was going on then panicked upon seeing the book. And yes, it was PORN.

I find it amusing that even if this series is pretty perverted (at least the webmanga is), our leading character is actually innocent to these kinds of things. Haha! Feliciano looked so adorable!

Axis Powers are complete in the training this time! =)
Kiku joins the training sessions this time and Feliciano had defeated him in "hand-raising". Haha! This made Kiku panic a little because he didn't know the right answer. But after hearing Feliciano's silly answer, of course he knew that it was ridiculous. He informs Ludwig that he can't follow on what's going on, but Ludwig just told him not to copy Feliciano's example. Feliciano's encouraging him to do so though. Haha!
Another training session, and this time Kiku tries to beat Feliciano in raising his hand first but Feliciano still won him by being . . . louder and a little faster. Haha! It was a different question but Feliciano still gave the same answer. Such responses will usually annoy people, but since this is comedy, it became amusing. Haha!
This time Kiku wanted to respond to, and said that he will do what a Japanese man should, which is mainly by being vague. Haha! His response is actually almost as equally silly as Feliciano's answer.
While spying at the three stooges, Francis (France) can't believe that he lost to such idiots. Haha!
More teaser previews of the most awaited episode!

The storage/shed filled with good and bad memories . . .
Remember this scene from the previous previews? Well, there's more in this one!

So, they've shown us a scene with Toris (Lithuania) offering Alfred (America) to clean the storage room for him. Alfred says he wants to clean it himself.
I'd like to comment on how BIG Alfred's house is. He seems so rich. I'm jealous. Or perhaps a house like that is normal in the States? In my place, that's only common in subdivisions of very wealthy or above average people.
The whole scene was in English. It took me a while to understand what they're saying. Toris' and Alfred's voices also almost sound the same. It wasn't that bad; but it could've been better. There's a huge possibility that the whole episode will be in English. Either that or the pure English dialogues are only in previews.

Last time, they showed us the items on where the flashbacks started. Now we get a glimpse of the actual flashbacks!
This is the part where Arthur (England) gave young Alfred a customized toy soldier set. This is such a father-son relationship. A very touching scene!
This is the part where Arthur made Teen!Alfred wear an expensive suit. He's trying it on in front of the mirror. It wasn't shown exactly this way in the manga (panels of that particular scene were kinda small and few).
Alfred should wear that more often! Haha! And I've also noticed that Arthur's still taller than Alfred here. I thought Alfred had already overgrown him when he was no longer a little kid.
This scene was first shown in an episode as a manga panel. This time, we get to see the anime version! And it looks just as wonderful as the manga version!
I heard a gunshot in that scene, so perhaps one of them did the shooting. I think it was Arthur, but who knows? If the anime thinks of having some gunfight in that war, that would be cool!

This is the first time I've realized that Toris' eyes were blue. Ehehe.

The episode states that America's Storage Cleaning will be open to the public soon. SOON, not NEXT EPISODE. So I'm not keeping my hopes up for this to be featured on episode 16. But my guess is that it can't be later than episode 20.

I wonder if that epic episode will be like the Chibitalia sections (you know, just a short scene then to be continued on the next episode). Hopefully not. What's the use of these many previews if they're gonna be segregated to different episodes anyway?!

Oh damn . . . the anime sure is doing a brilliant job in teasing fans. I think they are somewhat taking advantage of this episode because it's based on the top most favorite strip of fans. Hehe.

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noodles said...

pffff. The engrish murdered me. Then again I'm in no position to make fun of it given my poor command of the language.

Sapphire Pyro said...

@ T_T
Haha! I think even some fluent English speakers will also have difficulty in understanding the English there.

I don't like judging the way people speak. But I really think that the "engrish" in Hetalia isn't that bad. At least not as bad as the engrish in another anime I've seen >_>

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