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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Shangri-La - Episode 5

Amazingness + Adorableness + Amusingness

Best episode of Shangri-La so far! (Yes, even if I put my love for Kusanagi aside) We get to explore more of its technology, learn more about the situation and opinions of the characters of different sides, and enjoy more the otaku jokes that aren't overused in other anime. The episode isn't that action-packed, but overall events had been really awesome, fun, and intriguing!

  • I knew it that the guy with the nerdy otaku look is Kusanagi! Haha! Apparently, it's his disguise. The military had some negotiations with someone in Akihabara.
  • I also knew it that Kusanagi is the kindhearted soldier boy type. He let Kuniko escape since he wasn't ordered to do so anyway, even if she's an enemy.
  • I'm with Momoko that it must be fate for Kusanagi and Kuniko have met twice at the same place on the same day! I am very delighted that Momoko had set them up for them to be alone together! Haha! The two were very unwilling to do so but they ended up being alone anyway. They had also been wondering why the other didn't leave. Haha! Kuniko changed her mind on leaving when she thought of taking advantage of the situation to steal Kusanagi's bag.
  • Honestly, even if I put my bias on my OTP aside, Kusanagi and Kuniko's interactions are so entertaining!
  • In this episode we also get to see the views of each side (at least the uncorrupted ones), with Kusanagi representing the government/military/Atlas and Kuniko representing the rebels/guerillas/citizens. Both of them want to protect people and give them a better life, but their ways on how to achieve that goal are different. Even if they're after the same thing, their differences still clash and make them fight against each other. Of course each side had its bad points, but each had good points as well. These have been mentioned from Kusanagi and Kuniko's arguments. But even if those two were quarelling, they were able to get along. They chatted like old friends and even talked about personal things. They didn't abandon each other when the bomb shower started. Now, you could see from those two as well that despite their differences, they could still get along and work together. I look forward to the moment when they finally become allies. =)
  • I see some people got annoyed when Kuniko started acting like a brat by hitting and blaming Kusanagi all of a sudden towards the end. For me, she did it on purpose, and that stupid brat act was the first thing she thought of to be able to distract Kusanagi form what she really planned to do: which is to get the military weapon sample. Kusanagi figured out later that he was tricked. Even if he got her boomerang, he was still pissed. Haha! Poor Major!
  • By the way, what's with the Kuni's in this series? I mean we have a KUNIko, a KUNIhito, and a miKUNI. I don't know how I should react if there'll be another character with the same syllables in this series.
  • Mikuni is definitely biased towards transexuals. Though it's true that Miko wouldn't have a problem of dying if he/she stays honest. But sometimes he/she is too frank. Anyway, Miko was telling her stories about the outside world. It's starting to make me wonder why Miko's locked up like that in the first place, if ever she is indeed related to Momoko.
  • I like the virtual reality stuff in this series. It has a unique and creative way to represent hacking. That portion had been very fantastic!
  • The part with Karin panicking when Kuniko saw her . . . she seemed so moe. I am not sure if it's something I find adorable or annoying. Yeah, I have mixed reactions on that part.
  • Kuniko's grandma being embarassed upon seeing the idol figure (which was even given specifically for her) makes me think that it might've been her from before. If she really was that idol, that's so cool! So it's an idol who's secretly a leader of Metal Age? Pretty awesome for a loli girl. Haha!
  • I will never get tired of that polka dots joke. Haha! But in this episode Kuniko's panties have strawberries. Then in the preview, someone pulled up Kuniko's skirt, exposing her panties. It made her embarassed of course, but I'm now very curious on who the hell did it . . . and who will be seeing it. It will be hilarious if Kusanagi's one of the witnesses again! Haha! Poor boy being called a pervert. But seriously dude, of all things you first remember about her, it's the panties! Haha! But even with these panty jokes, they're not really shown to the viewers/audiences. Oh I like it that Gonzo isn't thinking of showcasing perverted fanservice in this anime.


Yoo said...

Kuniko, Kunihito, and Mikuni are the three people who have the symbolic knives: think it's a coincidence that all three have "kuni" in their names? Especially since the "kuni" all mean "country", just written with different letters ...

Sapphire Pyro said...

Whoa! You're right! I didn't remember that those three also had that in common. And since they have the word "country" in those names, I'm beginning to think that they had such names on purpose. Perhaps they had those knives in order to serve the country?

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