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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

DOGS: stray dogs howling in the dark - Episode 1

No! This is not an anime that centers on hott old men fanservice!
Anyway, so it's finally out! This anime OVA series is based on one of my top favorite mangas! I totally love the anime version! It was less mature compare to the manga (because there was censorship . . . sort of) but it's equally badass!

Alright, the first story is centered on one of the main characters: MIHAI

Episode begins with Mihai returning to a place he had left ten years ago. An aquintance greets him and brings him to her shop. This makes him pretty nostalgic of the old days.
I really like the random Badou scene by the way. It made me exclaim:"Oh please don't leave yet!" when he left the scene. Haha!

He used to be a really excellent assassin. He kills with no mercy.

Then one day his boss assigns him to train his son, Ian, who is going to be the successor of the assassin organization he belongs in.

His moments with Ian had been happy ones. They eat together at a certain restaurant. Mihai is already so fatherly to the boy. The fun dad type.

At the restaurant they go to, there's a friendly waitress named Milena. She's a prostitute, however. That didn't stop Mihai form liking her though. But still, he gets jealous when she other men touch her and she even entertains them.

Milena does her job but her primary attention is still on the duo. She caught Mihai putting aside the green peas.
She pulled Mihai's ear, then she notices that Ian did the same. She just sighs and laughs along with the two.

Years later, Ian kills his own father and became the boss of the organization.

He had also murdered Milena. They had sex in the manga version though, but anime made them put on some clothes. I guess it's better this way. It will at least be less disturbing to sensitive fans. Hehe.

Of course Mihai was furious!
Mihai and Ian point their guns at each other.
There was a gunshot!
But it was Ian who pulled the trigger; barely missed Mihai's face. While Mihai can't shoot. His hand was trembling.

Ian is the big boss . . . very cruel one. He kills off enemies without mercy.

Later he hears about Mihai's return.

Mihai was training him to shoot. His way of disciplining the boy is by throwing a ball at him playfully. Haha!
Mihai si so crack.

Milena butts in. She greets Ian, but he obviously doesn't wanna go buddy-buddy with her.
She goes flirt with Mihai instead. Mihai goes blushing, haha! While Ian is very VERY pissed.

Ian still hasn't forgotten about Mihai. And it seems that the gun he had used back then is still with him.

Mihai had also been in pensive mode and had some flashbacks too.

Ian asked Mihai if he liked Milena. Mihai doesn't answer the question and instead asks Ian if he likes older women. Then later asks Ian if he hates Milena.
Ian's real opinion of Milena is obvious. Mihai . . . still can't admit openly that he does like Milena a lot. Well, he even thought about marrying her after all.

Mihai visits Milena's grave and Ian meets up with him there. Mihai's gun was taken, and Ian points a gun at him.

They didn't know that there had been someone else who wanted to get rid of them both. The assasin's ready to snipe them when the time comes.

Both of them were shot, but Mihai's injury wasn't as bad as Ian's.

Mihai's so awesome for hiding another gun with the flowers. Haha!
Even if Ian had pointed a gun at him, Mihai still can't do the same for Ian, even if Ian was sort of like ready for it (or anticipating it at least).
I really love their father and son relationship. It's like the Prodigal Son story in the Bible. No matter how much of a bastard the son was, the father is always willing to forgive his son. So touching

Their gun combo . . . was really really awesome!

And when the killer's finally dead . . .

I was jealous of Milena.
She's a good person.
I really loved you. You were much more of a father to me than my father was.
But I'm a kid that my dad had with a prostitute.
I don't know who my "mother" is.
Maybe I could have called someone like Milena my "mother".
But I only saw her as a "woman" that would take you away from me.
I wanted to have a monopoly on my "First Father".
I also killed my dad and become the boss mostly for the same reason.
And now this is my punishment.
What a sorry picture.
Won't you make it easier for me,

I have a soft spot for characters who only went evil because they lacked love and wanted to have most of that love when they finally felt it. Oh damn you Ian for making me so teary.

I was always afraid to be called that
and honestly I knew why you did it
because of my job I've killed all sorts of people,
but was never a "person" myself
and now I'm acting like a father
And I was so stupid I never wanted to notice
that I was always afraid of losing you,
the one who killed Milena

like a boy's passage to manhood.

Darn you too Mihai for being so fatherly and touching.

Then Ian dies. *cries with Mihai*

At the end of the episode, after Mihai went shopping, the kid from before had tried to kill him. It seems that the kid is also working for the assassin group.
"The people who know everything always die."
But well, as if Mihai will really die. Mihai himself is aware that he won't die easily. Hehe.

That's the end of the first story. I'm very pleased with it. Some parts were drawn better in the manga though, but overall I really love how the anime had adapted this chapter. No complains on the voices as well, except for the part when Mihai yelled at Ian. I wish it was louder and more intense, so that I can feel more of the emotion. Ehehe. Or maybe that was just me. Ehehe. Anyway, I am really impressed with the animation and oh I find the background music really awesome! I wish it'll have a soundtrack released!

Overall, it was a good episode. I haven't seen the second episode yet, but I had a few glimpses, and I think it's just as good, if not better (Come on, how could a Badou-centered episode be not badass and entertaining? Haha!). I'll be doing that in another entry.

[ Off-topic ] There were several times that I have accidentally typed Mihai's name as "Mikhail", as in the one from 07-Ghost. Ehehehe. Sorry, he's still on my brain right now. Haha!


Anonymous said...

aw i liked Ian. D: too bad he died. Thanks for writing this, i was too lazy to read the wholr first manga! (yeah im THAT lazy)

Sapphire Pyro said...

I liked Ian too ;_; yeah, so sad.

You're welcome =D

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