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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Sengoku Basara - Episode 6

"Wars are such that they drag anyone in, regardless of whether they like it or not.
There might be people among them who like to sing, people who are good at drawing, people who wish to become scholars.
Lover, adorable children, parents whose children have yet to receive their children's gratitude...
Those who can only cry.
I wanted to end these."
~ Keiji Maeda ~

Fantastic episode! I was so into the battles that I have been cheering for the ones I'm siding with. Haha! We didn't only get some epic GAR action, but we also see a lot of intense drama and surprising little twists! And even if it's mainly GAR crack, it actually has a pretty deep and meaningful theme/s. This series has a good story! Oh this makes me impressed the more episodes I watch!
  • I really like Keiji's line (the one I quoted above). I love how this series emphasizes that there's nothing good in war. Peoplearen't able to fulfill their dreams because they got dragged into this. Their lives become miserable, and there are so many deaths. I really don't see what's so enjoyable in wars (except for masochists; to sadists, as if they like being the victim). That fact is so obvious yet history keeps on repeating itself. How many times does mankind have to remind itself what he has learned and that he shall do it? *sigh*
  • I like tragic romance in shounen shows . . . at least with most of them . . . they're aren't as angsty or as overlydramatic as many shoujo shows, in my humble opinion. It had been a very sad moment between Nagamasa and Oichi, almost made me forget how I dislike Oichi. From their short talk we also get to know that Oichi's supposed to spy and manipulate the Aiza clan, but since she fell in love with Nagamasa and is simply kindhearted, she didn't do them. I'm surprised that Mitsuhide had added that she had failed in doing bad acts. Well, if he truly wanted to ruin the couple like hell, he could just mention that betraying parts, right? That would've made Nagamasa feel more in pain while dying. It's making me think Mitsuhide's not entirely evil. He let Date Masamune go fair and square after all . . . (or maybe he's planning for something in the future that has somethign to do with Masamune).
  • Speaking of Masamune, I am so relieved that this doesn't entirely follow the "shounen miracle" rule. I thought Masamune was immune to bullets but he was actually shot! He was in a really bad condition but he had been good in not making it obvious and was able to battle even!
  • Kojuro feels bad for not noticing it. Good thing the Takeda group had suggested them to go to Kai. So Masamune was treated early. It was cute that Masamune's men had also been very worried about him. Hehe.
  • Masamune and Yukimura are like destined rivals and they are very excited on having a duel again once everything's over (reminds me of Yoh and Ren from Shaman King. It'd definitely happen). But now that they're allies, I wish to see how they will actually work together! I'm more excited on how they interact when not in battle. They're staying at the same house/place at the moment after all! Haha!
  • The Tadakatsu VS Yukimura battle was really awesome! Tadakatsu acknowledges Yukimura's strength while Yukimura was even praising the guy while fighting him! Too bad the villains interfered, and Tadakatsu saved Yukimura (Oh well, main characters still can't die. Haha!). It's so sad that our mecha guy died in this episode. He had been pretty fun and awesome. Though no one could've been sadder of that loss that Ieyasu.
  • Ieyasu is so attached to Tadakatsu. Yeah, he might not have died if he had allied sooner. But well, Ieyasu is on the good guys side now. I hope he can also fight well, not only just rely on Tadakatsu.
  • About the villains . . . I find it a little disturbing yet pretty cool (in macabre sense) at the same time that Nobunaga drinks from a skull! And man, that guy is really evil. Even threatened to kill Mitsuhide if he does things as he pleases again.
  • There must be something wrong with Nobunaga's lover for liking such a man, but I like her. She's just so badass and gorgeous. Sexy woman in kimono and with guns (of different sizes! Haha!) FTW!
  • I only noticed in this episode that this series plays insert songs. I mean, songs as in music + singing. Were there such in previous episodes? There seems to be two in this one. Whether there were or not, songs in this episode sounded really nice. I wonder if they're gonna be in the OST.

It looks like a Kojuro episode! Perhaps we'll get some background on him too and also his relationship with Masamune (I know their relationship historically, but this isn't yaoi so I doubt that *sweatdrop* Homosexuality in history never fails to shock me.) And it seems that Sasuke will be hanging around too. I think he's the one talking in the preview. He's so fun! Haha! I'm curious on what his interaction with Kojuro would be like.

Kinda Off-topic: I saw the first subs released was around 8 GB! Whoa! That's really too much for a 20 minute anime! But I've heard there were too many errors on it too. I feel sorry for desperate fans who actually downloaded it.

Totally Off-topic: What's with the MOON with recent series? There was one with Hetalia, also 07-Ghost, of course Basquash too, then now Sengoku Basara! Haha! (I think even in Hanasakeru Seishounen and Tears to Tiara) I love the moon in animation, but I just noticed there are many of them lately. Haha!