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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

07-Ghost - Episode 8

Finally I could say this: BEST EPISODE OF 07-GHOST SO FAR!
Oh wow it's so epic awesome!!! You know how this episode couldn't go wrong this time?
Main reasons: 1) it's actually one of the most intense events in the series' story 2) it had been loyal to the manga, at least around 75% of it 3) anime-portions were one of the few things the manga lacked.
I AM SO IMPRESSED. All I could think about are praises for this episode! Well, of course it had flaws, but overall it had been too awesome so they had been ignorable! Haha!

Episode begins with Mikage asking Teito which among the sisters is his type. Apparently, Teito is incredibly ignorant when it comes to romance. Haha!
Oh Mikage, what are you teaching?! Isn't relationship among nuns something forbidden? Haha!
Mikage continues teasing Teito and they had a little "fight". Haha. I love how Mikage plays with Teito's chibiness. Haha!

Oh well, the bishop trio are watching over them as usual. And as usual, they're hinting to us what's going to happen soon. Very soon.

It was such a bright and sunny day then some clouds cover the earth to make the atmosphere so gloomy. It seems that the sky is also hinting about the dark events that are about to pass.

Mikage got up and extended his hand to Teito. Teito held it then . . .

Teito's spider senses were tingling! Wahaha! Teito notices that Mikage's hand is very cold.

Upon hearing this, Mikage quickly let go of his hand. In his head his thoughts are like "No way, it happened already!"

I love Mikage and Aya-tan . . . but I really don't like seeing Mikage suffer because of Aya-tan. But Mikage would look more awesome under Ayanami's control . . .Uuugghhh dilemma!

Pfft! As usual, to not make Teito worry, Mikage just says that he needs to rest a bit. Though it's obvious that he did something against his will for a little while there.
Our Teito is no idiot but he's still confused on what's going on. He will trust whatever his friend says as much as he can.

It's starting!

Mikage was able to stop Ayanami's control . . . temporarily.

Oh the church music! It's so wonderful and glorious! This is making me even more impatient for the soundtrack!

Teito had a short flashback again, but no sudden headaches this time. He recalls that the Eye of Mikhail was entrusted to him and holds his kingdom's history.

Frau: Those damn brats . . .
Castor: You can't focus on the main characters too much. Favoritism is not exactly allowed to us clergies.
Frau: Who said I was worried about them?!
Castor: Just do your job, will ya?

Ayanami and Mikage have a little chat. Mikage's getting the headaches this time, and they sort of trigger everytime Razette plays the keyboard.
I find it amusing to hear Ayanami's voice on those scenes with Razette. Hahaha!

When Mikage screamed, Teito found him at once of course. His Mikage radar is really something. Haha!
But Mikage tell him to stay away . . .

Teito: I'm just asking what's the matter.
Mikage: I just knew that it would end up like this . . .
Teito: Huh?
Mikage: I'm sorry Teito for being such a hopeless best friend.
Teito: What are you saying?

Oh Mikage And poor Teito for being so clueless to what's going on.

Mikage: I have a favor to ask of you.
This one last favor.
Teito: The "last" one. . . ?

There's no problem with the favor thing, but it's the LAST part. Of course that means something.

"I'm begging you . . . Please kill me."

Something like that could not be processed to a best friend's mine that easily. Shock and "what the heck?!" expressions are the automatic responses.

"If you don't soon . . . I will-"

Painful flashbacks begin . . .

Ayanami is so evil . . . his threats, his punishments, HIS POSE AND HIS LOOK! Hahahahaha!
Last time, Ayanami had also asked Mikage which between his family and Teito he chooses. But Mikage already answered Teito last time, which is so not Mikage. But it was different this time. Is the anime making up for its mistake?
Well, anyway, Ayanami adds that if Mikage chose both, Mikage will die. Mikage's answer is that one, and he sure killed him . . . in a way. Ayanami made Mikage half-alive.

"Hurry and kill me already!"

Mikage knows he's already dead meat but he'd rather completely die in Teito's hands. He wanted to die already so that he couldn't hurt Teito anymore.
But you know, Mikage could just attempt suicide. But then again, Ayanami might find it easier to control him if he attempted that.
Plan A wouldn't work, Mikage. As if Teito could even hurt you.

"If that's the case, run away quickly!"
"I can't hear my conscience anymore! Shit! There's no way I could sell you out to them. "
"You are, after all, just as important as my family."

Plan A won't work, so he tries plan B. But Teito didn't move a muscle either ^^;
And oh Mikage's words . . . I can't stop the tears. That's so sweet. See! He cares for Teito as much as his family! Not more than!

"Run away, Teito!"

Mikage reveals that it's Ayanami's doing, but he didn't go into details on what exactly happened to him. Mikage's at his limits. He begs Teito to run away again.
I really love how the anime portrayed Mikage's struggle. You could see him trying his best holding Ayanami back. See! He's not that weak unlike how the fillers have showed him as! Uuuuggghhh!
And Namikawa Daisuke . . . such great acting!

Oh god . . . two Mikages . . . one baddie and one goodie. Both are still of the same voice, right? Oh man, it reminds me of Hetalia's Italian brothers. And wait wait, I see double so . . . oh god . . . *identical twin boys fetish activated* . . . . *stares at the pic for a looooooooong time*
Evil!Mikage tells Nice!MIkage to kill Teito, but of course Nice!Mikage continues to resist.

"Teito. All because I met you, my heart has always been warm."
"And, I've been very happy. "
"So, I beg of you, please go!"
"Before . . . I hurt you!"
"I love you, Teito."


Best friend love drama! I'll never get tired of it. Mikage's last words. My heart. My heart!

"This is farewell, Teito"

Ayanami takes control of Mikage's body now.

Mikage's zaiphon became red, and he attacks Teito. Fortunately, Castor's doll that was watching over them defended Teito. Evil!Mikage gives a negative remark to the doll maker.

Castor: Ayanami ruined my dollie!
Frau and Labrador: ?!

Teito runs away but Evil!Mikage is too strong for him.

If Teito was running, Evil!Mikage was just walking in a normal pace, but elegantly. Yet using such powerful attacks. Also, OH THAT EVIL GRIN!

Teito looks for an isolated place to not involve the others. but Evil!Mikage still got ahead of him . . .

"The game of tag is now over, Teito Klein."

Doors were also closed automatically. I didn't get what Evil!Mikage meant until I reviewed the manga. It seems that the church can be aware if there are intruders around and it isolates them.
And I need to add: Having the jacket just placed on his shoulders looked really really HOTT, Evil!Mikage!

Frau decides to leave and rescue the boys and lets the other two bishop take care of the mass.

The way he changes into Zehel . . . freakin' awesome!

Evil!Mikage shows his wing, and Teito finally realizes that he's a Kor (which I find a little odd. He should have known already after noticing the low temperature of Mikage's hand ).
Evil!Mikage corrects him that he's not exactly a Kor. Not as lowly as a Kor either. More complicated than a Kor too.
It's a half-Kor, half-soul.

Teito thought that it's an exchange. He says he'll return to the army if Ayanami will return Mikage.
Of course Ayanami is too evil to want something as simple as that. He even says that Teito has no privilege to such thing.
He also adds that he could also kill Teito if he wants to. He demonstrates what he could do, and he's so fast that Teito couldn't even capture his movements.
I must add: Evil!Mikage moves rock!

Evil!Mikage puts out a controller to be put around Teito's neck. The suddenly Teito fell. I actually didn't get that part. I mean, what's with the black hole thing and falling to the water part? Who did it? Why it happened? Huh?

Anyway, Teito doesn't give up in rescuing Mikage. He takes off his cloak and prepares to attack.

He aims for Evil!Mikage's wing, thinking that it will free Mikage.
Evil!Mikage easily dodges Teito's surprise attack though. No sweat.

Sorry, Teito. You're seriously no match for Evil!Mikage.

Evil!Mikage says to Teito that if his wing was cut, Mikage will die. His soul won't ever return a second time.
This pertains that even Frau wouldn't be able to rescue Mikage! This is so . . .sad.

We also get to know that Ayanami had also been listening to their conversations even when Mikage's still himself. Unlike Mikage, Ayanami doesn't believe that Teito's really a prince of Raggs, since from what he knows the king doesn't have a son at all.

I really love these kind of scenes. I don't know what's the proper term for this, for now I'll call them half-half scenes. Haha!

Anyway, it seems that this is the first time the Church encounters something like this, which isn't exactly a Kor. I don't get why Mikage's eye was glowing in that screenshot. Ehehe.

Meanwhile, while Frau's looking for the boys, he gets harassed by a bunch of spirit women, haha!
Frau, you have a harem! Why are you not flirting with them? Haha!
Oh yeah, it wasn't added in the anime that these females also boss him around. Too bad it wasn't added. Zehel looked really cute. Haha!
He asks the ladies' the boys' location, and they tell him where. He proceeds to go to the place right away. Though still walking (why not in a hurry? Oh well)
And I must add: Frau's . . . naked, right? haha!

Evil!Mikage was finally able to put the collar on Teito. Teito's chains were removed.
Teito thinks that Ayanami may let Mikage go if he threatens to kill himself, since Ayanami was ordered to capture him alive after all.
But Teito, you should have done that sooner. And well, as if Ayanami will fall for that.
Ayanami takes advantage of the power of the collar, and binds Teito. This made Teito hurt a lot and fall to the ground.

Later we end up in . . .Teito's subconscious?

We also get to see the different Teito's in the series so far: 1) Flashback young Teito 2)Unsociable-military-student Teito 3) Military student-with-a-friend Teito 3) Escapee Teito 4) Church Teito 5) Battling Evil!Mikage mode Teito

He sees what his other selves are running into . . . his sleeping self?

Well, he wakes it up. Ah~ Angelic feathers . . . oh you guys know who's on my mind. Haha!

And becomes one with him.
It was cool but I prefer the manga version. Mikhail bowing to him and kissing his hand was so . . . MAJESTIC!

Was Teito really that loud that everybody hears him or the trio just had very good Teito sensors? Or perhaps this is something like . . . a male version of a Mary Sue. Ehehe.

Upon hurting Teito . . . Evil!Mikage was crying! DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWW!!!!!

The collar alerts all of a sudden. I am pretty amused on its techno/digital sound. Haha!


Mikhail: The bastard who put this collar on me . . . is it you?
Evil!Mikage: Unbelievable . . . that is not expected!




OHMYGOD! This episode is so fantastic! I love it to bits! I really like how the anime presented this part of the story. It was so amazing to see those parts in the manga in color and in animation! Also, those scene effects (the half-half thingies and stuff) were done really well. AND THE FIGHT SCENE, even if it's pretty one-sided, WAS EPIC!!!! What made me more proud of the anime is how it emphasized on Mikage's struggle. He didn't give in that easily, and there was so much emotion. Voice acting had been superb! Oh I'm very very pleased. And how could I not be delighted with an episode that features my numeru uno character in this series? Haha! Mikhail, such an angelic badass! *glomps him*
Lastly about the episode, whoa . . . I screencapped almost the whole episode. Shows how much I love this episode, eh? Haha! Last time I did something like this to a 20-minute episode was with Baccano! (which is my top two favorite anime of all times) Haha!

Ayanami + blood? AWESOME! And his injury does disappearing acts? Wahahahaha!
And yay to Burupya coming next episode! So freakin' adorable!
But Burupya being there also means that the very very tragic thing is going to happen next episode.
I wonder why some scenes in the preview were already shown in this episode. Are they going to do episode repeats?! Please not. I'd like to think that they just don't want to spoil the fans much on what's going to happen next.


Epic fail screencapture merging, I know! But man, I love that scene! Mikhail look so awesome!!!!

~ Click image for larger versions ~

Let's begin with the star of the episode. . .


Evil Mikage looks freakin' hott and smexy in these scenes. . . omg

Of course we won't forget about the actual main character

I find it a mystery on how he could be so damn adorable most of the time! Haha!

Best friends forever . . . not?

Okay, these are more like Evil!Mikage + Teito scenes.

They are awesome but damn they also make me teary.

The reason why Mikage is being so eeeeeeeevil

I don't like the idea of Mikage suffering, but damn! Ayanami in Mikage is just so awesome!

The root of absolute evil of this series

One of the hottest villains in anime history! Haha!


This is the most dazzling image of Frau for me. Haha!

Castor . . . glasses boys are very attractive.

I like serious Labrador a lot.