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Monday, May 11, 2009

Shangri-La - Episode 6

"The moon and the land . . . are meeting!
The time is almost upon us!"

Very interesting episode! I honestly could not relate much on the economic matters, but I did get a few things, though I still understand the other issues better. Hehe. There aren't much action scenes, but all the technological stuff scream creativity! There are other surprisingly cool and entertain in this episode. I'm happy that this series hasn't disappointed me.
  • Being a citizen of a fellow third-world country, I feel sorry for Kuwait. That poor nation was used as a bait to lure the Serpent. Ishida Finance made the government think of prioritizing its country over others no matter what the cost. Then America did such an action like it was the world's police. Whoa, there's goes the stereotype of America thinking it's the world's hero. Hehe.
  • I wonder if the part of Kuniko holding a virtual globe is a power of hers or just the shows creative way to show how she thinks. If it's the latter, it was cool; but if the former . . . what?! Kuniko has techno powers or something?
  • Grandma sure has good technological resources. She can figure out even top secret stuff that's been going on at the moment. She was even able to save their investments. I have a feeling that Kuniko's gradnmother had been somewhat like Karin when she was younger.
  • Ever since . . . the previous episode I think, Momoko's been having different looks. I wonder what's with the sudden habbit just in recent episodes. Or perhaps she just didn't have time to change on the first few episodes. Ehehe.
  • The kid with bandages . . . I guess that's the Hiruko they're talking about. I don't know what the heck a Hiruko is, unless it's the same as the Hiruko in Xam'd Lost Memories . .. but I still can't connect them *confused*. Anyway, the kid looks like he's being tortured but at the same time is utterring some prophecies. I hope there'll be more explanation on what's going on in that part in later episodes.
  • Kusanagi's resignation was rejected because one of the higher-ups requested for it?! I wonder if it was indeed Ryoko who did such a request. She's also aware that Kusanagi's profile is kept classified (so Kuniko's not alone in having unaccessible information. In her case she had no data though, which is actually a little odd since she got imprisoned in Atlas. At least she could have some prison record, right?). This shows that Kusanagi isn't normal as he seems and thinks.
  • Come to think of it, Kusanagi possesses a mysterious sword which he says that's been in his family for a long time. Possessing such a sword doesn't make him ordinary at all in the first place.
  • We already saw that Mikuni and Kusanagi had identical swords, but now it's revealed that they're actually like duplicates. I wonder why Kuniko's isn't of the same shape. Or maybe it's just attached in the boomerang? Or her weapon is the core or something? There's gotta be a connection of their three weapons.
  • I thought Kusanagi was more of the grumpy and serious type, so when he mentioned he was the happy and lively guy in military in the previous episode, I really couldn't believe it. But now I've seen him act that way in his home, then I've lost all those doubts. Hehe. That's his true personality I believe, when he's not in the battlefield.
  • I love Kusanagi's guts. He was so honest to a child like Mikuni. I mean, mostly teen guys like him try to act cool and too nice to a little girl, but he had been really blunt.
  • Miko seems to be incredibly attached to Mikuni already that he defends her even on little things. I thought he only had the bar on his mind upon going to Atlas, but it seems his priorities have now changed?
  • Back to Kusanagi, I really admire guys who accept being defeated by women. It should have been really tough for him, since he's a soldier after all!

I am not sure if this is a flashback or the continuation of the latest episode. If it's the former, then it seems to explain how Kuniko ended up in prison; but if the later, I don't get what the heck's going on?! But either way, next episode seems really intense! Looking forward to it!