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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Eden of the East - Episode 7

Whoa! Totally fantastic! It's the best episode of this series so far!
  • Like I guessed/predicted/anticipated, Akira did go to rescue Ohsugi and he also encountered the blue haired woman (whose name I have forgotten). But how things happened sure were more amazing than I had imagined!
  • Oh yeah, nice plot twist on the dude not actually being Ohsugi. Akira went through all that for a nobody. Poor Akira
  • It was pretty fun to see these Selacao members sort of having a duel with the use of Juiz. Implementation of the order will always be 100% successful, it's upto them how they get away with it or outsmart the other. Wow!
  • Akira in that accident was so cute and hilarious! Haha!
  • Akira sure is extremely wasteful on his money that even Juiz is giving him advices. Haha!
  • Whoa! So Akira was involved on the Careless Monday thing? I don't see why would he be involved with the missile bombing. He was more of the type to stop them. These revelations . . . this is more interesting. Hehe.
  • So it seems that the woman doesn't exactly go after NEETs but on despicable men actually (like rapists. I can never find such bastards as someone pleasant in any way ). And she does kill them off but slicing off their Johnnies . Such torture but it was symbolic. Apparently she has been doing it already even before she got involved in Selacao. Perhaps why she got included in this "messiah" group even if she's a murderer is because she kills the bad people. Makes sense.
  • Like what Akira thinks, I think this woman was never loved. I also have a feeling that she might've been raped or something, that's why she started to do all this.
  • Akira wants to help this woman, and it seems that he'll do it by loving her. But come on, going to that level so fast! (And how dare you not be loyal to Saki?!) I find it . . . disturbing . But thanks to that she liked him (romantically not certain). She even treated his wounds and left him unharmed. I don't think she sees him romantically yet since she doesn't treat Saki like a love rival when she thought Saki's Akira's girlfriend.
  • Speaking of Saki, she's obviously much more worried about Akira than Ohsugi. Hehe. She even ran to his location. She's also beginning to know more about where Akira's being involved with. I see more of her role as the leading lady! She definitely has to get involved on this big thing.
  • Most likely Akira will be explaining things to her next episode. But I wonder if Saki's friends will be informed about it as well.
  • Lastly, the part of the blue haired woman doing supernatural acts and having wings was just so awesome!!! I am actually not yet that certain if this series really does have supernatural elements, because the illusion effect was sort of "bought" since it was recorded on the phone. But I can't imagine how it could've been just a trick either. Well, whatever it is, it's absolutely AMAZING!