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Monday, May 25, 2009

New Flavors: Flags

by Ueda Satoshi
Ouka is the greatest empire and rules over 1/3 of the world. To prevent conflicts from other countries, they hold a battle competition once every 8 years. In this competition, 5 candidates, known as "Patriots", from each country are to battle against each other and the winner will be granted fame and honor. This story follows Kurou, a boy who walks the same footsteps as his father to become the strongest patriot ever, along with his team...

You know, this has even hell more clich├ęs compare to the previous shounen manga I just checked out. Both of its main characters are extremely powerful, and this manga's leading guy isn't exactly an experienced fighter (he trains I guess, but I don't think he really had battles like this one in the past). This manga showed more of its main cast though, which are pretty skillful, yet they get defeated easily and it's of course the main guy who saves the day. At least the bad guys weren't simply just a bunch of thugs (since they're pretty powerful), but I think they're just random villains like the usual. And oh, this is also one of the series with some father connections and with fighting tournaments.
I am honestly very very sick of this repeated shounen story elements (the leading lady's name is "Sakura" even! I have never liked a female character with that name. And it honestly wasn't intentional! Oh I think my "Sakura curse" will still be applied on this one.). Events were too fast-paced too that it took me by surprise that things have changed so quickly!
But like other shounen series as well, it has nicely drawn fight scenes.
Despite of my complains on the lack of originality, for some reason it still got me interested to find out what will happen next. I guess fellow shounen fans may give it a try, unless you're extremely sick of overused shounen plot elements. Hehe.

Plot Source: Manga Helpers