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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Eden of the East - Episode 8

It wasn't as . . . err . . . striking as the previous episode, but still, it had been very interesting.
Ohsugi's beginning to become annoying, however. (I see him as pathetic before, but not annoying.)
  • The beginning of the episode made me laugh a lot! Wahaha! Akira, what the heck?! What's with the drama over the skeleton-out-of-nowhere?! It totally didn't make any sense. Or perhaps this is just an Eden of the East crack? Haha! I am sorry for laughing at your nightmare, Akira. Haha!
  • I wonder when the hell Saki is going to know more about the Selacao thing. Or perhaps she prefers Akira to tell her about it. He doesn't seem to be willing to share about it at the moment anyway. Perhaps he doesn't want her involved? Sweet. But at least she's not totally ignorant on the dangerous stuff he's in (unlike Ran of Detective Conan. Oh she's getting so many clues and geting close so many times but still, she doesn't know!!! Oh my head . . .)
  • I thought Ohsugi had given up on Saki already but apparently, he didn't. I actually appreciate it that he had checked up on Akira (well, if you're giving off the love of your life to someone else, that person had to deserve her or won't put her into danger, right?).
  • I find it good that Saki's friends are still suspiscious of Akira and do their best to check up on him. I like characters that aren't stupid. Don't easily trust strangers. Saki kinda failed on that part though, but oh well. On the check on Akira's identity though, I don't think it's necessary for the love rival to do that job. I just see it as a way to make his angst/protectiveness stronger. Like with what happened in this episode.
  • What I didn't appreciate most that Ohsugi did in this episode is his "pride" thing. He says he won't be part of the club anymore if the others join Akira's side. That's just too immature and stupid. I'm okay with love triangles, but if the character that is part of that triangle whose love is one-sided has this stupid jealousy . . . it makes me annoyed.
  • Like many shippers, I find Akira and Saki so cute together. Especially in this episode. They look like a couple already. I don't get it that even after that kiss, they're still not canon! The hell . . . if the creators don't plan to make them canon early, then they shouldn't have made the kiss scene that early either. It just . . . doesn't make sense.
  • Oh yeah, there's a new guy in this episode . . . who seems to be a genius and is actually aware of a lot of things. I think he's already aware of the NEET and Selacao stuff (he even knew there were only eleven!). Perhaps the reason why Akira is revealing so much to this dude is because he knows this guy may help him and can relate to him. Saki's acquintances sure are something. I'm beginning to think it's so much of a coincidence for Akira to meet Saki and her friends.
  • I am amused with the pun of the new characters name. "Panties"! Wahahahaha!
  • I look forward to learning more what the pre-brainwashed Akira was like. It would also be cool if we get to meet more Selacao numbers!


xtine06 said...

I am also annoyed at Ohsugi. Hopefully he won't do anything more stupid in the nxt episodes. =)

Shounen A said...

Ever since the Eden of the East episode, I've strongly felt that it wasn't a coincidence at all how Akira met Saki. I think Eden of the East will be extremely important, although I'm not sure how. (Mr. Outside buster? Akira's plan to save Japan?)

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