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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Sengoku Basara - Episode 7

Oh thank goodness the subs were finally out! It was an awesome episode, as usual! Haha!
  • I am still disturbed with Kasuga and her orgasms Kenshin seems to be playing along and actually flirting with her. I wonder how she ended up in his arms like that all of a sudden. I thought it was just her imagination.
  • Ah, so Kasuga is actually assigned to assassinate Kenshin but since she fell in love with him, she supported him instead. Oh love can change people, haha!
  • Sasuke and Kasuga interaction was so cute and funny! Sasuke's so into her. I like this pairing but I prefer it to remain one-sided. Tragic for Sasuke though, but it's really more entertaining this way! Haha!
  • So, Date's troops were held hostage and in exchange the treasures of the Date and Takeda clan were wanted for ransom. Koujiro considers Date and anything Date-related more important than the troops, but Date disagrees. Yeah, he has finally woken up, but poor boy's still obviously weak even if he's doing his best to act mighty like usual. Of course his righthand man knows that.
  • Date wants to rescue his boys but Koujiro objects. No way he's gonna let his master battle in such a bad shape. But Date boy is a stubborn idiot, so they had a duel. Date loses. (You poor widdle darling ) No surprise since Koujiro would of course know best what his weakness would be. Moreover, Date's still not 100% recovered.
  • One of Date's men got worried about his captain, but we know who's most pained and worried over Date's state. Hehe. That was so sweet
  • Koujiro decides to follow the captain's orders and rescue their men. Alone.
  • Yukimura wants to go along but . . . it's his precious lord's heirloom. He understands how Koujiro feels, and he still wouldn't be handing over his lord's possession even if Sasuke was taken hostage! Wahahaha! Poor Sasuke. But Sasuke says he'll be doing the same. But as if they'll really do that when that time comes. Haha!
  • But despite all that, Yukimura still really REALLY wants to go. (oh god Yukimura was so adorable )He had a hard time telling it to his Lord, but eventually he did . . . but Shingen didn't like his decision. There goes the usual "lecturing" and in the end it's decided that Yukimura will help Koujiro. Oh they're nonstop shouting of each other's names/titles (Yukimura and Takeda) never fail to amuse me. Haha!

This is my favorite scene in the episode. It looks really awesome, especially with that red moon in the background. Hehe. And I'm amazed that Sasuke could catch-up with a horse. Haha!


The RAW is already out so I already know what's going to happen. They win of course. But I'm still excited to understand better on how it happened. Hehe.