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Monday, May 18, 2009

Axis Powers Hetalia - Episode 17

Alright! This episode is focused mainly on Alfred (America). We don't only see usual Hetalia culture crack, but we also get to see some good and memorable moments in Alfred's history.

Let's begin with the fun:
Arthur (England) asks if Alfred is okay (as in in health and weight) because he's been eating nothing but hamburgers. Alfred says Arthur doesn't need to worry about him getting tired of it because he changes the seasoning everyday.
But of course that wasn't what Arthur meant. Haha.
Alfred . . . and burger habits. I think it represents the fastfood/burger restaurants in the States, and people love to eat the delicious burgers even if they only differ a little. Haha! I've eaten in a burger restaurant, and its tray cover had superhero designs on it. Makes me think: burger = hero = Alfred = so real. Haha!
I find it touching that Arthur is acting like a parent to Alfred even in present time. In a previous episode, he scolds Alfred on his eating manners, the now he's worried if he had been eating too much that it may have become hazardous to his health.
Fatherly instincts still remain, don't they? Haha!

Anyway, Alfred answered Arthur's question and he was a big liar. Haha! He didn't actually check about his weight until that night. Haha! So at his home, Alfred checks his weight and . . . .

To his despair! He is OVERWEIGHT!
Even his scale is SWEATING from HIS WEIGHT! Wahahahahahahha!!!! You were THAT heavy Alfie boy? Hahaha!
Well, it would suck if Alfred is showed as flabby and gigantic to present that . . . heaviness. Not all Americans are exactly overweight anyway (Though there was a report that 60% are like that *still shocked*)
Alfred is also actually very strong, so it would be awkward to show him as a fat boy. Sexy and pretty muscular guy is enough. Oh I know many Alfred fans are drooling/nosebleeding over that half-naked Alfred! Hahahaha!
Alfred's voice actor is perfect for him by the way. He made the hilarious Alfred EVEN MORE hilarious! Haha! This made the "Supersize You" anime version much funnier than its manga and drama CD counterpart (though fine, same voice actor on drama cd . . . but perhaps director was different?). Haha!

Anyway, he still can't believe it since he exercises everyday but (his eating>>>>>exercise, Hahaha!). He had thought of the possibility of the scale being broken.
Well, now that he admits he needs to diet, he hell doesn't want to ask advice from Arthur, since it was like showing that he is admitting to Arthur directly that Arthur had been right. But Alfred's a stubborn boy, so he doesn't want to do that.
He had thought of asking advice from Francis (France); lover boy definitely has a sexy body. Haha!

Francis was very happy to answer his question. He just eats in small bits and . . .

The stuff he brainwashed on Alfred were cut . . . since they're not something to be taught in the public or are actually educationally healthy! Haha! Don't tell me it was something perverted?! Wahahaha!
By the way, annoyed chibi France looked so adorable.

Alfred asked for dieting tips from Yao (China) next. Yao told him (happily) to just drink tea in every meal. However, Alfred didn't like the tea.
I have relatives who are into Chinese tea, for health and diet. They don't actually taste bad, at least some of them. But I'm not the type who loves tea anyway.
By the way, oh Yao, that pose was really cute. Haha! Alfred sort of imitated it *points pic on top of entry* but without the wink though. Haha!

Lastly, Alfred asks the thinnest person he knows: Kiku (Japan). Japan's response was a normal thing: Eating three times a day and an afternoon snack.
Chibi Alfred was so shocked! Haha! I am not sure if it's because that's what he also does anyway or that he eats more than 4 times a day. Haha!

So Alfred decides to eat Japanese food at Kiku's place so he could eat the same thing that Kiku's eating (He even created a weird machine that makes Japanese food). He probably thinks that he could diet by imitating whatever Kiku's eating. Haha! Dieting by eating . . . he really loved that idea. Haha!
And wait, Alfred knows how to eat with chopsticks? Haha! I just think it would have been cute if he can't, to show more of the eating habit/manner difference (like with how Francis caught Ludwig in a previous episode. Hehe).

Time for Cleaning:
Toris (Lithuania) offered to clean the shed for Alfred, but Alfred didn't accept it saying that only he will know what he'd want to keep and get rid of. Toris then says he'll make coffee instead, and Alfred wanted that.
By the way, I still can't get used to Toris + blue eyes. But I still love him. Haha. I wish the Lithuania's Outsourcing strips were shown earlier than this. It will at least explain what the heck he was doing there. Those who aren't familiar with Toris might just think he's an ordinary houseboy. Ehehehe.
Oh, I've noticed something. This part was also in the English voiced previews, right? The tone on some parts seem different. Like with Toris, when he called Alfred, the English version sounded calm while the Japanese one was calling him OUT LOUD. Hhhmmm . . . so there are minor inconsistencies.

Back to Alfred, he brings the books he was carrying inside the shed. There were many old things in the place and he says he hasn't used the place for a century. There are a lot of good and bad things that he reminisces from the items in his shed.

Like with the old toy soldier collection . . .

Alfred: OMG! Daddy! Is this really for me?
Arthur: It's all yours, kiddo!
Alfred: This is so awesome! I have a new toy!
I'm sorry, I can't help myself from seeing them as father and son . . . because they so act like such!!! Hahahaha! This is so sweet.
Yes, the toy soldiers collection was a present to him given by Arthur. Arthur made it himself! And he specially made it for Alfred! Look how special Alfred is to him! Haha!
If I compare Alfred's voice here to the drama CD version's, the drama CD one sounded more innocent . . . he sounded totally like a child there while in this one . . . he was a boy. Oh how could I explain the different of a child from a boy. Oh I guess you can get with their tone. The other one goes "Wooooow! Cool" while the other one is like "No way! This is awesome!". Haha!
As for Arthur's voice, I am so happy that it wasn't made younger like in the drama CD. His looks didn't change anyway. Haha! And his younger voice in the drama CD sounded pretty dorky (though cute), haha!

Arthur got injured while making the toy, I believe. But I don't get why it was Arthur who warned Alfred about using a hammer. Or perhaps he's warning Alfred about it so that the same thing won't happen to the boy?
Too bad Alfred didn't wonder about the injury like he did in the drama CD, and Arthur just says that he was fine. It had showed that Alfred had also been concerned about Arthur's welfare. *sigh*

Alfred is very amazed with his new toy. This made Arthur really happy.
Alfred finds it cool that the soldiers actually look different. Arthur tells him why: it's custom-made. In other words, Arthur made it himself and specially designed it for Alfred. Home-made presents are sometimes the most touching gifts you receive. Aaaawww!

~ Kodak moment ~
Oh god . . . it's sweet and simple moments like this that are very important to treasure and not forget.
It was very touching . . . made me teary. I've even made the screencap so big . . . could already make it a wallpaper. Or maybe I will . . .with a little editing. Hehe.

Back to the present, after the toy Alfred spotted his old suit next. There had been memories behind it as well.

Alfred: Pops! I ain't gonna wear this piece of shit! I'll just look like a geezer like you!
Arthur: Shut up you damn brat and just wear it! You're also giving me trouble by wearing only those kinds of clothes.
Alfred: Aaw, man!
Hahahaha! I am sorry . . . I also see them in a traditional!father + rebellious!teenage-son relationship! Hahahaha!
Anyway, it was a time when Arthur gave Alfred a formal suit. Alfred didn't want to at first because it looked expensive, and he's just poor. He says he's already fine with what he usually wears.
But Arthur insisted, saying that it would also trouble him if Alfred can't dress elegantly (tsundere excuse! Haha! In reality we know he just wants to give a present to his "son", and make him look good too, no matter how expensive).
By the way, Alfred sounded a little younger here. In the drama CD it was just the same. I really like the voice change. He already sounds youthful, but he sounds even younger here. Oh I applaud to great acting!

Alfred: Oh this sucks.
Arthur: What are you saying?! You look terrific!
Alfred: Duh?! I am dressing like you! How could I be terrific?
Arthur: Take that back.
Alfred: Whatever.
Nah, Alfred wasn't that rude . . . hahaha! but it was fun to imagine it that way. Wahahaha!
So, Alfred tried it on anyway and it did look good on him, like Arthur says (Men in suits are awesome!). He decides that he'll be wearing it on special occasions then.

That's it for flashbacks, Alfred wanted to look for something cooler in his shed and . . .

He found something. And old musket. He thinks of using it as a decoration. It had a scratch though . . . and it reminded him of . . .

"Could it be from that time?"

Episode ended with a cliffhanger. The actual climax was moved to the next episode!
It was actually a good way to episode, but it will still drive many fans crazy because of the wait. Haha!

Haha! Next episode is definitely something to look forward to. There will be angst next time, something actually not common in a comedy series. Haha!

Back to this episode, overall, it was really better than expected. Job well done Anime staff! Please do more of this, or much better! The anime has not disappointed me ever! It just keeps getting better and better on each episode! And continue to do so, okay?!

* Click images for larger versions. Photobucket resizes them, so I put them on tinypic instead.
* Most dialogues are made-up for fun, not actual translations. Haha!


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♥♥♥♥♥♥ O ARTHUR.

Thanks for the summary! ^^

Sapphire Pyro said...

@ mitsukiyame13
It wasn't directly said but . . . how else could he have gotten that injury? xD Why the necessity of making Arthur injured if not to imply that? =3

And you're welcome =D

fabledquill said...

Aw man, this episode - fjghghdg

It was really distracting how modern the clothes were, though..... >___>;;

Sapphire Pyro said...

Haha! Yeah!

and oh such a moment is so treasurable, they really should've had their picture taken. Haha!

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