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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Pandora Hearts - Episode 8

I didn't review the manga upon watching this so I might forget the explanation on some scenes and also might some get some details wrong. But I'm certain that there are some changes in the chronology and there had also been some anime additions.

The main point of this episode I guess is showing the fragile side of Oz. He's not simply some cheerful boy nor a spoiled master. His personality is actually more complicated than that that even Break is wondering if "Oz" is really here in this world.

Alice of course isn't aware of that, but Raven/Gilbert does. When it comes to sensitive issues, he's seriously careful on not making Oz remind of it. Twisted people are not without dark pasts. We'll get to know more about that next episode though. But putting aside Oz's issues in the past, he had current concerns too: his clock ticked. He was even given black flowers . . . as a sign for mourning or something? And I think that girl isn't supposed to appear in this scene. . . . oh well.

So, that's the dark fantasy side of this series, but Pandora Hearts is not complete without the CRACK! Haha!

  • The part on Sharon imitating Gilbert's dialogue. She even tried to sound manly. Haha!
  • Gilbert's reaction when Sharon and Break were teasing him . . . Haha!
  • Gilbert was scratching the wall on the memory when the two were teasing him. Hahaha!
  • Oz's tickling/poking the armpits threat when Gilbert was ignoring him because he was being going emo. Wahaha!
  • Alice eating flowers . . . Haha!
  • Alice going moe mode when telling Oz she wanted to eat. Haha!
  • Alice jumping while being irritated with Break when he laughed at her was cute. Haha!
  • Alice acting like a cat after going wild after seeing Break under her bed. Hahaha!
  • The fact of Break showing up under Alice's bed of all places at such a time and with that expression. Haha!
  • Break's disappearing act . . . .TOTALLY EPIC!!!! Wahahahahhahahahahahaha!!!!

It seems to be a flashback episode with Oz's issues with his father, and a new character appears!

BONUS: Some Favorite Scenes of the Stars of the Episode
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