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Monday, May 25, 2009

Axis Powers Hetalia - Episode 18

Bwahahahahaha! Even if it wasn't the continuation of my favorite strip, this anime-only episode is freakin' entertaining xD Wahahaha!
I don't get what took the anime too long to continue this, but at least they did. I hope they make more anime-only stuff. The more Hetalia, the better! Haha!

But we'll get to see him later. ^_~

We're back to the trio sitting around the bonfire.

Ludwig (Germany) and Kiku (Japan) sense that there are people spying on them. Ludwig stands up to get ready. Kiku does the same, even taking his jacket off.
What's so exciting about Kku taking his jacket off? Well, to conservative guys like Kiku, revelation of more skin is not that common. Haha!
Anyway, the two prepare to fight. Ludwig brings out his gun hile Kiku unsheathes his katana.

While Feliciano (Italy) doesn't really have much idea on what's going on. When the two prepared their weapons, he prepares his white flag. No battle yet but he's ready to surrender! Wahahaha!

Enemies reveal themselves from above! There goes Alfred (America) again on his hero speech.
Alfred: HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! *echoing laugh* The hero is in charge! That's me!
Haha! And I freakin' love his evil laugh! Wahahahahaha!!!! He's acting as a hero but he appears more as an evil villain in this scene. Haha! Though I can't exactly see him as evil with that jolly and confident grin of his. Hahaha! (Arthur [England] and Ivan [Russia] do a much better job in being villains. Haha!)

All Allied Forces are in position on the cliff. Of course Alfred, the acting commander, is in the center and doing all the bragging. Haha!

Alfred orders Yao (China) to attack the trio.
Alfred: I choose you, China!
Wahahaha! What's this, pokemon?! Wahahaha!
I really love his heroic poses. Hahahha!
It kinda made me wish he'll do some pose similar to what Sailormoon does. My stomach's gonna hurt a lot from so much laughing if that happened. Haha!

Yao gets ready on the assault.

Ludwig and Kiku VERSUS Yao
Gun and Sword VERSUS Cooking Utensils

While dear Feliciano is already surrendering! Hahahaha!

Yao was so awesome! He's the one doing the attacks. And even Ludwig has the supposedly more threatening weapon, he can't fight back.

Yao easily defeats Ludwig and Kiku with his kickass skills!!!! Hahahaha!!!!
Though I wish Kiku had some action too. He got hit too fast.
Shame that they were defeated exactly the same way twice.
Show that no matter how many times history repeats itself, men still fall for the same thing.

Yao, you're so awesome! Best Hetalia fighter, ever! Am totally using you if ever there's going to be a Hetalia fihting game. Wahahahaha!

Yao didn't need to make a move to make Feliciano cry for mercy. Haha!

Alfred also jumped from the cliff awesomely. Things like this usually happen in shounen series. Haha! Actually all Allied Forces did it. Only Alfred and Yao had the focus.

Allied Forces walking towards their defeated foes. I find it amusing that the Axis Powers turned into flags. An act of surrender? Haha! Feliciano continued to beg for help. It's so pathetic but Feliciano's just too irresistably adorable! Haha!

There was a loud sound all of a sudden, all of them have the "WTF?!" expression in their faces. Haha!

It's Roman Empire (Grandpa Rome) doing a performance. Wahahahahaha! Using the lines in the "Heaven and Hell" strips was really hilarious! It sounded so terrible that made me laugh so hard. Wahahahhaa! Grandpa Rome, you rock!

"Hell Nations"
Hell is when...
The cook is British
The police officer is German
The engineer is French
The lover is Swiss
And the banker is Italian
It's even sang with a depressing tune and emo expressions. Wahahaha!

"Heaven Nations"
Heaven is when...
The cook is French
The police officer is British
The engineer is German
The banker is Swiss
And the lover is Italian
It even has a happy tune and he's even surrounded by beautiful women. Oh it's heaven alright. Haha!
Roman Empire and Feliciano are so the same when it comes to crack cheerful songs! Haha! They both end with a "HYAHO!" Wahahahaha!

They are all dumbfounded on such an out-of-this world performance. Hahahaha!

It took Feliciano a while to realize that it was his Grandpa Rome!

~ Silence ~

[ TAKE 1 ]
Alfred: Hahaha! RETREAT!
*Allied Forces run*
[ TAKE 2 ]
Alfred: We're retreating after all!
*Allied Forces run again*
Bwahahahhahahaha!!!! I am so amused with the idea of the Allied Forces retreating (even if they've obviously won already) at the sight of Roman Empire! Hahaha!
Alfred calls it a "weird hindrance", while Feliciano's comrades just don't have any clue on what's going on.

It was awesome but I wish they didn't recycle the scenes of Ludwig and Kiku preparing to fight upto the part before Roman Empire appears and also after his appearance. There had been more variations at least. I love Yao being so badass, but I wish other Allied Forces had their fighting scenes too (Ivan + Faucet!!!! Wahahaha!).

But putting that aside, it was a very entertaining episode! Hetalia still didn't let me down! I don't know what to expect next episode again, but I'm sure it will still be FUNtastic! Haha!

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hellote said...

I was seriously expecting Germania to be mixed in with those girls when Grandpa Rome came in.

Sapphire Pyro said...

Oh god, if Germania was there, my brain wouldn't be able to handle too much crack! Wahahahahhaha!

Anonymous said...

That was the coolest episode ever, and also the one that finally convinced me Hetalia was just on drugs (it helped me enjoy it a lot more when I didn't have to think about things in terms of plot). It's just such a random episode, with so many WTF moments... "I CHOOSE YOU, CHINA!"

Sapphire Pyro said...

@ Anonymous
Hahahaha xD Ah well, a comedy doesn't always need to make sense xD

The I choose you part... that wasn't what was actually said, but the pokemon parody is funny xD

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