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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Sengoku Basara Musical


I look forward to this so much! I don't care if I won't be able to watch this with subtitles! I aso wish I'm in Japan on that month. Haha!
I like the choice of the main actors. They fit the characters very much.,at least in physical features. If they can act in-character, then I don't think there will be much problem. Hehe. If the acting of the whole or most of the cast is remarkable, and the choreography and music/songs in the musical would be great, then it will certainly be a very amazing show! I have a feeling that it's going to be better than how I imagine it would be.
By the way, from those main actors' profiles, it seems that they also had a role in live-action sentai shows (Kamen Raider and Go-onger). My brother will most likely be familiar with those, I'll try to check them out. I am really attracted on the one playing as Yukimura. He's seriously cute !*pokes picture*.

Dates: July 3 - July 12 2009
Theater: Theater Dome G Rosso
Cast: Kubota Yuki as Date Masamune, Kataoka Shinwa as Sanada Yukimura, and others
Original story: CAPCOM ( "Sengoku BASARA" series)
Writer Director: Daisuke Nishida (AND ENDLESS)
Sponsor: TBS, Tokyo Dome, Tokyo Cable Network, Entertainment IESU

* Performance Info translated by Google