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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Bakuman - Chapter 37

"I don't want to work!
For someone like me to do a weekly series . . .
It's impossible!
Why do we always have to work?
Why can't we sleep as much as we want and eat as much as we want?
I might have been better born a panda taken care of so well in a zoo. "
  • Hirumaru's so hilarious!!! He's weird like Eiji, but in a different sense/style. Wahahahaha! No wonder Eiji's pretty fond of the guy and acting close. Hahaha! I am so happy that he's not the annnoyingly angsty type, but actually the crack gloomy type! Wahahaha! The authors sure had surprised me on Hirumaru's personality! I love the weird characters of this show!
  • It turns out that Hirumaru's manga is just as weird, yet interesting and awesome! Haha! I would definitely read something like that if there was such a manga. I love crack. Hahahaha!
  • I love Takagi's guts on aiming for the grand prize at once even if he's just a newbie in the party! Mashiro's got a Nintendo DS for his prize. I am so jealous!!!
  • Mashiro also had some guts to talk that confidently to the editor-in-chief. I'm happy that the editor-in-chief isn't the type who brings out negative aura (ehehe) but pretty fun too.
  • The music mangaka and Aoki talking about working together make them seem . . . err . . .villain-like. And I just realized that these are the two characters who hadn't exactly been very nice in the series. Interesting.