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Sunday, May 31, 2009

New Flavors: Kyoukai no Rinne

Kyoukai no Rinne
(The Boundary of Rinne)
by Takahashi Rumiko
A short time ago, a girl named Sakura Mamiya had a chance encounter with a ghost. One day will this girl have a mysterious rendezvous!?

When I've heard that this story is about a story of a girl who could see ghosts, I've become quite disappointed that such a famous author have used such an overused plot. But then again, one of my recent animanga favorites is something like that (I'm referring to Natsume Yuujinchou. And oh, Ghost Only is also like that). I liked Ranma 1/2 and Inuyasha, so I thought maybe I will like this one too . . .

And damn it, I DID! It wasn't just a story about having the abilty to see ghosts. It appears the leading guy (Rokudou Rinne) can become ethereal like a ghost using his cloak and bring wandering ghosts to the afterlife. However, corrupted ghosts make his job a little challenging.
What exactly is he then? He says:

"I'm a shinigami . . . or something like that."

This series had reminded me so much of Bleach. They can also lead a soul to the other side peacefully, and engage in battles to those that have gone wild. Not to mention both leading characters just began with having the ability to see the dead. Lucky for Rokudou though, he only needed a cloak to become ghostly; while Ichigo needs to have his soul extracted from his body to go shinigami-mode. A big difference of the methods of these two series, however, is that Rokudou has a price to me in order to fulfill his job. Literally.

He needs to pay money in order to send spirits to the other side. That's what made him incredibly poor. He uses his money for those missions instead for his personal needs. When the leading lady (Mamiya Sakura) came along, he used her for his paying problems. Haha!

Rokudou's already my favorite! Guys that suffer from poverty like him amuse me a lot! Haha! My stomach hurt from laughing at a certain part in chapter 3, where his teacher gave him a track uniform (he's still using his middle school one, and uses it everyday. Couldn't afford to buy a new set of clothes. Haha!). He was so happy and grateful upon getting that suit that he didn't want to let it go! Haha! But he had to give it away for his job's sake, and him crying tears of blood show that he actually totally doesn't want to give away his new clothes *points manga panel above* Wahahahahhaa!

For now he's my top favorite, but in Takahashi's mangas I usually like the secondary leading guys (like Ryouga from Ranma 1/2 and Miroku from Inuyasha). Unless someone like that joins the main cast and become likable to me, Rokudou is my top favorite at the moment. Hehe.

As for the leading girl, she's so-so. I actually have this curse that I despise female characters with the name "Sakura". I do it unintentionally! But so far, I don't find her annoying or anything, so I have no reason to dislike her. Hopefully she won't be like Akane from Ranma 1/2 and Kagome from Inuyasha . . . because, yeah, I hate those leading ladies.

I highly recommend this to Takahashi Rumiko fans of course, also to those who like the combination of supernatural + romance + action. I find this good, in fact, I think I will be covering it weekly in this blog. Hehe. I really really liked it. I've read the first 5 chapters so I'll start with chapter 6 next time.

Plot Source: The Rumic World