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Monday, June 1, 2009

Axis Powers Hetalia - Episode 19

It still makes me frustrated that the latest episode still doesn't continue from the previous episode . . . BUT . . . they are still so fun and surprises us with lovely things when he least expect them to appear! Haha!
By the way, it's an Axis Powers + Allied Forces episode as well. I think Italy, Germany, America, and China got the most screentime.
We also have a very special guest! Hooray!

Let's begin with the Axis Powers:

It seems that Ludwig (Germany) is sermoning the Italians again. He says that the Italians escape and surrender at odd times. He also mentioned many things that they shouldn't do while in the battlefield.
But as if they will ever change . . . Haha!

Later, the Italians see the English troops so they run away! Haha!

While Ludwig continues his drama speech . . . his dog appeared all of a sudden . . .

The Italians couldn't resist the cuteness! Wahahaha! It is a MUST to pat something adorable. Haha!

Another training session with Kiku (Japan) this time.

Unlike before though, they do actual physical training this time, not just a simple quiz.
Ludwig is jogging/running normally/mightily (Haha!) while Feliciano . . . Haha! He's just walking . . . but exhaustedly! And while doing so he had his own sound effects "Ve~ Ve~". His "running" had background sound effects too. Haha!

Ludwig motivates him to run faster by telling him they'll have lunch later. It sure worked. Haha! He had even overtaken Ludwig after just a short while.

Ludwig was almost so proud of Feliciano that he almost think that Feliciano isn't that bad after all when suddenly . . .

Feliciano suddenly freaks out and runs for his life in a speed of light! Wahahahaha!
Ludwig scolds him for running away while he's prasing the guy. Haha!

Feliciano had been screaming Arthur's (England's) name, so he might have been trying to escape from him. Haha! Arthur, your name does wonders! Haha!
Arthur doesn't show up on both occassions when Feliciano escaped upon seeing the British troops. Either he just wasn't shown on purpose or Feliciano is having delusions. Haha!
Feliciano was really really fast . . . he's almost no longer visible in the screenshot. Haha!
Ludwig running after him then coming back to tell Kiku that training's over made me chuckle a lot. Haha!

I don't get what the heck Kiku is doing there with the kitty (Ludwig's kitty or his?) . . . but he just looks so adorable! Haha! Don't tell me that's training . . . Hahahahaha!
In the manga it was written as author's notes/trivia, but the anime made Kiku mention it. I like it that the anime did it this way. It's much cuter than just putting text like usual.

This is actually the main story of the episode. The training parts were random stuff. Haha!
Episode began with Alfred (America) leading the meeting and telling Yao (China) that he was late. Yao's excuse is because he cooked some crabs . . . and food is more important than the meeting. Haha!
I am amused that the other Allied Forces didn't disagree (except for Arthur later). Haha!

Arthur ends the argument and just suggests to move on with the meeting already . . .

I really don't get why the other Chinese were suddenly invited into the room. Maybe to cook more crabs?
Arthur complains as usual. But Yao says that food is really that important for him. So Arthur tells him to give him some crabs then.

Then all of a sudden the conference room becomes China town! Haha!
Perhaps the cultural reference on this is that Chinese people in all over the world have their little towns in whatever country they are. In short, they can build a town anywhere. Haha!
Haha! Arthur being sold with food for 30 dollars! Was it overpriced? It seems like it, but Chinese in my place are more into selling cheap goods. Or perhaps it's because Arthur's a foreigner. Haha!
Arthur complaining that Yao's people made the conference room into like that . . .oh I could always expect him to complain about something. Haha!
The chinese words . . something-fei-chong . . . my chinese fails OTL

Later the Allied Forces comment that there's someone aside from them in the room. Francis (France) thinks it's a ghost or Ivan's (Russia's) acquintance . . General Winter. Hehe. Yao feels uneasy too.

They all freak out (Alfred is scared! too bad he didn't act like he's supposed to . . . well, he's the biggest scaredy cat of them all when it comes to ghosts! Haha). They can feel that there's someone else among them but can't identify who it is.

POOR MATTHEW (CANADA) *glomps him*
I am really most disappointed on the trio (Alfred, Arthur, and Francis) since they are the ones who had closest relations to this guy. And of course, especially on Alfred!

Kumajiro: Who?
Matther: It's Canada.
Oh god . . . I already expected Matthew's voice to be really soft . . . but not THAT soft! Whoa . . .I could barely hear him. But surprisingly it fits him so much. And oh I love seeing the part of his bear still not knowing his identity animated. Haha!

I can't help but chipper on how the anime has emphasized Matthew's "invisibility". Haha! Poor boy, he's just a ghost to them. They can't see him even if he's so nearby. (ESPECIALLY YOU ALFRED SINCE HE'S RIGHT INFRONT OF YOU!)

To those who aren't aware, I'm a huge sucker for twins. Alfred and Matthew are twins. Identical North American twins who only differ in hair style, physically. Oh god . . . seeing those two together makes me realize more on HOW ALIKE they are! Man, the anime had made them hell more identical! *pleased*
Their personalities however are complete opposites! Haha! You could already notice that on their voice (one is too loud while the other's too soft). And can you believe that they're voiced by just ONE seiyuu? He's just that awesome! Haha!

Anyway, moving on . . . after they had finished talking about top secret stuff . . . they finally notice someone who shouldn't be in the meeting.

Their facial reactions . . . . I just laugh. Hahahhahahahahaha!!!!!!!

*huggles him*
Feliciano got hungry so he finally speaks and asks them for a meal. Of course he mentions his pasta, pasta, and pasta. Hahahaha!

Poor Matthew . . . Feliciano's more visible than him. Haha! He was totally forgotten.
I find it cute to see Matthew running to his brother's side. Hehe. Or perhaps he just moved away because he knows the five will launch at Feliciano once it has processed to their heads what had happened. Haha!

And later they did.

While Feliciano is being beaten up, outside, Ludwig takes note that Feliciano sucks as a spy. Haha!

I think all of these are either or both in the manga and the webmanga. I just couldn't remember which strips. Though I'm pretty sure that the part with Feliciano exposing himself as a spy isn't together with the strip of Matthew being invisible in the meeting. I like how the anime had combined those strips! Hahahaha! (Though I'm still disappointed that they didn't include the part of Arthur being the one who can't let go of the feeling that they're missing someone)

There is no "to be continued" so next episode will either continue one of the pending stories, or surprise us with something new, or both.

Damn, Hetalia anime is so unpredictable even for those with manga/webmanga backgrounds. Anime staff . . . YOU EVIL GENIUSES!!!! Torturing and delighting us at the same time.


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kanzeon said...

UMG CANADAAAA♥♥♥♥♥!!!!!! *happily runs around in circles and squees*

Kyaaa~!!! The North American twins!!! *glomps them both* Too sad that Alfred's so not nice to him and he's being treated like an invisible guy T ^ T *pats Matthew*

Btw, the polar bear is cuter than ever!!!! *glomps the polar bear*

Phew~ I got so tired of glomping lol.. OMG I TOTALLY I agree with you that Hetalia's so unpredictable. Studio DEEN is a huuuuge EVIL GENIUS indeed! XD.

Mimiko ♥ said...

I wonder who's voiced Canada... *sitting in wonder* x3

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