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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

New Flavors: Bloody Cross

Bloody Cross
by Yoneyama Shiwo
Half angels: Individuals cursed because of their impure lineage. Tsukimiya is a Vampire Half Angel, and with her companion-of-convenience Hinata, with whom she shares a strained relationship at best, and an antagonistic one at worst, are on a search for the "God's Book of Prophecy". The book harbors immense power, and is supposedly the only thing capable of removing the half-blood curse that Tsukimiya and Hinata share.
The problem is that nobody knows if the book's power is enough to save two people, and neither is willing to share with the other. (Vagrant Scans)

Any story involving the supernatural, especially angels and demons, and other elements/figures that have connection to religion, will totally capture my attention. Much more if it also involves curses, blood, and so on! Not to mention the art looks really awesome and pretty~

The story had potential but for some reason I wasn't that impressed. One reason I guess is because we weren't given enough background on what these half-angels are (like how they've become one) and even character background. Most of the events that I see is the main characters winning no matter what happens and double crossing each other all the time. I also can't imagine how this story could go longer. I mean, alright, they need the book and the key to open it, and they already got both in the first two chapters at once . . . I'll understand if it's just one volume, but it's actually an ongoing manga! I can't imagine how the story could go on, especially that only one of them will survive and they both don't have much time left.

Perhaps I only didn't appreciate the story because there are so many things that aren't clear. It's pretty unique actually, because of its characters. Tsukimiya and Hinata are the first pair I've seen that don't mind seducing the other as long as they get what they want. And yeah, they're really selfish bastards. But they also needed to cooperate to make accomplish their goals more efficiently, but they're still no freakin' martyrs. Their relationship is really twisted and complicated. They kill each other but at the same time work with each other.

So yeah, what I liked most about the series is the relationship of the main characters, not particularly the characters themselves. They're okay but I don't find them that interesting individually . . . unless we get some depth on their personalities. Hinata's cute though~ Tsukiyama's pretty too.

Like the main duo, other characters of this series so far are the same as them: pretty, powerful, and double crossers. I'm disappointed that there's no variety in them.

Though I like it that the angels here aren't exactly angelic. It reminded me of a tv series called Supernatural. Hehe~ But still, I see so much bias on the main characters for being able to win over beings that are supposedly more superior than them. The threat and challenge was lost . . .

But anyway, even though there are some things here that got me disappointed, I still find it interesting enough to make me curious on how the duo will be able to save themselves from the curse even though only one of them could be saved. They haven't exactly fallen in love with each other (which I would have expected on such a story. I like it when what happens is different from what I predicted. A story that is too predictable sucks sometimes), so most likely we won't be seeing any self-sacrifices. So what happens?! It's making me impatient to read the next chapter already. Hehe~

Sapphire Pyro
READ: 2 chapters (out of 2 scanlated chapters released so far of a 1 volume ongoing manga)
VERDICT: Following
half-angels? angels? demons? blood? cross? prophecy? vampires? curses?
Those are just some of the keywords that have attracted me! Count me in! Hahaha!
I am not that impressed with the story flow, but the art is so pretty~ And the main couple has a twisted relationship. I freakin' love that! Hehe~


galimagery said...

I like my unabashedly selfish characters. Will check this one out. =D

Sapphire Pyro said...

Oh they're TOTALLY unabashedly selfish xD Makes then even evilisciously awesome xD Hehe~

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