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Saturday, June 27, 2009

New Flavors: Anonymous

by Imamura Yoko
There is a special organization known as "anonymous" which takes children and raises them without names, without feelings, without souls. Then it sends them out to kill. Can emotions get through to these cold-hearted killers? (Storm in Heaven)

The title was really really catchy for me. And after knowing that the plot is about young assassins, I didn't need to think twice about checking this one out! Hehe!

It turned out that each chapter focuses on the story of a particular young assassin of the organization. Their only connection is that they had been raised the same way and are part of the same group, but they haven't exactly interacted with each other. I really hope they will be, like how the first volume of the DOGS manga did it. I think it would be really cool if the main characters of each chapter are more connected than that and will actually interact. Maybe they should even try how Baccano does it. Ehehe~

Anyway, about the story of each assassin:

STORY 1: Bird Cage
The mission of our assassin here is to bodyguard an artificial human. Our leading guy was trained to live without an identity and just to follow orders. Ironically, he had felt being human when being around with this girl. He had actually experience fun and love that are real for the first time when being with her. She had been the one who had actually given value to him . . .and given him an identity. He had done the same for her later . . . pretty late for him to realize how important she had become. It seems to be a love story, though I'm not very sure if their feelings had really been romantic and mutual; but they sure make a very nice couple. The story sounds simple but it had a really nice plot twist later. The ending was tragic . . . made me sad . . . but it was a good story!

Story 2: Heart
This one is about twins who are very different from each other: one is weak but desires freedom and will do anything for it; the other is skillful but extremely obedient to her orders and will do nothing else but it. One of the twins had been really sweet to the other; but the other one is really cold. Not that she hates her twin, she just really doesn't feel anything. An actual emotionless killing machine. When the talented twin was ordered to kill her sister, I'm surprised that she really did it. I expected that the love for his sister will still prevail, like other manga that have a similar plotline. But I find it good that the mangaka had stick to her real personality: she will really follow orders no matter what. Though she did that, we could see that there's still some humanity in her . . . though she doesn't understand it. She had somehow tried to not continue killing her sister . . . and she had felt pain when her sister was gone . . . however she just didn't understand her feeling. It was a good story.

Story 3: Sprout
The main character here is no longer an assassin because he could no longer move his left arm; thus, useless in missions. But instead of disposing him, his superior has begged the higher-ups to make him a teacher instead. And he had become one to little assassins in training. They're different from him though since they're from the outside; thus, they have names, unlike him who had been raised without an identity. It had been a fun and nice story between a young instructor and his students~ However, though the main character shouldn't be able to move his left arm at all, he was able to use it in some panels (like when he rescued the kids). Plot flaw perhaps? But anyway, the main character had still been cool!

Among the three: First story is the cutest and most romantic. Second one is sweetest and most tragic. Third one is funniest and most heartwarming. They all seem nothing special or exceptional, but all three stories have been really good.

Though they're about assassins, the killing parts hadn't been exactly that thrilling for me. But it sure did a good job in presenting human struggles for freedom and identity, also their relationships with one another. It had parts that can make one smile and giggle too. However, each chapter is also filled with tragedy, irony, and mystery. But overall wonderful!

Even if the art is pretty simple and not that spectacular, it was still very nice. Characters have been likable in their own way. . . though I find it pretty peculiar on how they were raised without a name. Maybe if it was just one character I can imagine, but all of them? And I really think they all belong to the same timeline. So hhhmmm . . .

Anyway, this manga is really good and I look forward to see the other chapters scanlated soon! Of course i's highly recommended, especially if you're fond of good sad stories. Those who are biased towards stories involving assassins may appreciate it too, though you shouldn't expect too much bloodshed or extremely well-drawn cool moves. But read it for the story, it's really really really nice.

Sapphire Pyro
READ: 3 chapters (out of 3 scanlated chapters released so far of a 1 volume complete manga)
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I like the title *_*
I love assassins stuff . . .
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