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Sunday, June 21, 2009

+C: Sword and Cornett - Chapter 4

Previous chapter ended with Belca going back to the palace even in a bad condition to see his brother Orcelito. With him being wanted, of course it's not gonna be easy. We'll see in this chapter what happens to him! Also, we get to find out what Eco's motive is!

As usual, I love this chapter~ Belca's freakin' adorable and also honorable! Eco's so much fun~ And the Amontel seem cool! Hehe~ I really enjoyed this!

Anyway, chapter began with some Amontel being hunted. Another one rescued him, and she was cool. Female archers rock! Hehe. And it seems that they have their own language. Sadly, with Hector gone, their race is still being discriminated . . .

Meanwhile, our dear Belca manages to reach Sana *just realized that it's the name of the place of his kingdom*

He plans to disguise upon entering the castle. I dunno how he had hidden his primseed, but Eco sure has fashionable clothes! Belca looked good on them. Hehe.

There were so many people and entering the palace requires a fee. There was some old guy who had been caught sneaking in, and the guards accused him as an associate of the wanted rebel. Old guy had been beaten up so badly so Belca thought of helping him by paying the guards with his gemstone. Unfortunately, the guys had recognized the stone as something only of royalty could possess, so Belca thought of exposing himself.

He looks so cute here. Teehee~

However, the guards remembered that the rebel had been pretending to be Prince Belca, so they didn't believe him. Belca couldn't fight nor escape because he was still in bad shape, but fortunately Eco had been there to the rescue~

Oh my god . . . this scene . . . reminds me so much of 07-Ghost. As in Belca = Teito and Eco = Mikage. Personalities are pretty similar even. Belca and Teito are even both fallen princes and also sons of mistresses. Whoaaaaa . . . .

Anyway, it seems that Belca failed to remember Eco's name:


Anyway, the guards still chased after them. They need to find a good hiding place . . . and a good disguise~

The guards have investigated some . . err . . bar? They didn't find them there, and before they left, one of the guards said to a certain pretty girl:


Yep, it's actually Belca in disguise~ *giggle*

And when the guards left, Belca's reaction:

This is even funnier:

Afterwards, Eco asked Belca what happened. Belca doesn't want to answer. Even if he's thankful that Eco had saved him, he doesn't want Eco to be involved . . . since people who care for him end up in unfortunate situations . . .

Since Belca won't be satisfied with being helped out for nothing in exchange, then Eco mentions his motive for his rescues on Belca:

I couldn't look at the scene seriously because Belca's in a dress. Bwahahaha! If you don't know what was going on, this scene could've been mistaken as a love confession! Bwahahaha!!!

So, Eco's reason is because he wants to make a song based on Belca's life. He wants to see the truth of what's really going on. Eco's actually some traveler who composes and sings different kinds of songs (with the erotic ones being the most popular, bwahahaha!) and what he wants the most is to make a song of truth.

It's a pretty simple thing for a risky and dangerous task in exchange. But people have different desires and priorities. So even though it's pretty shallow, it seems to be a big deal for Eco.

Lastly, the scene between these two ended so hilariously:

Hahahahaha!!!! Belca is still wearing the dress because he couldn't take it off! Wahahaha!!!! So cute~ And oh Eco, your thoughts and lines are so crack! Hahahahaha!!!!


Female/Crossdressing Belca is so pretty, yes or YES? Nyahahahahahaha!!!!

~ raw from okkk_0426
~ translations by b1px
~ "scanlation" of panels by Sapphire Pyro (SP: I apologize for the cleaning made of epic fail. I'm no perfectionist nor expert. Ehehehe)


kanzeon said...

Lmao. I'm excited for this chapter to get scanlated~ Cross-dressing Belca is hilarious yet cute XD!!!

Sapphire Pyro said...

He's so hilarious and cute when in a dress indeed xD Can't wait to see more of him in girls clothes! Bwahahaha!

Hope it gets scanlated soon =3

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