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Monday, June 8, 2009

Axis Powers Hetalia - Episode 20

The continuation of the Alfred (America) and Arthur (England) flashback from episode 17 finally! This is what those trailers have been teasing us for so long! The wait was long, but it didn't disappoint! Unless your expectations had been too high . . .
Aside from that serious event, Hetalia isn't classified as comedy for nothing ya know. Haha! Of course it had to add some fun scenes to make you giggle before you cry on the drama, but will make you giggle once again in the end. Hehe!

Episode began with our beloved main characters. Ludwig (Germany) is teaching Feliciano (Italy) again and this time it's about using grenades in battle.

He demonstrates. The way he did it was pretty . . . sexy for some reason *is shot*

Feliciano says he gets it with a thumbs up. Oh he's so adorable even on his simple gestures. Namikawa Daisuke's cute voice made Feliciano even more adorable!

Then later something had hit Ludwig's head.

"Hey Feliciano! Watch where you're throwing! . . . . hhhhm?"


Ludwig's expression = EPIC

The reason why Ludwig is panicking is because Feliciano threw the wrong object! Haha! There's actually a reference on this about Italian soldiers being dangerous (both to allies and enemies) because of this tactic. Haha! I can't remember the name of the strip sadly . . .

Anyway, this made Ludwig panic A LOT. His chibi selves going around Feliciano look so adorable!!! Hahahaha! Who says macho guys can't be cute?! Hahaha!

Next, the spotlight was moved to Arthur. He's showcasing his latest discovery/invention so proudly. Haha! It's not just any other egg, it's a HARDBOILED EGG. Wahahahaha!!!!

"Listen and be amazed! After several years of research . . . finally! The possibility of creating hardboiled egg has been proven! By mobilizing our empire's wisdom, we have created a very rare hardboiled egg! With that said, many years of hardships have finally showed its results! The delicious hardboiled egg! Created by techniques other countries cannot imitate!"
The idea that the research took a very long time for an EGG was hilarious! Haha! Arthur says that the egg is rare, and that other countries can't imitate it, YET Alfred's got LOTS of them. Hahahaha!

His head was even used for cracking the egg! Haha! Alfred was happily eating while Arthur can't process in his brain what has happened yet. They look so cute! Hahahaha!

Someone wants to try out Arthur's head too. Wahahahaha!

"Listen and be amazed! After several years of research . . . finally! The possibility of creating beer that splendidly makes bubbles has been proven!"
Arthur's introductions to his research results are so redundant . . . and I find it funny. Haha!
Beer with bubbles took years, eh? Haha! I'm not sure if it's a fact, but with Hetalia, possibly it is. Oh history in reality can be so crazy. Haha!

Alfred had hit Arthur with the head thing so Francis (France) had thought of doing the same with the beer. Since they hate each other so much, even if it's stupid Francis enjoys it. Hahaha! Their faces!!!! Wahahaha!!!!

Of course they get into a fight. Arthur yells that Francis didn't need to hit him with beer, but Francis insists that it was necessary! Bwahahahahaha!
I think this is the first time we see Yao (China) cuddling a panda in the anime. So cute! Hehe!

Now for the actual story in the episode! After the flashbacks from episode 17, we now get to see what actually happened during that raining day in the Revolutionary War!
According to the vague translations in the synopsis of this episode, Alfred's hands were trembling while holding the musket. When present Alfred was holding it, it didn't seem to tremble. So possibly the trembling part is from that scene *points screenshot above this text*. The trembling part didn't seem obvious, but it makes sense. We know Alfred couldn't shoot Arthur. Haha!

RevWar! Arthur looks serious yet cute in that scene but . . . those eyebags of his . . . look similar to his eyebrows! Bwahahaha!!!!

They had emphasized Arthur being in a losing battle so much. Alfred still has his army, while Arthur's is gone.
"Hey Arthur, after all, I want freedom. I'm no longer your little brother. I'm not a child anymore. So-"

But our badass Brit ain't giving up!

As if Arthur can accept letting his baby boy go! Ohohohohohohohohoho!!!!
I love that part being said both in English and in Japanese. Arthur, you're too awesome for voice actors to do badly on you. Haha!

Arthur charged Alfred, and Alfred's gun got thrown away! ARTHUR PWNS ALFRED!!!! He's not a former pirate punk for nothing!!!

"You were so naive. You fool!"

Alfred's troops prepare to open-fire. Even if he tried his best to look fearless, his trembling lips show that he's afraid of Arthur killing him. Too bad unlike the drama cd, it wasn't added here that he tried to act brave by telling Arthur to shoot him but he still wants to be free.

But to his surprise, Arthur drops the weapon.

"There's no point in firing, is there?"
"As if I could shoot . . . "
(drama cd)
I am not sure which dialogue the anime chose or it made a totally different line, but bottomline is that Arthur CAN'T shoot Alfred. DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWW!!!!

Arthur falls down on his knees and cries.
"DAMN IT!! . . . WHY?! . . . DAMN"
*floods the city with tears*

Who says only Arthur had a heartache???!!!
And I like how the anime presented it better than the webmanga. You could see the PAIN more clearly.

Alfred recalls his childhood . . .

Arthur extends his hand, inviting young Alfred to go home.
Why does Arthur + bright sky look . . . heavenly? *is shot* Haha! No wonder he has an angelic form. Bwahahaha!

Anyway, YOUNG ALFRED IS FREAKIN' ADORABLE!!! *huggles him for eternity*

They held hands . . .
Such a sweet memory to be remembered on a save event. How tragic *sniff*

"You were so great . . . "
I cannot stop crying when I see Arthur crying as well.

Back to present time, evil anime staff for having Alfred his back turned. We badly wanna see his face while he's recalling that memory, yes? Hehe.
Anyway, Toris (Lithuania) spots him outside and offers some coffee.
I really still can't get used to a blue-eyed Toris . . . but he looks so cute . . . I can get used to the cute. Haha!

Alfred accepts the offer. There goes Toris again looking so cute! Yaaay!

Alfred feels like an old man for recalling memories form the past. But Toris assures him that he's just becoming matured. Hehe.
Wait a second, I'm not fond of coffee, but is it natural to put coffee in tea cups??? I'd like to think not. And I want to believe that those tea cups are from Arthur. So even if Alfred's been drinking coffee out of spite, he still treasures the things that Arthur had given him, like those from his storage room. Ohohohohohoho!!!!
Also, is it just me or Alfred and Toris look like husband and wife in that scene???!!!! (blame the apron that Toris is wearing, and his hair and cuteness for making him girly) *is shot* Wahahaha!

For the epilogue, while Toris was doing some cleaning, he spots an old toy soldier and finds it really CUTE~
I wonder if Alfred brought it out of the storage area or he made Toris clean that room instead. I wish and really think it's the former. Ohohohoho!

"Arthur's here! Hide it quick!"
Wahahahahahha! I am so glad that the anime had added this. It's so hilarious!
Oh Alfred, you don't want to admit that you miss your old times with Arthur, yes? Ohohohohohoho!!!!!

I'm satisfied with how the anime presented that most awaited episode (not completely though, because I want a prettier illustration of crying Arthur!!!! ). Know why this strip is so popular? Aside from being centered on two of the most popular characters of Hetalia, and also its most popular pairing, it's also considered as one of the RARE Hetalia strips. Meaning, it's a Hetalia story that is SERIOUS. A serious story in a gag manga. They are usually epic, like this one. The anime staff knows that it's epic so they put a lot of budget and focus on it. Such geniuses . . . haha!

The random stories in this episode had been very fun as well! I just wish they added the trivia on the Ludwig and Feliciano part. It's already ridiculous but the trivia made that scene even sillier. Haha! On the portions with Arthur's research findings, I don't think the part of Alfred indirectly making fun of the fact of Arthur spending such a long time on such a simple thing was included. It would have been funnier if it had been. But nevertheless, overall the episode had been fantastic! I love this episode . . . like the others! Hehe!

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Anonymous said...


noelrain said...

awwww.....if only, if only they had included the dialogue in the drama's so heartbreaking, I cried every single time I listened to it (with translation). T-this is wonderful as well, and I just love Al's expression *hug him*, but I still wish they had used the lines in the drama (especially the "Sorry, and thank you for everything.." - just imagine Al saying it! awwww)
Thanks for the caps!

Sapphire Pyro said...


@ noelrain
I really wish they added those lines! They can't say the time limit as the excuse since they can minimize or remove the flashbacks from episode 17 for it!!! uuuggghhh

I also cried upon hearing the drama cd version . . .with or without translation xD (the idea of arthur in pain like that already makes me teary ;_;)

al's expression = love

and you're welcome ^_^

kanzeon said...

This episode is EPIC! Though I agree that some lines in the drama cd should have been added, but still I'm overall happy to get my favorite strip be animated ^^.

bloodynewmoon said...'s a Hetalia story that is SERIOUS.

So true. The only other one I can think of is Blood Sunday. If they animated that with Russia... oh god. My poor heart wouldn't take it. D:

Also I think they kept the drama cd lines out so the buyers wouldn't feel ripped off. It's like buying a DVD with those deleted scenes and stuff, but in reverse.

Anonymous said...

Alfred got all those eggs cause Arthur gave them to him~! XD;;

<33 *shot*

Sapphire Pyro said...

epic indeed! yeah, sadly drama cd parts weren't included ;_; but seeing this animated is already oh-so-wonderful *_*

Ah yeah. aside from Cleaning Out the Storage, the only serious Hetalia strip that I remember is Bloody Sunday. Ivan . . . baaaaaw ;_;

about why the drama cd lines weren't included . . . yeah, that's most likely the reason. Waste on buying the drama cd I guess if the lines were exactly the same with the anime ^^; Ehehe

LOLz! or maybe he stole them from Arthur xD


PureWhiteMagic said...

I love how you presented this episode.~ ^_^
I always love your posts for some reason.

You the Drama CD England said when he was crying, "...I thought we would always be together." I'm kinda upset they only put that line in the track, not the episode. >.<

Sapphire Pyro said...

@ PureWhiteMagic
I'm glad you did xD

Ah, yes, I know that part of the drama cd. So sad that they didn't add that part ;_; But ah well, perhaps they're adding stuff on the drama cd's that aren't in the anime or manga for them to sell better. Evil marketing geniuses =_=

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