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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Bakuman - Chapter 42

Mangas of all rivals are now serialized! All series seem really good! I believe they'll also be popular if they had been actual mangas! Awesome~
Out of the mangas in Bakuman, bias aside, my favorite would be Detective Trap! Mystery series FTW!

Now about the events in the latest chapter:
  • Whoa! They're 12th graders already?! Time sure flies fast in this series. I honestly don't see much difference if I compare them to themselves in earlier chapters. Or perhaps they just got taller? Anyway, I look forward to seeing them as college students and adults. I like stories wherein characters actually grow (unlike series like Pokemon where Ash looks the same even if there are already a gazillion episodes of that show! Uuuggghh!)
  • Interactions between Miura (I finally remembered his name!) and Hattori had been fun~ At first I really prefer Hattori to be their editor, since he seems to know better than the other guy. But Miura is a pretty nice dude. Oh can't the duo have two editors? Hehe
  • Shuujin thought of adding comedy to the series . . . so he's gonna study comedy! Miura thought of the same! I think their mystery manga will really do well if they add comedy, especially if it's in a magazine like shounen jump. Mystery + comedy is a very fun combination~ Though wouldn't it be weird if the fun stuff only started in later chapters? I think usually in manga that I read, if there's going to be a mix of comedy and serious stuff, there's more comedy in the beginning and more serious stuff later, not the other way around.
  • Yay! Their decision in the previous chapter was right! Their manga's doing much better now! Ratings are getting higher and higher!
  • All mangakas in the main cast have been terrific, but Eiji is still the best so far. But he recognizes Saiko and Shuujin as his rivals! Their challenges will be very interesting~
  • The faces of Saiko and Shuujin while reading their fan letters . . . bwahahahaha! I can't stop laughing!