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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Pandora Hearts - Episode 10

It had been very loyal to the manga. The anime had presented this scene really beautifully, so I'm very satisfied. Too bad it's not the usual Pandora Hearts episode (since it doesn't have crack comedy! Haha!), but it was still very wonderful for a serious episode.

I have several complains though, which can be also applied to the manga. It had the typical some-magic-or-miracle-will-occur-by-the-time-you-need-to-do-it. Yeah, I'm talking about how Oz was able to stop Alice. It was cool, but the moment is just so right.

And of course since Oz is the main character, he's immune to serious injuries from bullets. He only got a scratch from his gorgeous face. Well, yes, the guy wasn't aiming right because he was being hysterical, but still, not all those shots can miss too much, I believe.

Well, aside from those very minor things, episode had been really awesome. I felt teary on the part when Oz was demanding explanations from the father for abandoning the son like that. Family issues and drama . . . they always touch my heart. *sniff* Oz feels really bad that he wasn't able to do much to help the boy not experience what he had been through.

This is the first time we actually see Oz furious and serious about something. Yet he's still awesome. Oh Oz is great in his different sides. Hehe.

I really liked the twist of Gilbert not being the one who shot the guy. Vincent's appearance had been really cool! And add that coolness with Jun Fukuyama's voice . . . *melts* It's not yet revealed what his relationship with Gilbert is yet, but we could already see that he loves Gilbert a lot and spoils him ~

Gilbert had been down after the event . . . it's his usual "I-can't-protect-my-master" angst scene. Sharon cheered him up. I guess the reason why I can't hate Sharon even if I don't find her that interesting is because she acts like a motherly goddess sometimes. Hehe.

Oz was also very down after that event, but it had been Alice who cheered him up (Women are experts in comforting, I guess? Haha!) If you are lonely about something, the only one who can best understand your feelings I believe is the one who experiences or has experienced the same thing. Oh that moment of them together . . . so cute ~

Alright, before I end this post, some of my favorite screenshots to share:


The goddess have been beautiful in this episode . . . and her only wearing a shirt . . . so sexy~


Oz is so gorgeous in many scenes as usual
especially the last one


merging as epic fail though OTL


Gilbert looks nice in the rain ~


Pissed off Break is rare . . . yet still awesome!


I really liked her in that scene *_*


Star of the episode! Totally smexy~