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Sunday, June 21, 2009

New Flavors: Brave 10

Brave 10
by Shimotsuki Kairi
The main protagonist is a Iga ninja named Saizou, who meets an Izumo priestess and protects her on her short journey to Sanada Yukimaru. Sanada Yukimaru is a powerful warlord in the Sengoku era. Sanada wants to gather 10 warriors, a party unrivaled in skill and power, to set his still secret plan into action. (Baka-Updates)

Well, since I'm a fan of Sengoku BASARA, other media that have connection to the Sengoku era will totally catch my interest; and this is one of them! It even has Sanada Yukimura and Sarutobi Sasuke too!!! Awesome!!!

Of course, the stories have been very different. This has more of a supernatural mix, and is more historically accurate compare to Sengoku BASARA. And of course, the Yukimura and Sasuke of this manga are totally different from their Sengoku BASARA counterparts They still have the master-servant relationship, but their personalities are sooooooooooo different. Here, the Yukimura is older while the Sasuke seems younger. I highly prefer their Sengoku BASARA versions over this manga's but they had also been fun and awesome in their own way. I may have loved these two almost just as much if I'll stop comparing them to their Sengoku BASARA versions. Ehehe~

There's a guy here who only had one eye, and I was pretty sure he's Date Masamune. Sadly, his name is different and his Yukimura's subordinate. And the main villain here seems to be Tokugawa Ieyasu; unlike in Sengoku BASARA it's Oda Nobunaga.

Alright, enough with the Sengoku BASARA comparisons. Main story was pretty interesting, but how things went . . . I mean the story narration . . . isn't executed very well in my opinion. Especially the romance development between the main couple . . . it just seemed pretty quick. Characters didn't seem to be fleshed out much either . . .

But the characters themselves . . . as in their personality . . . they are fun and awesome~ The leading lady kinda annoys me though (as usual~ *hates most leading ladies*). But they had been really really entertaining! Yukimura's so lame on jokes . . . but that part of him with Rokurou in chapter 5 cracked me up ("Others might misunderstand." LOLz~ their position! Bwahahahaha~) . And the Sasuke here's freakin' adorable~

I really like the comedy in this series. Some scenes had been so GAR and serious and it helps lighten up the mood! Also, fight scenes here look awesome~ (well, they're supposed to look awesome since it's shounen/seinen action after all!). Overall this had been really entertaining for me! I'm not exactly hooked, but I'm totally following it! It's just not in my top priorities because . . . I'm reading a lot already. Haha!

I recommend this to samurai fans . . . who aren't exactly that strict to deep and impressive stories. Yeah, there are some cliches and stuff, but I find it entertaining! Hehe~

Warning though, there's some nudity and . . . errr . . . an actual rape scene. Though it didn't continue, but still, it began. No censors on nude chicks either. Some female characters had done exposures, but I'm not sure if it's considered ecchi since the perverted parts aren't scenes like having the boobs shoved on the guy's face and stuff like that. I guess it's more of . . . mature content?

Sapphire Pyro
READ: 7 chapters (out of 7 scanlated chapters released so far of a 4 volume ongoing manga)
VERDICT: Following but Non-Priority
I'm a Sengoku BASARA fan so the sengoku era thing, and the names Yukimura and Sasuke are enought to make me check this out xD
And now that I've read it, well, I still find Sengoku BASARA more addicting, but this is still awesome and entertaining! I really liked this! Hehe~