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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

New Flavors: I am a Hero

I am a Hero
by Hanazawa Kengo
The point where life itself becomes nothing more than a mere farce...more maddening than shriek, but quieter than the deepest silence, the crazed dance of the SleepWalker begins...

This manga is about a weird but funny everyday young man who seems to have come back from work or a place of study.

Hallucinations upon Visions. Unexplained happenings and psychological horror seems to be his sickness.

Cherrished items that helps him to overcome such things helps him to believe that he is...

...A Hero..!!

To Hetalia fans: No, I did not think of checking out this manga just because the title reminded me of Hetalia's Alfred (America)! Hahahaha!

Psychological horror, hallucinations and delusions, disturbing paranoia, crazy obsessions, mystery . . . .

THIS IS MY KIND OF THING! Of course with those stuff it automatically got me interested in reading this!

And it did not disappoint! It creeped me out and amazed me at the same time! I am impressed that it also tackles psychological and sociological issues. Reading this manga is getting the feeling of how a mentally ill and socially outcast person sees the world and his opinions upon it. His actions somewhat repel the readers for being too weird and nonsensical; but it gave me the opposite effect: I was drawn in and got more interested on what his life and thoughts are.

As for the art, I don't think readers who are used to or prefer pretty characters will appreciate it. I'm sorry but this doesn't exactly provide that kind of fanservice. Hehe! However, the artwork is still incredible! It's realistic and very detailed. I can't help in gaping in wonder especially on the colored panels! Oh the artist is really good!

The protagonist's unfortunate state and heroic mindset makes the story seem so tragic . . . yet overall the idea seemed really brilliant! And oh, another thing that I like a lot with this series is that . . . IT GAVE ME THE CREEPS! That is a very big compliment from me because not all horror manga actually scare me, but this is one of the few that did! I didn't post a picture in this entry of the parts that freaked me out the post . . . it might spoil your fun once you've checked out this manga . . . hehe~

I believe the majority will find this boring and ugly. But if you're fine with . . . the unusual yet incredible art style, and is fond of thought-provoking and psychological human dramas, then you should really give this a try! Only one chapter is out so far.

Plot Source: Baka-Updates